Primer Director Shane Carruth Returns with A Topiary

Shane Carruth’s Primer was a true low budget triumph, a science-fiction movie that dealt with time travel in a very grounded (and extremely complex) way. Although it made people’s brains hurt, the movie was a hit at Sundance in 2004 where it won the Grand Jury Prize, and went on to gross a modest $424,760 (not bad for a $7000 film). It developed a pretty big cult following on DVD, and since then a lot of people have been wondering what Carruth might do for an encore.

Last year, director Rian Johnson (Brick) tweeted, “Shane is alive and well and has a mind-blowing sci-fi script. Let’s all pray to the movie-gods that he gets it made soon.” After much praying and waiting, finally this week some details have started to leak out about this mysterious follow-up film, entitled A Topiary.

A viral website of sorts was recently discovered for the film with a message that reads, “Over and over you have been promised Adventure but have not found it.” Cinematical talked to Carruth who revealed that it is merely a placeholder while he tries to raise the money required to make the movie. The good news is, there are now some “powerful allies” attached to the project and he expects that to help things along.

But I’m sure everyone is dying to know what the movie is about. Without getting into spoiler territory, The Playlist learned that the story is about ten boys living in a small town who discover a strange black box which they eventually use to construct “sentient quasi-mechanical beings”. There’s a lot more to it than that, apparently, but it sounds like it’s going to be another trippy mindbender, which is certainly okay with me. Let’s just hope he can actually get this thing off the ground. Raise your hand if you’re excited about a new Shane Carruth film!

  • *Raises Both Hands*

  • somnium

    my hand is up! I watched Primer a while back. And it confused me quite a bit. I still enjoyed it though. Hopefully this one is just as entertaining.

  • Most exciting movie news I’ve heard all year (that wasn’t related to my own film). LOVE Primer and so excited for Shane to get to do another movie. Well deserved and long overdue!

  • Oh my. My boy Shane is finally going to get his due. Great news.

  • Kyriacos


  • bullet3

    Fuck…Yes! Primer is one of my all time favorite movies, its extremeley rewatchable, and one of the best sci-fi movies ever as far as I’m concerned. I can’t wait to see his follow up.

  • J.G.

    Was just talking about this guy a few weeks ago. Really excited to hear that he is working on something new.