Guillermo Del Toro Developing a New Van Helsing Movie?

Now that Guillermo Del Toro has parted ways with The Hobbit, I can only assume we’ll be seeing a flurry of announcements for the many projects he has been attaching himself to as of late. A quick glance at his IMDb profile shows 10 projects currently marked as “in development”, and now we’ve got another one to add to the mix. According to Pajiba, Del Toro is also working on a brand new take on the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing for Universal Pictures.

It’s a bit unclear right now whether or not this could be tied to one of the other Dracula remakes that have been announced in the past year, but one thing seems certain: this will have absolutely no relation to Stephen Sommers’ 2004 dud Van Helsing. Del Toro will be producing the movie and has written a treatment for it, but is now in search of a screenwriter who can flesh it out for him. It is being described as an “action horror story.”

Based on Del Toro’s experience with Blade II and the Hellboy movies, I think there are a lot of people who would be interested in this, even though it seems unlikely that he would direct it himself. He’s also reworking a couple of other classic monster tales including Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Are you interested in a Van Helsing flick from Guillermo Del Toro? What would you like to see his next project be?

  • Ben

    This should be great if it ends up actually happening. While I didn’t despise the Sommers one as much as a lot of people, it really didn’t do what I would have liked to have seen with the Van Helsing character. I’d love to see a dark, noirish take on the character.

  • BigHungry

    Guillermo Del Toro that is all that needs to be said.

  • Del Toro can do wrong. I just hope that one of his projects gets finished in the next 2 years.

  • Steve

    Van Helsing was an utter piece of shit with dodgy CGI, even worse acting and had none of the self awareness or cheekiness that could have made it bearable.

    The very last scene with Kate Beckinsale’s Mufasa sky-face smiling on Van Helsing had me reaching for the sick bag.

    Stay away Guillermo

  • pcch7

    I would like to see Kate Beckinsale return actually.. At least if she┬┤s not gonna do anymore Underworld. Del Toro rules so this would probably be good. He should make “The Strain” in to a movie though

  • AlexG

    Hope he didn’t leave the Hobbit for just this, will expect to see more interesting anouncements in the short future (fingers crossed for At the Mountains of Madness adap!)

  • Mia

    is it mor van helsing movies. i have just seen van helsing year 2004. but are there more van helsing movies?