Did You Know? The Hurt Locker

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Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker was easily one of the best films I saw last year and my personal pick for Best Picture. I was thrilled to see it do so well at the Oscars and I have now seen the movie four times. With each viewing it gets better. Here are five interesting facts about the film… hopefully you will find them as interesting as I did.

Fact 1: Two hundred hours of film were shot for The Hurt Locker, which brought the shooting ratio to 100:1. The 100:1 ratio is one of the higher ratios in film and even surpasses that of Apocalypse Now.

Fact 2: Although the cast is made up of fairly unfamiliar actors, this was not always the case. Original names attached to the project were Colin Farrell, Willem Dafoe and Charlize Theron. Speaking of the cast, the three biggest names in the cast, Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes and David Morse all appear for only a maximum of ten minutes throughout the film. None of them were in the movie for any longer.

Fact 3: The Hurt Locker is the lowest grossing film to ever win the Best Picture Oscar. Adjusted for inflation, the film grossed only $14 million.

Fact 4: The cast and crew combined was made up of 20 nationalities. The crew members were American, Jordanian, Lebanese, English, Irish, German, Moroccan, Danish, Tunisian, Canadian, South African, Icelandic, Iraqi, Libyan, Circassian, Palestinian, Armenian, Swedish, Australian, and New Zealanders.

Fact 5: Throughout the film many timeline errors are apparent. The film takes place in 2004, yet we see the iPod Touch, YouTube is mentioned, and we see an Xbox 360. The funny thing is, all of these things were not yet invented or released in 2004.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed these fun facts. What do you think of them? The 100:1 ratio seems pretty crazy, and how could so many little errors slip by the filmmakers?

As always discussion is welcome in the comments.

  • Colin
  • Colin



    Seriously, this is more like “Did You Know? IMDb has a Trivia and Goofs section for many of your favorite films!”

  • Space Bandito

    Drink some coffee Colin. If any of those facts were interesting to you add them. If not keep sipping.

    “Fact 1: Two hundred hours of film were shot for The Hurt Locker, which brought the shooting ratio to 100:1. The 100:1 ratio is one of the higher ratios in film and even surpasses that of Apocalypse Now.”

    Are we going to get a 3 hour version of Hurt Locker? ;)

    As for the timeline errors. They don’t really bother me. I know military experts were more put off by missing scopes or uniform errors. Which definitly should have been checked but in the end didn’t take me out of the movie.

  • Matt

    @ Space Bandito I would love to see a 3 hour director’s cut of The Hurt Locker, that would be awesome.

    The timeline errors don’t bug me either, they don’t take away from the film at all, I just thought it was funny how they slipped by.

  • Jason

    You could have atleast tried to do your job right, to give us something worthy of an article.

    Fact 4 is unnecessary and uninteresting to know. Movies have people with different nationalities attached to them..NO SHIT!?

    Look Matt, you whine about me and others flaming you or just keep on answering those supporting you. The fact is that these new series of articles have all been your idea, and you better give us something worthy reading.

  • Matt

    @ Jason I found it interesting, 20 nationalities is a lot for a cast and crew.

  • Matt

    Another movie with a very multi-national cast and crew was Mongol, at all times 30 interpreters were needed on the set. I can’t even imagine the confusion that went on

  • Space Bandito

    “You could have atleast tried to do your job right, to give us something worthy of an article.” Posted by Jason

    Not sure where this anger comes from? This is a blog about movies. Today I found out the latest news about Megan Fox and Brenden Fraiser. Not exactly stuff that makes the earth move. I could have found this information on any number of sites on the Net, but I happen to like this stop.

    His job? Is this his last notice? Your job is to add to the conversation. If you have some cool facts you think he missed, then by all means share them.

  • Space Bandito

    Thanks to this article and wiki I now know what nationality Circassian is. Just waiting for the Film Junk board game.

  • fatbologna

    Yeah, I talk a lot of shit about MOVIES in the talkbacks section on this site but I never go out of my way to be a dick to the writers here. Come on, dude, it’s a fuckin’ independent blog that these guys do for FREE! Go on over to Aint it Cool if you want to act like a smelly little troll and leave the film discussion to people that aren’t going to be miserable fucks. If you don’t like Matt’s posts, here’s an idea: Shut the fuck up and don’t read them… simple as that.

  • fatbologna


    Thanks for the facts, Matt. I ain’t got the time to scour the IMDB for this stuff and the flicks you’re writing about are short on extras on DVD/BLURAY.

    Much appreciated!

  • Matt

    @fatbologna I think you’re my new favourite reader lol

  • dontgetit

    >>**If you don’t like Matt’s posts, here’s an idea: Shut the fuck up and don’t read them… simple as that.**

    But by getting a new writer, the previous writers reduce their effort a little (reduce the number of their posts) when Matt also starts writing articles. Therefore we expect him to at least do as good as or better than before with his articles. If he doesn’t, we criticize him.
    Commenting the writer’s abilities and his posts is not trolling; it only helps to move the site forward to something better. Matt’s arrival in Filmjunk has done the exactly opposite, and I have lost the taste to read their blog posts. If it can be as simple as ignoring the writer’s posts we dislike, then why don’t they make me, you and 20 others to writers on these sites? Why just not let us all write blog posts? I mean, we can be ignored if the readers don’t like the quality of our posts, right?

  • ALEX

    The facts are uninteresting because the movie was lame. I am not suprised that no big actors participated in the film because the script sucked! what a political piciece of crap. The fact that it is the lowest grosing movie to Ever win best pictures proves that the film did not deserve the credit it recieved. Nice to know the the osacar are rigged based on poltical messages!

  • Jason

    Oh, and my review of the film:

    The Hurt Locker is popular among critics, for reasons I can not understand. The only thing that makes the film special is the fact that there is an “exciting” action movie with a female director behind it. I guess there are so few of them in Hollywood these days that once it comes out an ok one, it is crowned with disproportionate credit.
    Bigelow turns a fairly ordinary story with overused predictability to something that everyone thinks they love. The film mocks and alienates the realistic situation and serves a false, and almost hilariously stupid, portrayal that the public chew into with the pretentious notion that they have got their hands on a good performance.
    Bombs, purposeless shooting, and sepia-toned desert cinematography – everything is there, but not the story. The film is a series of scenes that do not follow a plot. It shows no truth or new aspects of the conflict. It does not come with any amazing insight into the human condition, or descriptions of sequences that can be related to reality (note: these things are not demands of the film, rather a counterpoint to what people view this film as). It has no interesting main characters, just cardboard characters, and the story is neither remarkable, nor innovative.
    And the public should be ashamed of themselves to not spend some of their time to teach themselves with the most basic realities of the war in Iraq. But I guess when you live in North-America and you surrounded by propaganda news like CNN and so on, you won’t understand reality the way it is…