Neill Blomkamp to Direct The Hobbit?

There appears to be another interesting development on The Hobbit this weekend, and to be honest, I’m a bit surprised this possibility hadn’t surfaced earlier. As you know, Guillermo Del Toro left the project last month, and MGM has been in search of a new director to take over the reins. Peter Jackson does not want the job, but as executive producer he does want someone that he can trust. The latest rumour has District 9 director Neill Blomkamp pegged as Del Toro’s successor for these two massive films.

The report comes from a spy for, who seem quite confident that the information is correct. As far as we know Blomkamp’s schedule is currently clear, and if Peter Jackson simply wants a proxy that he can work through, then Blomkamp is ideal since they have already established a close working relationship.

He might not seem like an obvious choice for The Hobbit just because his previous experience is in the realm of sci-fi rather than fantasy, but the fact is, most of the pre-production work and art design has already been completed. Personally, I think he’s a great candidate. He has proven that he can handle action, drama and special effects, and this would be an opportunity to vault him into mega-budget A-list territory. Plus, it may mean there’s an outside chance that they’ll find a role for Sharlto Copley in the films as well! What do you think, is Neill Blomkamp a good choice to direct The Hobbit?

  • hmmmmmm, I wonder if this is the best move for him. years of work versus taking the credit he got on D-9 and doing a bigger sci fi idea / trilogy? of course, if he delivers The Hobbit and it produces coin he can walk in to any studio and get his next big idea greenlit.

  • La Menthe

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, please, please please, please, please!!!

  • Kyriacos

    So maybe that is why they got rid of Del Toro
    They needed someone more into cgi.
    Del Toro proposal probably was more “practicalFx” than the studio wanted..

    Either way, I am cool. Hope they let him do his thing though..

  • rob

    would make sense with his connection with Jackson
    never realised how short Jackson actually is!!

    they may want CG but I think Gullermo’s practical effects would more suit the Hobbit, The hobbit is much more Fantasy’esque than the lord of the rings.

    How ever all for Blomkamp directing.

  • Sindre

    No, no, no, no. Please. Del Toro was so much more right for this.

  • Ben


    Because we can make an assumption about a director totally from 1 film. Uhhhh

  • D. R.

    Cuaron would bring more of what Del Toro might have offered; and would honor the material Del Toro left behind. My top choice. But Blomkamp makes a certain sense. A protege of Jackson’s. A significant success under his belt. I mean, did Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners predict the amazing things Jackson accomplished in LOTR?

  • Drewsifer

    Give it to blomkampt, lord knows he’s proven himself. Plus I believe district 9 is patially responsible for this summers box offic lull, people are expecting better from thier summer popcorn flicks now. Give him the hobbit and we may see a huge fantasy resurgence, couple that with the new conan a a Willow remake isn’t far behind.

  • Darksiders

    From the looks of it Peter Jackson should play Bilbo Baggins.