Cooking With Gerry – Episode #2: Poutine

Seeing as Film Junk is single-handedly responsible for the rise in popularity of poutine in North America, we figured we should finally lay out the ground rules on how to make the ultimate poutine dish. For those who don’t know, poutine is a delicious French Canadian delicacy which consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. Who better to demonstrate the best method of preparing this traditional Canadian treat than our own Reed Farrington!

This weekend was a monumental occasion as Reed resurrected his 20 year old cooking show Cooking With Gerry, the first episode of which aired way back in 1989. This could be a record for the longest length of time between episodes of ANY show. Check it out after the jump!

  • Oh god, this is brilliant. Reed is the shit.

  • Joe

    yessssssssss! yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

  • ShenEvil44

    What the hell is it with the zoom in on Reed’s face while playing creepy, suspenseful music, Jay? Were we supposed to be freaked out? LOL.

  • Nick Robertson

    That was fuckin’ awesome. I love that you make Reed look worse than Norman Bates.

  • Hahahaha! It had a horrific feel all along, but that reverse chopstick stuff at the end really took it to the next level. Gerry is the absolute best person to laugh at and with in the entire world. What a good sport. Why he would trust you to edit him I can’t imagine. A fitting follow-up to the first episode, but will we ever get another?

  • Joe

    Jay, you need to make a feature length documentary on reed!!

  • Film Ape

    Reed did you have that wok when you did the original Cooking with Gerry? Putting it lightly that thing looks well used.

  • Film Ape

    (7 Minutes Later) Ha Ha I re watched the video and it appears that you did. You are the man.

  • Joe

    can’t wait for the next episode in 2030!!

  • Rusty

    Was Reed’s cellphone in the fridge?

    Great job Jay, that was hilarious.

  • Mrespony

    Thanks for putting me off poutine for awhile, my heart needs to recuperate.

  • rapp

    Awesome. That’s all.

  • Dom G


  • My Lord that was entertaining. The Lynchian/Leone eating close up sold the deal. My sides hurt.

    Wonderful Cinematography as usual, Jay.

    Reed, thanks for being Reed and being public about it too.



  • Theman

    Poutine seems rather simple. I would put bacon in mine.

  • El Ultimo Hombre

    Two questions:

    1. Why does Reed keep in cellphone in the refrigerator?

    2. Are crinkle-cut fries commonly used or is it just a matter of taste?

  • That wasn’t my cell-phone. That was actually an electronic thermometer. My fridge doesn’t actually work. I daily rotate out freezer ice packs between a working freezer in my basement and my non-working fridge. I use the thermometer to check what the temperature is. I actually only use the top part of my fridge.

    I would love bacon poutine as well, Theman.

    As for the crinkle-cut fries question, I’m not an authority to be able to answer that.

    I wish Jay had color-corrected my face.

    As for the sub-titling, I wasn’t drinking to “warm my parrot.” I was drinking to “wet my palate.” (Jay, your deliberate mistranslation had me laughing out loud.)

  • Crinkle-cut fries are just what happened to be in my own freezer at home.

  • Fatbologna

    Like a cooking show made by Alejandro Jodorowsky… Amazing.

  • Bob The Slob

    what camera did you use to film this with?

  • megan

    Living plants!! Reed I’m so happy! Unless Jay provided you with set plants. Then I’m ashamed.

  • Alicia

    I agree with Megan. I hope these are your own living plants and you will continue to water them. Or did you resurrect the dead plants in the house Gerry?

  • anncine

    This made me very happy and must happen again soon. Very soon. The music coupled with the fry (variety) package discussion was particularly brilliant. Well done.

  • This is The Shining remake they should have done. very nice

  • Primal

    Eating poutine with chopsticks was hilarious. I enjoyed this!

  • froggiegirl0

    I’m still wiping tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. Thanks guys this was excellent! Off to hook up the TV so sick hubby Mason can watch this and feel better.

