Film Junk Podcast Episode #271: MacGruber

0:00 – Intro
6:32 – Headlines: Megan Fox Will Not Return for Transformers 3, James Franco to Star in Rise of the Apes, Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series, Robert Rodriguez to Direct Fire and Ice Remake, Rambo V Without Stallone?
19:45 – Review: MacGruber
42:55 – Trailer Trash: The Last Exorcism
50:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Edge, The Magnificent Seven, The Deep, Superman III, The Day of the Dolphin, Django, Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte, In Treatment, Sweeney Todd, The Red Shoes, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Kings of Pastry, The Pacific, Conan O’Brien Live
1:31:30 – Junk Mail: American History, Penn & Teller: Bullshit, Lens Flares, Different Reactions with Difference Audiences, Favourite Stingers, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, TV Shows Getting Canceled, Steven Soderbergh
1:57:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:00:00 – Outro

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  • Henrik

    I’m disappointed Jay didn’t mention the badass Airbender trailer!

  • Fatbologna


    Chorus: django!

    Django, have you always been alone?

    Chorus: django!

    Django, have you never loved again?
    Love will live on, oh oh oh…
    Life must go on, oh oh oh…
    For you cannot spend your life regreatting.

    Chorus: django!

    Django, you must face another day.

    Chorus: django!

    Django, now your love has gone away.
    Once you loved her, whoa-oh…
    Now you’ve lost her, whoa-oh-oh-oh…
    But you’ve lost her for-ever, django.

    When there are clouds in the skies, and they are grey.
    You may be sad but remember that love will pass away.

    Oh django!
    After the showers is the sun.
    Will be shining…

    [instrumental solo]

    Once you loved her, whoa-oh…
    Now you’ve lost her, whoa-oh-oh-oh…
    But you’ve lost her for-ever, django.

    When there are clouds in the skies, and they are grey.
    You may be sad but remember that love will pass away.
    Oh django!
    After the showers is the sun.
    Will be shining…
    Oh oh oh django!
    You must go on,
    Oh oh oh django…

  • kyriacos

    So those tree guys who watched Macgruber were there just for the Poutine..


  • Colin

    I can’t believe I’m siding with Goon on this one… the mind boggles.

    My feelings about MacGruber were that, although it wasn’t as consistent and tight as I would have wanted it (a point Goon made by referencing Roadhouse… nice), there were plenty of laughs – especially at the beginning – and the story poked at many movie tropes, more often than not without being painfully obvious. It did feel like decent SNL satire, not abysmal ___fill-in-the-blank____ Movie satire.

  • Primal

    Omg yes, Django is awesome and I agree with you on the theme song. It’s amazing.

    If you guys really liked Django, look for Companeros which is also directed by Corbucci and teams up Franco Nero and Tomas Milian with a pretty cool Ennio Morricone score. It’s a joy to watch.

  • Deliciously long episode.

  • Liney

    Decent end of credits gag (for it’s day): Airplane! (the guy waiting in the taxi).

    I used to love Superman 3, but that might have to do with the age I was when it came out. One of those films that I had on VHS and would watch over and over before school. I wonder what the equivalent film would be today…Spiderman 3 as a Will Ferrel vehicle?

  • projectgenesis

    Primal I agree with you on Companeros but my favor Corbucci western is The Mercenary. Although he cheesed out a bit later in his career, Corbucci’s 1965-1970 output is pretty flawless in my book.

  • Primal

    Oh definitely. The Mercenary and The Big Silence are much more deeper films which I enjoyed just as much as his other westerns.

    Corbucci has done a ton of westerns I haven’t seen yet that I’m quite interested in checking out. I still need to see films like Navajo Joe and Hellbenders.

  • Primal

    I meant The Great Silence.

  • Looking forward to Jay article on Superman III – though is it needed? I didn’t know people hated on that movie. It was always my second favorite of the series and not by much. Pryor is great with the George C. Scott impression and I remember thinking that when I grew up I wanted an apartment at the top of a sky scraper with a ski hill on it. Superman battling Clark Kent in the literal sense I always liked too. Not much to hate about that movie I don’t think.

    As for stingers, the one at the end of cars is a true stinger. They have the John Ratzenberger thingy during the credits, but at the very end, they show the couple from Minnesota still lost in the desert. I think it’s only funny if you’re from MN – crazy days in Shakopee (ha!).

  • oh, and if you ever do a Soderbergh special, I want in!

  • So checking out the forum – great place for discussion. Does this mean I should be commenting there or here though on podcasts?

    Maybe shut down one or the other? Either turn off comments here with a link to the forum or close the forum for podcasts. Difficult keeping up with the same discussion in two places. Just my .02.

  • @Andrew James: When Superman III came out in theaters, it took a critical drubbing and I don’t think it did very well at the box-office. I enjoyed the movie from the standpoint of being able to see a “bad” Superman, who I had seen in the comics.

    Superman III was so bad that it was difficult to get “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” off the ground, so to speak. I think it was hard for the producers to get much of a budget for it. I must admit that I found Superman IV brutally difficult to watch.

  • Re: the forum, I agree Andrew, I don’t want to divide up the discussion in two places. I don’t think we’ll keep posting threads for each episode on the forum. I’d prefer to leave it as a place for people to ask general questions related to the show, or to start their own discussions on related topics.

  • Superman IV is fucking brutal. I don’t much care for the first one either. It’s not bad, it’s just kind of boring – though admittedly it’s been a lot of years since I’ve seen it.

    Also rewatched Donner cut of II recently. Other than how Lois Lane proved Kent is Super, I don’t like any of the other takes. I like what the studio (or whoever) did with the theatrical release.

  • did you like the pontypool one

    ah, yeeeaaahhh. thats a. auhyou know, right?

  • Cracksmith

    Superman remake has apple product placement?