Peter Jackson Will Direct The Hobbit After All

The details are still coming in pretty slowly on this one, but it looks like we’ve got some very good news to report on The Hobbit just in time for the weekend. Numerous sources are claiming that Peter Jackson himself has indeed entered into talks to direct both films based on Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings precursor. This comes hot on the heels of a number of rumoured possibilities for the job including David Yates and Neill Blomkamp.

After the departure of Guillermo Del Toro, Jackson was reluctant to return to Middle Earth himself despite having heavy involvement in pre-production. This was mainly due to prior commitments and contractual obligations. It’s unclear what exactly what those commitments might have been (most likely The Adventures of Tintin or a proposed Dambusters remake) but now he is clearing his schedule in order to make it happen. He and his partners Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens have apparently scheduled trips to London and Los Angeles in the coming weeks to meet with potential casting choices, so it seems pretty clear that he is going to be directing after all.

Although a date has not yet been set, The Hobbit films will be shot back-to-back in New Zealand. Finally we can put all these damn directing rumours behind us, and get to work fabricating some quality casting rumours instead! Are you excited to have Peter Jackson back at the helm of The Hobbit, or were you looking forward to seeing someone else take the reins?

  • Mike

    well there goes all my interest…i wanted to see a different take on this universe.

  • Niklas

    If not del toro or blomkamp then I’m happy with Jackson. It is a shame that we don’t get to see another directors take on it though.

  • BigHungry

    Hell Ya!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m glad he’s back.

    With all due respect, @Mike, Jackson’s take on Middle Earth was at once modern (in the sense of appealing to modern viewers’ sensibilities) and yet faithful to Tolkien’s works.

    If nothing else, Jackson’s fanatical obsession to detail in every aspect of the sets, costumes, et cetera mirrors Tolkien’s own obsession with the details of his world-building. Jackson is, in some sense, Tolkein’s cinematic equivalent as a world-building, and as such is the perfect pick for the job of putting Middle Earth on film.

    I think after the debacle that was Ralph Bakshi’s technologically premature attempts to do Middle Earth justice, Tolkien fans were hugely relieved to see what an ace job Jackson did. Why switch horses in mid-stream? Having found a horse that can run on this track, why take a chance on a different horse just because you now know what this horse can do?

    Personally I’m happy to stick with the guy who, I’d wager, knows Middle Earth a hell of a lot better than either you or I do.

  • Mike

    oh i like the peter jackson’s movies, and i think PJ is one of the most talented film makers out there. That’s why i’d rather see jackson direct something different. I don’t want this to be his Star Wars. I’d rather see somethig new with that same obsession with detail. Also, i’m a huge del toro fan, i’d love to see what he can do with material this good. I’m not saying Jackson’s a bad choice, but with Jackson I kind of know what i’m going to get, even if it is something amazing.

  • Kyriacos

    Totally agree with mike here..


    They’ve been busting our balls for 2 1/2 years now.. Lets get over with this piece of ? book..

  • rus in chicago

    mike has a point on wanting Jackson to have free reign on another epic altogether, but a complete Peter Jackson Blue Ray Middle Earth Set will look mighty nice on our collective shelves!

  • Gigi

    No interest any more, fuck the rings.

  • Steve

    How about actually get this thing back on track to make the movie instead of blue-balling us with this all the studio politics and bullshit.

  • Duke Togo

    Frankly, I think the director of the Hobbit would only really have free reign over the actors and camerawork, most other aspects would be molded by the producers. Having Jackson bow out of directing would allow him more time to produce and allow the director to do the tedious grunt work, sorta like Empire Strikes Back when Lucas ‘jobbed’ out the directing and the film was much better because of this.

  • pcch7

    I thought Cuarón would have been good but frankly, I´m more interested in his “Gravity”..

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Does that picture make another else want to punch Jackson in the face?

    DUKE: Wouldn’t be much different from LOTR if by taking the documentarie’s word most of the work was done by the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh units.

  • Dave

    How come Kurt hasn’t popped in to express his profound disappointment?

  • kurt

    I am profoundly disappointed in this.

  • kurt

    Seriously. As I said in previous threads on this subject, this is a cash grab at this point, not a passion project. I’d rather see any or all of the talent thrown at ‘another middle earth’ adventure doing something a bit more original.

    There is a profound lack of ‘good fantasy’ on screen. the monolithic WETA would be better served at building a few more new and exciting worlds of sorcery and adventure.

  • rus in chicago

    nice Kurt, always dumping everything together, dumping The Hobbit (completing the Tolkien stories for the screen) with MI4, Shrek 4, or Transformers 3

  • Natoter

    hey guys i can’t se why so many people are disapointed if jacksons work on LOTR is good wich i thought it very much was i see no reason to change directors in the saga i just hope they don’t make movies of unfinished tales or farmer giles of ham and especialy not the sillmarilion that would be a boring movie i do like del toro i loved hellboy and i really enjoyed pan’s labrynth ( as i am of spanish backround) but he doesn’t know the universe like jackson does and if it were anybodu else directing it i’d probably be hesetant to see it at the cinema i don’t want one of my favourite books ruined no offence to guillermo del toro of course his movies are great but thos one’s a no go for him

  • Nathanotero

    soz spelt my name wrong in a rush


    well fuck you all peter jackson makes the best movies hes amazing lord of the rings is my favourite movie trilogy and always will be and if he makes a hbbit movie it will be amazing there is no one elswe that can come close to him and his films of midle earth so if you think he aint the man for the job then FCK you you can suck my balls faggets and it would be mad if there was a 4th lord of the rings so fuck the hobbit movie make another lord of the rings even tho its been 4 years since they throught the ring in the fire and frodo is gon and gandouf and bilbo and smegal and the eye and mordor and saraman because he was in the tower with the eye so saraman must be dead and the elves are gone so it would be gay to do a war without elves because there the best at fighting anyway fuck everyone that dont like lord of the rings and i no that its not only nerds that watch it cuse i love it and im dum so FUCKA YOU who dont like it