Film Junk Podcast Episode #274: The A-Team

0:00 – Intro
6:40 – Headlines: Les Grossman Movie Officially Announced, Tony Gilroy to Write Bourne 4, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler?, China Mad About Red Dawn Remake, Angry Fan Protests The Karate Kid Remake
31:10 – Review: The A-Team
52:00 – Trailer Trash: Mortal Kombat Rebirth
1:03:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Scanners, Super Snooper aka Super Fuzz, Get Him to the Greek, Robin Hood, Into Eternity, The Damned United, Straight Outta L.A.
1:26:50 – Junk Mail: Scenes That Freaked You Out as a Kid + Spotting Americans, John Cusack and Tom Cruise, Wes Anderson, Banned Movies in Canada, Watching Movies on iPhone, Targets, The Mist in Black and White, Converting to Blu-ray
1:58:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:00:05 – Outro

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  • Fatbologna


    Jesus fucking CHRIST! Don’t you guys understand that I have NEEDS!??!

    :) :)

  • bullet3

    Sean you are 100% on the ball here. I can’t believe Jay is defending the action in the A-Team. Yes, the movie has its heart in the right place and takes the correct approach, and I have no problem with ridiculous action, but this has some of the worst shot action sequences I’ve seen in a long time. That initial night-time heist, you seriously cannot tell what the fuck is going on. And then all the cool tank and helicopter stunts look completely fake and CG, totally taking you out of the moment. Sean is right that this was a great opportunity to do some awesome practical stunts.

  • kyriacos

    Welcome back Greg.

  • Henrik

    Jay doesn’t give a fuck what moves are called etc, but to some people how they use those moves are as important as how somebody uses a spiral staircase! You should at least show some understanding for this.

    If anybody wants to see an amazing martial arts movie (Reed has probably seen this), I recently watched Iron Monkey which was directed by the guy who choreographed Matrix and Kill Bill and whatnot. It was awesome, it was like an extremely comedic Robin Hood. Every scene I was either laughing my ass off, or thinking that’s awesome.

  • Goon

    Chicken’s name = Rusty

  • kurt

    I concur with IRON MONKEY, that movie is too much fun!

  • Niklas

    put your money where your mouth is Jay!! Make a martial arts action scene!! Reed VS Greg!!!! Would be epic!!

  • Niklas

    oh.. and if Greg wins the fight his fatality would be a punch to the larynx.. obviously

  • Kasper

    You are in for a treat with the trinity films Jay. They’re very entertaining!

  • “Do you want to see something scary?” is from The Twilight Zone Movie when Dan Aykroyd eats Albert Brooks.

  • Also, Super Fuzz is awesome, excuse me, super duper!

  • Henrik, having seen “Iron Monkey” after “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” I was actually disappointed by it especially with Quentin Tarantino’s stamp of approval on the film. I rewatched it several years later, but I still wasn’t impressed. I’m speaking about the film as a whole, and not just the choreography which is admittedly wild at times. I realize I am in the minority on my opinion. Recently, Empire Magazine put “Iron Monkey” in its Top 100 Foreign Films of All Time.

    I saw “True Legend,” Yuen Woo-ping’s latest film. (It’s been 14 years since he last directed.) The landscapes and set designs are awesome, but I think I’m tired of these biographical stories about kung fu masters. The IMDb rating for the film would seem to indicate that people aren’t liking this film much as well. Has anyone here had a chance to see the film?

    I’d love to choreograph a fight scene between Greg and myself. It would have to be full contact though, because I don’t know how to pull my punches. :-)

  • bullet3

    Also, Jay don’t go dissing the Undisputed movies without actually seeing them. I will agree with you that the Mortal Kombat preview thing sucked, but its not in any way representative of those movies.

  • kyriacos

    I wish I was so lucky as you sean to be messed up as a child by.. Howard the Duck!?..

    I never got the chance to get the name of the movie that screwed me over I just remember.. I was 5 or so and my father was watching something on the tv and there was a scene that a bunch of guys kidnap a woman, they tied her up on a chair they took her cloths off and then they painted her FACE black with a spray!!

    \\I ve been searching for that movie ever since but I haven’t been able to spot it.

    Anyone recognizes that scene?

    I am pretty sure It was not Porn..

  • kyriacos

    I meant kidnapped..

    They also painted her bosoms as well..

  • Mark In Ottawa

    I think a fake trailer with the Film Junk Podcast crew would be cool:

    Sean – Hannibal
    Jay – Face
    Greg – BA
    and yes …..
    Reed – Murdoch

    You know you want to see it …..

  • Lots to comment on here…

    LIFE – I watched this as it played each Sunday night. The one that was the best (which I thought would be the worst), was the BIRD episode. I loved the birds that drop the bones from way high up to break them open. And the closing bit with the interior decorating birds – absolutely AMAZING.

    Stuff the scared me:
    TOTALLY remember that Geraldo special and satan worship. Scared the shit out of me. I was looking over my shoulder for months after that looking for the satanists. Ha.

    I remember watching “FEAR” starring Ally Sheedy really late at night by myself in my parents’ basement. I was like 11 years old and I remember it really scaring me. I changed the channel at one point. It’s funny too because my mom was recording it and she got mad because noticed that right at the scary part the channel all of a sudden changes to a home shopping ad for about 45 seconds.

    I also saw a rape documentary when I was like 5. I didn’t really understand what it meant, but there was home invasion recreations and I remember being scared to go to bed for a few nights for fear of being raped.

    A year or two ago on the cinecast, Kurt and I did a top 10 scariest movie sequences (episode 66 I think) and I think I had that TWILIGHT ZONE bit in the top 5 somewhere. I rewatched it again at the time and even now, as a 30 year old, it’s still damn scary.

  • Oh, and A-TEAM was freakin’ awesome.

  • @kyriacos…

    You said “bosoms.” Huh huh.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Nuck Chorris.

  • Luce Bree.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Neeam Liason

  • sacasam-master

    There goes Jay again, shitting up the podcast with his overbearing opinions and obnoxious rants. Maybe there’s another salad fermenting in your bowels and its making you irritable? Oh well good thing he is hilarious. I loved the Louie Anderson part and the Innerspace zinger.

    Stuff the scared me as a kid:
    1. Scene from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory where he takes everyone in the boat down the tunnel. I haven’t even seen that movie in decades but I remember it frightened me.
    2. Thriller – the world premiere on MTV. Me and my cousin were like 7, getting excited to see MJ since he basically was the most popular person on the planet back then. We he morphed into the monster it was game over, we ran and screamed down the hallways. What a bastard he was for scaring children like that. Thanks Michael!
    3. Movie cover from Terror Train – I never even saw this damn movie but seeing the cover alone at the video store was enough to give me nightmares for months.

  • Kamen Liew

    Stand your ground Sean.

    You LIKED the Mortal Kombat trailer.

    Don’t let I-Hate-Martial-Arts-The-World-Pisses-Me-Off-Jay intimidate you. That trailer was OKAY. Don’t shit on it.

  • I did?

  • Kamen Liew

    You were like this was cool and all and then Jay started his rant and you held back. And the Undisputed series were awesome. Especially the ones with the Yuri Boyka character (Scott Adkins).

    I still love you man. Keep up the great work.

  • I think I was just playing devil’s advocate more than anything. I didn’t have a problem with the fights in the trailer but I thought the rest of it was pretty cheesy.