The Movie Club Podcast #18: The Fall and The Saragossa Manuscript

The Movie Club Podcast is an irregular roundtable podcast where we select two movies to dissect, analyze and discuss with a group of fellow movie bloggers and film fans.

After a three month break, we are finally ready to release the latest episode of The Movie Club Podcast into the wild. This time around we have once again reconvened with our friends from Row Three and Where The Long Tail Ends to talk about two movies that feature “stories within a story”… or something like that. The films in question are Tarsem’s The Fall and Wojciech Has’ The Saragossa Manuscript.

The latter is a little bit tricky to track down, but it’s important to note that we watched the three-hour version, not one of the edited cuts. Either way, the surreal visions presented by both films make for some spirited discussion; we hope you’ll listen and then jump in with your own comments. Download the new episode and cast your vote for an upcoming episode over at Note: Our next episode will be an animated double bill featuring Isao Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies and Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards.

  • Kyriacos

    I am surprised that Sean knows Matthew Barney while Jay doesn’t.. No offense Jay, I am just amazed by Sean’s brain..

  • I read this comment and still have no idea who Matthew Barney is.

  • Oh, right, Bjork artist guy. Are you sure it was Sean and not Kurt who brought up Matthew Barney? Either way, yes, Sean’s brain is amazing.

  • Kyriacos

    Yes, I had to google it my self also.
    It was an awesome show by the way, one of the best.

  • Death Rose

    Jay’s contempt for women really came out in ‘The Fall’ debate.

  • Fatbologna


    Seemed like a lot of communication breakdown went on during the Fall/Auteur argument. I agreed with Jay and Kurt wholeheartedly during the discussion. The whole purpose of film discussion/debate is to voice one’s opinions and when a film is so evidently about the visuals it’s hard to get passed them if they don’t appeal to you. I REALLY need to see the Sargossa Manuscript, too! CINEMAGEDDON, HERE I COME!!

  • Fatbologna

    Death Rose,

    I don’t really think there was any contempt on Jay’s part due to her sex as he seemed just as contemptuous towards MATT GAMBLE. I think it was more about the lack of understanding of his criticism of the visuals and how integral it actually is when discussing the film.

    Besides, bitches need to keep quiet and stay in the kitchen, amiright?

  • I’m pretty sure my brain is not aware of who Matthew Barney is either.

  • If Emma is going to complain that you are “dropping names” of filmmakers that she doesn’t know, on a podcast called the goddamn Movie Club Podcast, she has no place discussing films.

    Fucking annoying.

  • When I watched The Fall, I wasn’t expecting to be so moved by the story and by the performance of the young girl.

  • Primal

    I’m actually with you there Jon Rocks. I don’t think they should be bringing in a “random movie goer” to insult everyone’s film intelligence. Most everyone in the MCP has earned a spot on that show. It should be kept that way.

    If your going that route, why not screen some from our FJ, RowThree, and WTLTE community. If anything, the forums have shown how much cooler we are at FJ.

  • Kyriacos

    Just take the credit Sean..

  • Kyriacos

    I am leaning towards Sony HXR-Nx5u by the way..

    External mic
    Solidstate drive input for up to 11 hours full Hd shoot.
    What else could I ask?

  • Kyriacos

    My only perplexity is the fact that Panasonic has that warm leica image that does not need special filters at daylight to get a decent visual result..

    But Sony has a sharper image and supposedly does better in low light..

    Judging from Jays films Panasonic indeed has some small issues at low light..

  • xego

    Well How cool to see the Movie Club Podcast back again…some interesting choices here got them on the netflix will listen when I have seen them.

    Balance it out with something a little more familiar next time maybe? But like the challenging stuff too..

  • Wait a minute, is THE FALL no familiar? I thought that was the hook film and Saragossa was the out-there stretch-the-audience choice.

    In defense of Emma on the podcast, some more ‘layman’ perspective can often stir up the pot, and get underneath ‘what we take for granted’ to offer something new.

    Expect some more new-blood on The Movie Club (including a potential FJ Forumer/Listern on The Grave of the Fireflies / Wizards show sometime in Early August.

  • Pittmo

    Amen to Jon Rocks. PLEASE do not let that fucking 14 year old sounding Emma back on the show. Annoying does not even begin to describe not only how lost she is, but how she starts a thought and puts 15 “like”, “er”, and “uh’s” in every sentence, let alone her huge pregnant pauses while she is struggling to find something to say.
    Honey…have a thought, THEN SPEAK. Not vice-versa.

  • First The Fall and now Grave of the Fireflies. You guys are picking my personal favorites and I love it!

    This was a great discussion. I can’t wait to hear the next installment.

  • KeithTalent

    I’m having a tough time finding a copy of Wizards. I sure hope I can track it down before you guys release the next podcast; maybe I’ll need to look elsewhere…

    Looking forward to that one and will be interested to hear if there are any differing opinions on Fireflies as it seems to be universally loved, unless you’re me of course! :D

  • Werner

    Just to say that I love the Movie Club Podcast – can’t wait for the next episode. Thanks :)