Movie Poster Round-Up: The Social Network, The American, Piranha 3D

When it was first announced that David Fincher would be directing a movie about Facebook, I know there were a lot of people looking down their nose at it, but I think the tide is slowly starting to turn. This brilliant new poster is the first bit of marketing material we’ve seen for the film, and it seems to have a lot of people intrigued (myself included). Clearly Jesse Eisenberg is going to be the perfect Mark Zuckerberg.

At any rate, elsewhere in this week’s movie poster round-up, we have a stylish poster for Anton Corbijn’s The American starring George Clooney, a blood-spattered one-sheet for Neil Marshall’s Centurion, and a cool collection of posters for Grown Ups featuring childhood photographs of the five main stars. Which ones are well-designed and which ones offend your eyeballs? Give us your thoughts after you check out the rest of the gallery after the jump.

  • I’m so stupid excited for The Social Network that it genuinely hurts.

  • Werner

    That “The American” poster is so retro – I love it!

  • Mike

    seriously, has david spade ever had short hair?

  • Ben

    Wow. Some real horrible shit in there (I’m looking at you Knight and Day) Some pretty good ones too though.

  • Ian

    Mostly not that memorable posters. I do always fall for the minimal and simple ones though.

  • Kyriacos

    some people like posters..
    some other just like the kind of posters they like.

    This time around I think I like all of them.

    The Tillman story reminds me of something else though..

  • Kyriacos

    In that Knight and Day’s poster Cruise’s and Diaz’s faces look like they are added up on someone else’s body..

    Sean, did you just made that one up?

  • rob

    in europe “the girl who played with fire” was called “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” much better title before

    good poster round up – the tom cruise one is badly done but could have been great

    other than the owl one this is one of the best roundups

  • swarez

    No The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the first one, this is the second one. In Europe Dragon Tattoo was called Men Who Hate Women, like the book.

    Knight and Day is surprisingly weak for an action movie.
    I like the Grownups teasers, good idea to have real photos of the actors in their younger days.
    The American however is the best of the bunch, even though I’m getting tired of this retro look.

  • swarez

    Oh and The Tillman story reminds me of a poster I designed for a film called Red, White and Blue, but only because of the use of the colors.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Wtf is going on in the poster for ‘The Extra Man’? I thought for a second that Paul Dano was Kevin Kline’s ventriloquist dummy.

  • Gun’s slogan, “One gun, many lives lost” is the worst slogan I have heard in quite a while.

  • Henrik

    And Gun is the worst name for a movie I have heard in quite a while.

  • That poster makes me much more excited for “The Social Experiment”.

    Like the Saul Bass-esque “The American” poster.

  • Aaron

    The Tillman Story looks like it’s trying to draw connections to The Manchurian Candidate cover.

    Honestly, most of these are pretty boring. Secretariat and Flipped are nice to look at. No doubt about it, The American is the best of the group.

  • Primal

    Who would want a 24 x 36 poster of any of those Grown-Ups posters up in their room?

    Aren’t there anymore film posters where they have a pretty artistic painting or hand-drawn feel to it. Seems like it’s a lost art. Photoshop is just the easy way to do it I guess. Not impressed by any of these posters.

    How can anyone be tired of the retro look if they haven’t even tried to go retro all the way yet?