Lost’s Josh Holloway in Talks with Marvel for The Avengers?

Now that Lost has finally concluded, one of the questions on everyone’s mind is, what will all of the cast members do for an encore? Some of the actors, such as Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, claim that they plan to retire from TV for good, while others already have their next gig lined up (Daniel Dae Kim in the new Hawaii Five-O, for example). A select few will probably go on to have even bigger careers, and some may have to fight to overcome typecasting, but one actor that already seems to have the potential to be a break out star is Josh Holloway (Sawyer).

Word on the street is that Holloway has recently been in talks with Marvel for an unknown role in one of their upcoming comic book movies. While no one seems to know for sure what the deal is, there has been plenty of speculation over some of the possibilities.

According to the highly reputable fan site Avengers News (okay, so I’ve never heard of it before), Holloway is being tipped for a “lead role” in an upcoming Marvel movie. Their prediction is that it could be one of three characters: Henry Pym aka Ant-Man, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, or Timothy “Dum Dum” Dugan.

I’ve never even heard of the last guy (the article says he is an important S.H.I.E.L.D. member), but are any of these really “lead roles”? I guess Ant-Man would at least be in his own movie eventually. Personally, I have absolutely no idea if Holloway would fit any of these characters, but apparently he was offered the role of Gambit once upon a time, and that makes sense to me! What do you think, can you see Josh Holloway as a superhero? Are there any other non-Avengers characters that they could be considering him for? Which Losties have the most potential for a big career ahead of them?

  • Slushie Man

    He’s always been one of my top favorites for playing Hawkeye so I REALLY hope it’s him that he’s in talks for. If so, I totally called it years ago in a ‘Dream Cast’ list I participated with on another site, lol

  • nick g

    they should give him gambit, nothing else!!! give him the gambit movie!!!!

  • sam


  • rjdelight

    speaking of lost, is that finale podcast coming soon?

  • David

    I don’t know if Sawyer could pull off a bowler hat. But if he is cast is Dugan, he would have some great scenes with Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Goon

    gotta join the crowd that Josh = Gambit, period.

  • We recorded the Lost finale podcast earlier tonight. Don’t expect any answers though. Our Lost finale podcast was more about character relationships: Sean and Alicia, Andrew and his girlfriend, Frank and Reed, etc.

  • Fatbologna

    Holloway should play Deadpool in mask, Gambit maskless, and Wolverine with prosthetics, lots of facial hair and the EXTREME Wolvie hairdo from the comics!

  • He deserves a top role. He could definitely carry a movie like this

  • Dawnie

    Mmmm, Hawkeye…
    If only I could play Mockingbird though.

  • Token

    The Marvel universe aside, Holloway would an awesome Snake Plissken, just in case anybody decided to do a remake of Escape From New York…