Prince of Persia Becomes the Highest Grossing Video Game Movie of All-Time

As we all know, it hasn’t really been a record-breaking summer at the box office so far (aside from Toy Story 3), but sometimes you have to take what you can get. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has been a bit of a disappointment for Disney and still has not even come close to make back its production budget domestically, but luckily the international box office numbers have been strong enough to make up the difference. In fact, the movie is now on the verge of crossing $300 million worldwide, and it has just found itself setting a somewhat dubious record: the all-time highest-grossing movie based on a video game! Can you guess which movie it just dethroned? Find out after the jump.

The most successful video game movie up until this point had been Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, which made $274 million worldwide back in 2001. Prince of Persia is now far beyond that mark thanks to its $214 million foreign take, which more than doubles the amount it has made in the U.S. I wonder why international audiences are showing so much interest in it?

Video game movies have not traditionally been huge hits either critically or commercially, so this isn’t really a huge achievement, but I can’t think of too many others in development that might have a shot at catching Prince of Persia. Could the 3-D ticket prices help Resident Evil: Afterlife take it down? I’d say it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

  • Nick Robertson
  • Cy-Ed

    Kind of surprised Disney didn’t go all 3D on this one

  • Prince Of Persia is a good movie from the eyes of many of my Malaysian friends. While the movie received a lot of negative implication in the Stateside, I would figure that Disney would go far to push the market in foreign market.

    Sometimes, a movie plays differently in different part of the world. We can’t expect things to be the same. So, I’m not surprise it did reasonably well else where.

  • HFD

    My guess was Resident Evil, which I would watch again before bothering with Jake and his amazing pecs.