The Green Hornet Trailer Starring Seth Rogen

Despite suffering setback after setback, Seth Rogen continues to roll with the punches on his adaptation of The Green Hornet. The first trailer for the film was supposed to premiere on Jimmy Kimmel last night, but apparently the power went out, and so it will air tomorrow night instead. Fortunately, the trailer has premiered over on Yahoo! already, and although it’s a bit goofy and definitely has comedic elements, it looks a bit more impressive in the action department than I think many were expecting.

I have to admit, the overall “modernized” feel of the trailer is a bit sketchy, and I’m not so sure about the chemistry between Rogen and Jay Chou. However, on the other hand, I don’t have any strong attachment to The Green Hornet, and personally I’m just looking forward to it as a new Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry flick. It doesn’t immediately look like a Michel Gondry movie, but I don’t think we could expect cardboard sets and surreal dream sequences in a big blockbuster like this anyway. Seth Rogen’s got a lot riding on this, and I’m really pulling for him, although I think it’s still going to be tough for some people to accept him as an “action star”. What do you think, does this look better than you expected, or is it destined to be the next Jonah Hex? The Green Hornet hits theatres on January 14th, 2011; check out the trailer after the jump.

  • swarez

    Sadly I think this will be up there with Jonah Hex in terms of box office. I’m pretty sure this is vastly superior in every other case.

  • Bryan

    This looks badass. Christoph Waltz! Surprised you guys didn’t mention him in the blurb before the trailer. Not the biggest fan of Rogen, but for some reason he fits in this roll. Is this PG-13 or R?

  • I reallly do want this to be good. The trailer seems a bit lost but it’s clear there is something good behind it.

  • I’m pretty sure it will be PG-13. Christoph Waltz is definitely a selling point, although he’s barely in the trailer. I suppose he is in it more than Cameron Diaz though.

  • rob

    its not yet rated on the trailer

    looks great, looking forward to this seems to have gone for a balance between humor and action. unless they have put all the humor into the trailer

  • Fatbologna

    Was hoping for a bit more period-y, kitsch-y style from a Gondry helmed Hornet flick but I guess this looks somewhat entertaining.

  • Big Hungry

    This is much better than I thought it was going to look…. I think they should of kept the trailer shorter though…. They are showing too much…

  • IcarusArts

    Didn’t have the Gondry-specific visuals I was hoping for, but I am glad to see him get the opportunity to do a big, slick, action film. Looks like he did a great job. Wonder if any of the Kevin Smith script made it through. Seems like there is definitely some comedy here. Hopefully we’ll be able to see Gondry’s hand a little more in the final film.

  • theman

    Look’s way more conventional than I expected. I think the general audicance will stay away from this one.

  • 1138

    The action looks cool and the guy playing Kato seems very cool. But I can’t see Seth doing action…his body type and face scream comedy and normal guy to me. It looks interesting but the January release date is not a good sign. It’s usually a dead zone. In the end it might be a rental for me.

  • Bryan

    Oh, and that still frame from the trailer below the top image is straight out of Sin City, which is cool.

  • Mike

    Gondry is god.

  • La Menthe

    I hope the movie is not anything like the trailer. There were a lot of really horrible cliché sequences in this trailer, none of them being funny. Like firing a missile at the camera box or Seth Rogen shooting himself with a gun he doesn’t know anything about.

  • A January release doesn’t usually show a lot of studio faith in the film but the trailer looks fun enough.

  • that is a really weird trailer, its Gondry – but not enough, its Green Hornet’s story – but he’s overshadowed by Kato, it appears to be influenced by Kickass – yet it will probably be PG13????

  • Ben

    Screw this. I’m tired of these shmucks just taking whatever intellectual property they can get their hands on and changing it however they please. This IS a spoof, no matter how much they want to deny it.

