Grown Ups Review

Grown Ups
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
Written by: Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf
Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, Maya Rudolph, Steve Buscemi

Grown Ups is 102-minutes long. That is important, because it sets the Hollywood milestone for longest film ever created without a script (not a fact). Oh sure, co-writers Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf probably wrote something down like, “guys go to water park,” or maybe, “guys play basketball.” The rest was purely on the shoulders of the familiar comedic talent, from Sandler himself to Kevin James, all the way down to that guy from The Waterboy who spoke gibberish.

On the set, this stuff was hilarious. Undoubtedly, some of this could have been done live, as when Marcus Higgins (David Spade) is passed out drunk on the couch. Eric (James) and Lenny (Sandler) begin smacking Marcus, pretending to be his mother. Put a bunch of comedians on set together and let the hijinks like that ensue… at least that seems to be the plan. When you do this, you still need something to tie it all together.

Here, the guys are drawn back to a cabin they stayed in when they were kids. Their grade school basketball coach has passed away. That’s the plot. No, seriously, that’s it. There is no connecting plot point or purpose to any of this. You would think there would be some zaniness involving the spreading of their coaches ashes. Nope. Maybe when the rival basketball team challenges them the plot will reveal itself? Nothin’ there either. Maybe the wives, dragged along on this trip, will find a reason to become angry with their husbands? Nah, that’s settled pretty quick too.

Grown Ups continually searches for a connection, or some basic drama or conflict, and never finds it. Scenes go on for an agonizingly long time with no purpose, such as the water park. The group pees in the pool, the women ogle a buff life guard, one of the grandmothers is splashed, and someone is injured doing an inept stunt. Afterwards? Nothing. It’s like the scene never happened. It has no connection with this script or these characters, besides giving everyone involved a free day on the water slide.

Grown Ups will make you laugh, at least if you’re in the target audience for an Adam Sandler movie. If not, then why you are even considering it is sort of odd. There are lots of fart jokes, poop jokes, boob jokes, naked man butt jokes, old woman kissing young men jokes (poor Rob Schneider), breast milk jokes, and some penis jokes to round it all off. It simply becomes monotonous. The eventual home video release will be filled with countless alternate takes, most of which probably just should have been included anyway. If the plot’s not going anywhere, at least let the comedic talent fly. — Matt Paprocki

Matt Paprocki is a 12-year movie and video game critic. His work has been featured on a variety of websites, and he currently edits and

SCORE: 2 stars

  • Reading this great review of yours Matt I came to the conclusion that ..Zohan was probably the greatest comedic Adam sandler moment ever. It combined the brilliance of fart jokes, poop jokes, boob jokes, naked man butt jokes, old woman kissing young men jokes, breast milk jokes, penis jokes.. PlUS he offered some solid racial stereotype jokes and few anti-Semitic ones..
    I am really disappointed he left those out this time.

  • Feel no pity for Rob Schneider. This is nothing more than his annual “Sandler’s doing a movie, so I get a decent paycheck” gig. Whatever that bastard has to do, whatever he has to suffer through to get said paycheck, whatever keeps him too busy to do Deuce Bigelow 3, still isn’t enough, but it’s a start. Looking at this cast, it’s clear to see that Kevin James has, what would be in an alternate timeline, the Chris Farley spot. If Farley would have survived and any of these other ex-SNLers would have kicked it, who would have replaced them in this mess? Discuss…

  • Chris

    Ha ha, that’s an interesting thought! Adam Sandler would have been replaced by Justin Long, maybe?

  • Good call on Justin Long.
    Rob Schneider could be replaced by anybody with a heartbeat and a voice box.

  • I don’t think anyone can replace Rob Schneider. Adam Sandler might as well stop making comedies if Schneider passes away.

    I’m a Rob Schneider wanna-be. That is, when Jay starts making feature films, I’m hoping he’ll have a role for me in each of his films. Then critics can say I’m a talentless person who wouldn’t be in films if it weren’t for Jay. Ha ha.

  • Brugal

    really horrible review, what do expect some kind of moral to the movie? a lesson that you can take from it and build your life on? you got what you seriously paid for a group of funny comedians making a funny movie and i wouldn’t ask for anything else,

    why try to add drama to cast of comedians?

    “Funny people” anyone they tried to put in some kind of drama to that movie and it was terrible, it’s a known fact Comedians can’t make a DRAMATIC movie so why ask for one…

    granted there are a few who manage to pull it off but thats a very small list.

  • Joe Shmoe

    never seen this movie. but what it sounds like is there needs to be a point to the general mass. some may like it others may not. only you can decide for yourself. i’ve loved horrible movies. i’ve hated great movies. (based on critics and general hear-say).

  • Jeremy

    While I agree that there’s not much in the way of “plot” with this movie, I think that’s entirely beside the point. The most interesting parts of life happen WITHOUT a script, WITHOUT some central theme to tie it all together. In this movie, the central theme—if there is one—is “what happens when you take childhood friends and put them together as grownups?”

    That’s really the “plot” of this movie—a couple childhood friends that basically pick up where they left off twenty years before, not so much “revisiting” their childhood as they are “updating” it.

    Personally, I loved it. Yeah, I had to get used to the different approach to storytelling, but it’s not too hard… so long as you’re not searching for the meaning of life in a comedy movie ;-)

  • Russ

    This move was hilarious. Do I really need to say more?

  • Russ

    Sorry, type. I meant to say This MOVIE was HILARIOUS! Definitely recommend.
    On a side note, I really hate snobby movie critics who love what nobody wants to see and put down truly enjoyable movies.
    It’s a MOVIE, not Picasso. Jerk.