First Concept Images of Captain America’s Costume

Back before it was ever announced that Chris Evans would be playing Captain America, there were a lot of concerns from fans over whether or not the character would work on the big screen. A big part of that concern stemmed from the character’s vast array of costumes over the years, many of which were pretty bright, cartoony and over the top. That’s just fine for the funny book pages, but they might seem a little too goofy in a live action setting. Well, this week we finally have our first glimpse at the proposed costume for Cap in the upcoming Marvel film, and it seems to be a good combination of traditional looks and real world utility.

The pictures come courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News, although the costume was first described over on JoBlo. They are concept art mock-ups, not actual stills or photos, but they seem to have originated from an official source of some sort. Joe Johnston also told the L.A. Times that there will be another suit that the Army makes him wear earlier on that is a lot more corny, but this is a second suit that he designs himself. What do you think, is this a good look for The First Avenger? Check out a couple of the pics after the jump, and see more over at AICN.

  • Andrew

    It’s funny, I have an old issue of Cap, from the 60’s I think but the setting is the 40’s a sort of flash back. Anyway, in it he goes to Hollywood to protect actors filming a movie about him and he comments on how the actors costume is different in that it loses the pirate boots and gloves and the wingtips are gone from the head piece. Seems life is imitating art here.

  • Ian

    I think the wingtips are nice, though maybe they look really dumb irl? Right now he looks too generic with nothing flashy on his head.

  • Napalm

    Damn that looks sick!

    Chris Evans gotta be ripped to the fullest to bring out the spunk of this suit. Hope he pulls it off.

  • Niklas

    without knowing a damn thing about captain america I think it looks badass

  • Daemon

    IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SHIELD! The costume looks close enough and they didn’t fuck up the shield… Success

  • Ben

    The wings and pirate boots would have been retarded. In fact they’ve been toying with abandoning both within the comics in different ways for years now. This looks great. It’s incredibly close to the comics while maintaining a look that will work on film. Love it.

  • I like it! Glad they didn’t put wings on the helmet.

  • wow that shield doesn’t look like its made of plastic like in Ironman 2 – so much for continuity Marvel, er, Disney!

  • rob

    will this film make ANY money out of northern america
    as far as im aware it hass little teen/kid interest in the UK

    although neither did iron man originally

  • Teo

    Over at Aint it Cool they just confirmed that this is what Captain America will actually look like…it’s the official design.

  • Henrik

    Would have liked to have seen the wings! :( Who’s gonna call him winghead now?

  • kyriacos

    Europeans are gonna love this film..

  • Werner

    I’m rather fond of the Captain America comics but not so certain if it will work on the screen. I guess it will depend on the mood of the film. If they go the dark and serious route, it might feel like WATCHMEN but without the intentions of being a dark satire on comics and a commentary on society – and thus will turn out to just being silly. Or they do it too lighthearted and it will feel like a 1960’s BATMAN – but not so funny. The biggest challenge will be to sell such a patriotic character outside of the US of A.

  • Marc

    Looks Awesome!

  • Henrik

    Hey, I’m the anti-american Demigod of the blogosphere (or at least of Filmjunk and rowthree, the people have voted), and I will say that I have enjoyed Capt America on several occasions. He is good in Secret Wars (great book), and he is good elsewhere too, just a stern leader. Nobody minds that. I just hope they don’t go into the absolutely ridiculous and plain stupid, like in Ultimates when he says something like “Surrender? YOU THINK THIS LETTER ON MY HEAD STANDS FOR FRANCE?” In that case, you may see international audiences do a bit of a collective facepalm.

  • zubzwank

    (sigh) Captain America has been selling comics, toys, games, etc., and oh yeah, adventures for 70 years with that dumb ol’ monkey suit with the winglets, buccaneer boots, etc.

    That’s a lot longer than the “extreme” or “ultimate” or whatever Marvel’s calling its re-heats.

    They make a super hero movie (another one for Cap, finally big budget, he’s had others), and what’s the first thing they want to do? Change the costume.

    Mixing an iconic uniform with GI combat gear looks stupid to me, but what do you younger folks want?
    Oh yeah, that’s right, “realism” in your superheroes.

    Talk about facepalm.

    I will ALWAYS prefer original costumes cause that’s a big part of why I like the characters. Christopher Reeve looked pretty good–and seriously real–in that corny red, blue and yellow outfit.

    If you have a problem with a costume being “corny”–a word heard a lot in these kinds of discussions–how do you enjoy the comic adventures?

    I’ll be glad when the current superhero cycle dies for
    a decade or more (it will). I’m tired of being the voice of reason about this issue.

    Hope you’re all looking forward to Green Lantern’s totally cgi costume. What a waste of movie budget.

    Up next, Wonder Woman’s totally hot black leather bikini with the red, white and blue in the crotch.
    Pant on fanboys!

  • I like it a lot, actually.


    Even most comic historians will tell you that superhero costumes DON’T WORK in real life. That’s why most cosplay folks look silly. It’s not the hobby it’s the silliness of the costume. A little update is fine, as long as they don’t go all black leather. This look retains much more than I thought they would use of the original.

  • chewrog

    They could paint the wings on the side of his helmet… either that or a smoking hot babe reclining.

  • Steve

    Very retro. Will need to see it in flesh

  • pcch7

    Change the white parts to blue and it´s good.

  • Zoo

    @chewrog – Ask and ye shall receive:

    Note that this is a stunt double in costume, not Chris Evans.

    I really like it. It’s practical while still keeping within the spirit of the original costume. I like how they got creative with the mask/helmet and the red horizontal stripes around the abdomen. It keeps the “soldier” in super soldier.

    At first, I was disappointed when there were no wings on Cap’s head in the concept images. But as you can see in the link, they’ve remedied that situation. I wonder if it was because of public outcry?

  • Zoo

    Sorry, I meant to type “vertical” stripes :)