Cooking With Gerry – Episode #2: Poutine

Seeing as Film Junk is single-handedly responsible for the rise in popularity of poutine in North America, we figured we should finally lay out the ground rules on how to make the ultimate poutine dish. For those who don’t know, poutine is a delicious French Canadian delicacy which consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. Who better to demonstrate the best method of preparing this traditional Canadian treat than our own Reed Farrington!

This weekend was a monumental occasion as Reed resurrected his 20 year old cooking show Cooking With Gerry, the first episode of which aired way back in 1989. This could be a record for the longest length of time between episodes of ANY show. Check it out after the jump!

  • I submitted this video to Reddit but it’s getting beat by Congressmen beating up on students and girls farting. FilmJunkies, upvote for Reed!

  • sacasam-master, the music on the boom box was Beethoven’s Violin Romance No. 2 in F, Op. 50. I like to crank my music probably because I’m going deaf.

    I weighed myself the next day after eating the poutine, and I had gained 2 pounds! Not sure how it would be possible to make a “weight watchers friendly version of poutine,” paulie.

  • Mrespony

    Why does it not surprise me (or likely anyone that visits this site regularly) that you have a non-functioning refrigerator kept cold with freezer packs. There is so much brilliance in this video, every choice made from the music to the camera work to the original Cooking with Gerry scenes chosen is spot fucking on. Reed, do you still peel your vegetables over the waste basket? And what electronic device do you have strapped to your utility belt?

  • Dom G

    The music during the gravy cooking segment is fantastic. What’s the name of the track?

  • kyriacos


    And if you don’t mind the personal question mate, who is it on that photo? Is it you and your Father or You and your Grandfather?

  • “And what electronic device do you have strapped to your utility belt?”


  • Sometimes I peel my vegetables over newspaper and sometimes I peel them over a recycling bin, not a waste basket. That waste basket from 20 years ago is now underneath my sink.

    rus in chicago is correct about the wireless mic sender pack attached to my belt. The reason why it’s not hidden behind my back or wherever is that we were experiencing audio problems in my house and Jay thought my Chinese blouse was interfering with the signal somehow.

    What’s the name of the gravy cooking segment track, Jay?

    As for the photo, Sean put it into the display because he thought it was an old photo of me and my dad. It’s actually a recent photo of my nephew and my dad. I think it would have tied into a cheesy segment we never filmed concerning a Karate Kid like moment with the poutine recipe being passed down from father to son, or something like that. Considering that Father’s Day is coming up, it’s a nice, small tribute anyway.

  • James Turnbull

    The ending cracked me up and made my sides hurt

  • Chris in Sydney

    Hilarious, a perfect substitute to combat my severe craving for more Cantankerous episodes.

    Also, now i can begin spreading the good word of Poutine all over Australia. Plan to go straight to the supermarket after work to hunt for cheese curd.

  • juan

    6:55 is dat reed as a child with is father????? or to new of a pic

  • Honestly. This is amazing.
    Did Jay do all of this? He happily left out credits!

    Th editing/titles/music is just fucking amazing.


  • One of the best sequels ever!

  • Slix

    Classic. That will keep me coming to Film Junk for another 10 years.
    I am adding “Atmospheric Music” to my list of favorite sayings.
    More please?

  • I hope people don’t think you need expired cheese curds to make poutine. FYI, I didn’t suffer any side effects from finishing off the curds.

    Juan, the pic shows my dad and nephew.

    Jay did it all, Billy Boyd Cape. (Personally, I think he’s in a creative rut. He needs to take more chances.)

  • Mark in Ottawa

    20$ says Jay had an erection when Reed was preparing this …..

  • kyri

    man this is so funny.. I Always revisit this when I am on the verge of killing myself..

  • Berserker

    This is fucking awesome!!!

  • Tabarnac que ton osti poutine a l’aire bonne.

    Translated: Tabernacle your host (the wafer given in a Catholic mass representing the body of Christ) of a poutine looks good.

    Great episode. Next I’d like to see Reed cook up a btach of Feve au Lard!


  • @Elio: Funny you should mention Feve au Lard, because I’ve been eating beans with rice all week. There was a sale on Heinz beans a week ago. I used to like the Heinz Maple Style with Pure Quebec Maple Syrup. (I wonder if this gets sold only in Canada.) But now I’m digging the Heinz Chipotle BBQ Style. I’m disappointed with the Heinz Original Beans with Brown Sugar & Bacon. I can’t taste any bacon. This is starting to sound like an ad for Heinz. I hope they send me a case of beans for this. :-)

    Anyway, if I had a chef hat, I think I’d be hanging it up for good.

  • Spooksta

    Wow, Amazing and scary all at the same time.
    Love the slow zoom into Reeds face while hes running on (like he does) and the creepy music.
    Great direction Jay.!

  • TP222

    Little late to the game, but this is fucking hilarious. and gross!

  • JDG