Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Talks to Play The Riddler?

Following fan speculation ranging from Johnny Depp to Neil Patrick Harris to Eddie Murphy, Hollywood Life is now reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be in talks to play The Riddler in a third Christopher Nolan Batman movie. Gordon-Levitt is, of course, a major player in Nolan’s upcoming (non-Batman) film, Inception and apparently Nolan was a big fan of Gordon-Levitt’s work on the set.

Earlier Batman rumors linked to the actor included the far-fetched notion that Gordon-Levitt may replace Heath Ledger (with whom he starred in 10 Things I Hate About You) as The Joker. Not surprisingly, representatives for both Nolan and Gordon-Levitt have flat out denied that rumor, but recent talk surrounding a turn by Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler may be more valid. More after the jump…

According to Hollywood Life, an “insider close to Christopher Nolan” had this to say:

“Chris really dug Joseph [as an actor]. There was a joke at first between them [on the set of Inception] that Joseph wanted to read for Batman 3 and things heated up as filming continued. It’s not 100% confirmed that he’s getting [the role of The Riddler] but there’s certainly talk about it. Joseph is definitely on the short list.”

As many have pointed out, this is all a little premature as a script for the film hasn’t even been written yet. Still, being that I’m a huge fan of Gordon-Levitt’s work myself, I don’t mind indulging in the gossip. For my money, the young actor is already proving to be among the greatest of his generation. With solid performance after solid performance in films from Brick to Mysterious Skin to The Lookout (and don’t forget Angels in the Outfield!), Joseph Gordon-Levitt has shown that he can convincingly play the gambit of tones, emotions, and characters. Any fears that had arisen with G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra about Gordon-Levitt working in the mainstream were squashed with 500 Days of Summer and his subsequent Saturday Night Live appearance. It seems this guy can do it all.

What do you think? Would you be excited about Joseph Gordon Levitt as The Riddler, or are you still holding out for Johnny Depp?

  • Steini

    I think I’d like him as the Riddler, I even prefer him to Johnny Depp or any of the others listed above. (Except maybe Neil Patrick Harris but I think it would be kind of crazy to see him as the Riddler)

  • Phil M

    This would be PERFECT! The guy deserves the mainstream stardom that would come from this role.

    Great actor, very versatile

    also, he kind of looks like Christian Bale with the slicked-back hair, so it could work as a
    “mirror batman” style character

  • Fatbologna


  • My only problem with Gordon-Levitt is his small stature. Great actor and I’ve never disliked him in a role, accept GIJoe, Joe was a horrible movie, but I found it hard to be fearful of Cobra because he presented no physical threat. If he played the Riddler he would need to really bring his mental/vocal game and present a character that posses a strong psychological threat like Cillian Murphy did, which isn’t something I’ve seen from Gordon-Levitt yet.

  • rick

    to young to be the riddler. I love him but just way to young for the riddler.

    go neil patrick harris. That would be perfect for him. whimsical yet threatening, he could do that. but of course if johnny was riddler i wouldnt mind.

  • Cy-Ed

    love it and nice picture choice

  • Mike

    much better choice than depp.

  • kyriacos

    Great Choice.

  • Ben

    I’d be fine with him as the Riddler. The Riddler isn’t supposed to be physically imposing anyway. Only thing is, I’d rather they use a villain other than the Riddler in B3.

  • Ian

    This sounds about right. Riddler is probably the best bad guy to tie up the 3rd film. He’ll probably be some kind of pseudo-villian that works with the cops to profile and ensnare TDK only to … you know … eventually go over the edge and become the proper bad guy. Ending it all in some tragic fashion making great commentary about the vigilante justice. They might make him more like Dr. Hugo Strange from some the Prey arc of The Dark Knight. These are all good ideas so once again I say: pay me Hollywood.

  • Steve

    I thought Heath Ledger was way too young for The Joker too. But look how that turned out, I trust Nolan’s casting, whoever he chooses. But JGL as the riddler just gave me a raging nerd boner.

  • Napalm

    I’ve been wanting him to play Riddler in the next movie ever since Dark Knight came out so I’m pumped about this!

    Daniel Day-Lewis would be a fucking amazing choice too, but that will probably never happen.

  • Chris


  • rick

    OH COME ON!!! This isn’t the teen titans!!! Riddler is a man, not a twenty year old something boy.

  • juan

    wow i can def c dat……. and is it me or does he kinda look like heath ledger kinda weird

  • Erik

    Joseph is the best choice for a darker sided riddler. Which seems to be the way of the new Batman movies, so he would fit the mold perfectly. Neil Patrick Harris is an equally awesome choice too, but would be more comedic, much like Jim Carey was. I think a bad choice for the new Batman style; given that the old Batman movies started to be very kid based and lost a lot of viewers. I couldn’t stomache Batman & Robin. The “Dark Knight” is an awesome darker sided superhero, so the darker the villian the better the plot. It all fell apart when they lost Tim Burton. Good luck with that casting department. EDDY MURPHY SHOULD NEVER BE CAST FOR ANY ROLE EVER….EVER. WORST ACTOR, MOVIES, AND PERSONALITY. ONE GOOD ROLE IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER, AN ANNOYING DONKEY SIDEKICK. (SHREK)