    By the way the table dressing around the finished poutine… perfect.

  • Cy-Ed

    …i’m Hungry now

  • This totally needs to be an extra on the Beauty Day DVD/Blu-Ray.

    And here in MN they make poutine with bacon and scallions. It is so delicious Jay would hate it.

  • Very nice. The copious amount of slow zooms and the use of poutine-as-gore point toward a Lucio Fulci influence.

    Being from Québec, I have grown to take poutine for granted so all this fascination surrounding it feels both strange and refreshing.

  • Mason

    I finally have a recipe and demonstration so I can try making poutine myself! Thanks Jay and Reed! The editing makes it great, but Reed makes it special.

  • Paul Andrews

    Brilliant – just brilliant.

  • kyriacos

    @Bob The Slob

    It’s a Panasonic HVX200

    Man This is so insanely funny and sad at the same time..
    you sure took full advantage of that HD technology J..

    @Reed, Tell us how you broke your Front Tooth, I have the same broken front Tooth as you.. (Many people have it)

    I broke it while rollerskating..

  • Thanks so much! Pure awesomeness!

  • El Ultimo Hombre

    “18.That wasn’t my cell-phone. That was actually an electronic thermometer. My fridge doesn’t actually work. I daily rotate out freezer ice packs between a working freezer in my basement and my non-working fridge. I use the thermometer to check what the temperature is. I actually only use the top part of my fridge.”

    Oh, well that makes sense. I thought I was just technologically ignorant. Sorry I referred to you in the third-person, I suppose I could have asked you directly.

  • pcch7

    I was actually lusting for some poutine up until those last few seconds which unfortunately raped my apetite in the ass. Hard.

  • Sean and Roman did the set dressing for the finished dish. They were very proud of themselves, scouring my house for interesting items. There was another shot of the ingredients that wasn’t used. That shot had peacock feathers!

    The live plants were mine. They’re aloe plants. It’s pretty hard to kill them.

    As for my front tooth, I wish I could say that I had it knocked out in a bar fight. But the truth is that as a kid, it rotted away. A new tooth started growing in above it! When I finally saw the dentist, he was able to remove the rotted tooth and attached a spacer to allow the new tooth to move into the gap. It didn’t quite align itself exactly, and I’m guessing that’s what you noticed, kyriacos.

  • Hey Reed, do you typically use chopsticks, or was that just for comedic purposes?

  • Comedic purposes, Steven. Astute viewers will notice that I don’t use them correctly.

  • Liney

    Awesome stuff guys, awesome stuff.

    And see how the production values have improved in the twenty years since the last episode…episode three (in twenty years time) will be in 3D and you’ll be able to smell Reed’s cooking…

    Everything in Reed’s house seems to be twenty years old…the cooker, the stereo…the cheese!

  • Craig Huntley

    ‘Its a tight salty’! Had me smiling for ages! Good job guys!

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Man Reed has let himself go! He was a strapping young lad back in the day.

  • Jonny Ashley

    It’s awesome. I really like it.

  • kyriacos

    ..Man, that must had cost a fortune.

    But Just say you knocked it out in a bar fight, will you?..

  • james


  • This would make a great double-feature with David Lynch cooking Quinoa! (A 20 minute extra on the Inland Empire DVD, even better than the main feature.)

  • sacasam-master

    The part that killed me was when Reed hit play on the boom box. What the hell was playing? The close up of the eating & the climatic music when describing the french fries reminded me a little too much of Tim & Eric Awesome Show. Still hilarious to watch.

  • paulie

    for some reason I thought reeds head or my head was going to explode when the camera kept on focusing on him while he was talking about the fries,awsome vid seeing is how Im on weight watchers I might have to come up with a weight watchers friendly version of poutine would love to try it out some day.

  • Grointanner

    Excellent, simply excellent!

  • Cooking with Gerry, hosted by Reed Farrington.