Dennis Hopper 1936-2010

We all know that celebrity deaths always seem to come in waves, and now, one day after the passing of Gary Coleman, we have another sad obituary to report. And, no offense to Gary Coleman, but this is someone who is known for being a little more than just a child star of the ’80s. The inimitable Dennis Hopper has finally succumbed to prostate cancer this weekend at his home in Venice, California, surrounded by his wife and children. He was 74 years old.

Hopper was first diagnosed last October, but we hadn’t heard much about his health in recent months. His last public appearance was in March when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is another guy (like Patrick Swayze) who simply seemed too tough to die, but alas this is not the case. Hopper will most certainly be missed, but leaves behind a great body of work. He’ll always be remembered for Easy Rider, a movie that defined a generation, but many of his other career highlights include True Grit, Cool Hand Luke, True Romance, Blue Velvet, Hoosiers, Speed, and of course, Super Mario Bros. What are your favourite Dennis Hopper performances?

  • heapshake

    After watching “Not Quite Hollywood” I really want to see him in “Mad Dog Morgan”. Aside from the movies mentioned above, I liked his performance in “Flashback” where he was goofing on his “Easy Rider” persona.

  • shibble

    Apocalypse now!

  • I know how it sounds, but I loved his Nike ads in the early 90s. He played a crazed fan/referee (never sure which) who had a penchant for stalking players and freaking out.

    He will be missed.

  • RaphNL

    He was amazing in Blue Velvet.

  • AlexG

    Seconded, Apocalypse now is one of my favourite films of all time, and he provides some welcome comic relief in it. That being said, the best performance I’ve seen him deliver must be Blue Velvet, truly powerful stuff.

  • kyriacos

    He starred in so many movies..

    I am gonna go with “Speed” for the sake of conversation.. His performance was awesome there as well..

  • Werner

    Love his performance in Wim Wender’s “Der Amerikanische Freund”.

    Dennis Hopper always had a huge presence on screen. Many times he was the only good thing in a film.

  • Steve

    Don’t think it’s a good idea to mention Super Mario Bros in his orbituary

  • great video retrospective that might have u in tears for what we lost, true individual voice

  • Derek

    I really enjoyed him in, The Last Days of Franky The Fly.

  • illux

    @ rus #9
    Really good link there, probably a lot better tribute than what will appear on regular tv. RIP Dennis

  • Mason

    RIP Dennis. I still have to see some of the ones he is mnost famous for, but right now when I think of him, I recall Blue Velvet, Apocalypse Now, Speed, and 24.

  • Slix

    Waterworld FTW. The best thing about that movie.

  • Are you all kidding me? Have you forgotten “Texas Chansaw Massacre 2″?


  • Matt

    I liked him in Speed, Waterworld and Apocaypse now, but to be fair, I haven’t seen to many of his movies.

  • phil colli

    easily the scene between himself and chris walken in True Romance when Hopper is trying to provoke Walken into killing him so he doesn’t tell him where Christian Slater is with his drugs. “now tell me, am i lying?”


    r.i.p Dennis.

  • Jack

    Thanks for the great link really appreciate it.

    I hope someday I get to see that episode of “Petticoat Junction” Of course “Apocalypse Now” and “Blue Velvet” he was the best part of “True Romance” and I love “Giant”

    I think Dennis would have been rolling in his grave if he had heard Sean mention his name in conjunction with “Easy Riders & Raging Bulls” I just finished reading it and it eviscerates Hopper. That book kind of makes a bad guy out of everybody anyhow.

    RIP Dennis—A true American Original