  • Falsk

    I’m with 1138 in ever sense of the post. January 14? Day Breakers and Book of Eli came out that same time this year…

    Furthermore Rogen is so God-damn goofy looking–I mean… hey… don’t get me wrong. I love the goofiness. But a superhero? I just can’t help but laugh at him trying to be serious.

    We’ll see how it goes…

  • Fatbologna

    So, Ben, you’re a HUGE Hornet fan from way back, then? Super dedicated fan of the original, huh? REALLY worried about someone sullying these great, classic characters, are we?

    ok…I see…riiiiiiiiight…

  • Fatbologna

    And, Falsk, you missed the comedic elements of that trailer? I’m pretty sure the whole point of the Green Hornet is that Kato’s the actual hero and the Hornet’s a bumbling fool…Seems apparent.

  • TMD

    The cardboard jokes are pretty tiresome. People forget that Gondry made some amazing music videos with stunning effects. Hints of that can be seen in the trailer. I’m not fully sold on Rogen, but I’m eager to see this movie.

  • Falsk

    @Fat I didn’t miss the comedic elements, but they did overlap with moments like where he’s supposed to be stricken by his father’s sudden death. Yes, it’s apparent he will be the comedic relief, but you’re saying he’s not going to go through a serious character change by the end of the film where we need to take him seriously? Because that’s apparent, too. And we’ll just see how it’s played.

  • Darksiders

    Generic trailer. No real Gondry feel at all. If Gondry wasn’t the director you guys would be hating on this. Just admit it.

  • Me

    This looks horrible. Each film i lose more and more faith in Gondry.

  • I think firing a missile at the traffic light camera is not cliched at all. It’s inspired!

    Sean, I don’t know why you’re picking on the Rogen/Chou chemistry.

    I think this movie could be a smash hit!

  • Steve

    Guys, a trailer’s a trailer. Obviously the people making it will try to make it look as conventional, generic (aka lots of guns, explosion and sex appeal) to target as large an audience as possible. It’s not completely indicative or how the film will actually turn out.

  • swarez

    I’m thinking the same thing Steve. Trailers are made to get the most people in the theater as possible. Maybe the film itself is more Gondry-like than the trailer shows. Hopefully.

  • Drewsifer

    Fuck it’s still gonna be better than %90 of the films out there, fuckin Rogen hatres need to stop jumping on the bandwagon, it’s gonna make it’s money back, but in it’s second week, it’s gonna get okay reveiws but nothing huge.

  • I’m shocked with how generic the look of this movie seems to be! Michel Gondry where are you?

    However, this still looks like a lot of fun! I don’t really care if they don’t stay true to the spirit of the Green Hornet. The property is overrated in my opinion, because almost all of its status comes from the legendary Bruce Lee.

  • b. reid

    It looks to me like Sony pulled down it’s corporate pants
    and let go with a stinking pile of Seth Rogen all over
    the Green Hornet legend.
    May stink even worse than Legend of the Lone Ranger
    which up ’til now may the most reviled ‘costumed avenger’
    film of all time!
    Double Yuck.
    Black Beauty looks pretty cool though.
    Too bad I wont be seeing it at the local multiplex.

  • Brendan

    Steve’s comment was right on. As far as I know, trailers aren’t made by the director, they’re made by people the studio hires in order to market the film. The film-going public at large doesn’t know who Michel Gondry is. That, and the fact that this is a comic character action film, means the studio is marketing it toward a wider audience.
    I actually am more interested in the movie after seeing the trailer. I had zero interest before.

  • J.G.

    Looks fun. I did notice some Gondry-ness with a weird action shot and a car being mirrored in the background. People will hate on it like they hate on a lot of Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry’s projects. Knocked Up, The Science of Sleep, Pineapple Express, Be Kind Rewind were all movie I enjoyed watching and I think they’ll age better than a lot of the films that get so much praise these days. Also I like that they are trying to bracnh out and do something different than the comedy and quirky films they are known for, even if it just ends up being a kind of comedic, slighlty quirky, action movie. A for effort.

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