The Role of Young Professor X Goes To…

The new X-Men film, X-Men: First Class, is starting to move ahead, with director Matthew Vaughn on board, now the first cast member has been announced. The role of a young Professor Charles Xavier will be played by James McAvoy! X-Men: First Class is going to be an origin story, hence the younger McAvoy playing the role and not Patrick Stewart. The film will focus on the origins of not only the Professor but also Magneto.

I thought McAvoy was great in The Last King of Scotland and I’m a fan of some of his other stuff too, I’m just not sure that I’ll like him for this role. I’m so used to seeing the great Patrick Stewart play Professor X. What do you guys think, can McAvoy pull it off? Who would you like to see play a young Magneto? As always let us know in the comments.

  • 1138

    I think that’s a really good choice! I like James McAvoy…with a shaved head I can see it!

  • Theman

    It should have been the dude from Bronson. I mean he already played a young Patrick steward once.

  • Werner

    I’m with Theman. Tom Hardy would be perfect. Just look at the stills from Star Trek: Nemesis

    I like McAvoy – but I can’t (yet) picture him as Charles Xavier. Especially not as a “young” Xavier.

  • Because of the Star Trek connection, it would truly be weird if Tom Hardy had been chosen for the young Xavier role.

    Does anyone know if James McAvoy was actually considered for the role of Scotty in the last Star Trek movie? Or was that simply an Internet rumor? I seem to recall reading that McAvoy wasn’t interested in being in genre pictures, and that he regretted being in Wanted.

  • Ben

    Barf. This is horrible. Can Fox please relinquish it’s rights back to Marvel already??? PLEASE

  • Brendan

    Tom Hardy was a horrible choice in Nemesis. The added stuff like a prosthetic nose and shaved his head to make him look more like Stewart, but they apparently couldn’t fix his monkey lips and bug eyes. They had to throw in the lines “not quite the face you remember,” “a lifetime of violence will do that,” to explain why he didn’t look like a young Patrick Stewart. And his voice wasn’t right either.