Film Junk Podcast Episode #275: Toy Story 3

0:00 – Intro
4:35 – Headlines: Crank Directors Sign on for Ghost Rider 2, Neill Blomkamp to Direct The Hobbit? Sam Raimi to Direct Oz, the Great and Powerful, Russell Crowe to Star in The Equalizer, Paramount to Release Grease Sing-Along Edition
18:50 – Review: Toy Story 3
47:45 – Trailer Trash: Somewhere, The Smurfs, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
1:02:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: The NBA Finals, Spawn of the Slithis, Darkman, Shutter Island, Culloden
1:17:30 – Junk Mail: Actors You’d Like to See Tarantino’d, Cheese Curds and B-Movies, Historic Movies, Movie-Related Book Recommendations, The Rules of Hockey, Jigsaw, Actors Delivering the Same Line Multiple Times and Made for TV Movies
1:48:10 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:49:50 – Outro

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  • Kyriacos

    I think I got that Cris Nolan Special..


    (on shutter island)

    ..why they insisted so much on taking his Gun at the beginning of the film? Or how you explain the final scene? Of course the film has many layers but I think that there are some scenes in it that only make sense if he was not initially crazy but he was played to believe he was. You are experiencing the film through the eyes of Leo so if he was convinced why not you\?

    Just throwing it out there..

    Dennis Lehane said that he was just trying to write a book about McCarthyism..
    And he admitted that there are 3 ways to read the book.

    I guess maybe its just the same thing with the movie..

  • bard

    I too was shocked by the Jay/dog story in the Nolan special, I’m not sure why they didn’t include it in the clip show. Maybe it was too much of a downer/emotional, you know?

    I thought it was interesting how such a fearful story from his childhood kind of in a way shaped him to become a filmmaker.

    It’s one of my favorite episodes.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Geve Stuttenberg

  • bard

    A great book to read is Kiss Me Like A Stranger by Gene Wilder. It’s his autobiography. He’s a great writer. He has other books, but Kiss Me Like A Stranger is about his personal life as well as his acting career. Very serious, but funny at some points. Highly recommended for his fans.

    Sidenote, he’s the funniest person ever and I’ll truly be sad when he dies.

  • Jay Cheel and Anton Newcombe are my 2 spiritual gurus. I can’t help but hang on every word and nuance. Lx

  • Mason

    I like that Hobbit director idea.
    Peter Jackson Presents The Hobbit: A Spike Lee Joint

  • Liney

    Good repeated line in a film is George Clooney in “O Brother! Where Art Thou?”: “Damn, we’re in a tight spot!”

  • GREAT Repeated Lines:

    Brad Pitt in “Seven”: What’s in the BOX?!?!?

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman in “Boogie Nights”: “Fuckin’ idiot! Fuckin’ idiot! Fuckin’ idiot…”

  • Henrik

    Jays review on Toy Story 3 was uncharacteristically hilarious.