Film Junk Bonus Podcast: Previously on LOST

As you may know, many of us around here are big fans of the TV show Lost, and with the 6-year journey finally drawing to a close this weekend, we felt the need to record a special bonus podcast professing our love of the show. Together with Frank (who has been writing the Previously on LOST column), Goon, Reed Farrington and Alicia, we offer thoughts on what makes the show great, give opinions on the final season, and have a bit of fun predicting what may or may not come to pass in the final episode.

The bonus podcast is about an hour and 45 minutes long, and although we jumped around to a lot of different topics, we hope that you’ll get some enjoyment out of it. Feel free to offer your own ideas in the comments below… the endless debates are just one part of what makes Lost so great! Warning: This podcast contains spoilers, so if you’re not caught up or you’ve never seen the show, you probably want to tread with caution.

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  • Listening now, great discussion. But oh dear Reed.

  • Niklas

    LOL @ driveshaft

  • I hate episodes that Reed is on but Greg is not. We need someone to tell him he’s stupid and threaten to slap him.

  • Werner


    I sure do hope that Reed is not in full mode. Guess I better drink a cup of valerian tea first….

  • KeithTalent

    Good stuff, thanks for this episode. I think Alicia did a good job keeping Reed in check.

    I know there were issues with Walt (age being the biggest of course) but he was such an important character early on, with sabotaging the raft, seeing things in his comics, appearing as a vision before Locke, plus having The Others steal him, it would be kind of odd to not have something referencing him in some way.

    I also hope they at least do something with respect to the Egyptian references and the giant foot in-particular.

    Finally, I miss Vincent. Come home boy.

  • RaphNL

    LOL, a LOST podcast with Reed on it. Looking forward to listening to this.

  • The12thMonkey

    I always thought of Lost as a puzzle where people smarter than me could guess the box art. But instead it turned out to be a show built and supported on “mystery”. I think I’ll be disappointed by its ending.

    The Sopranos ending was awesome. Loved how it gave us an idea of what its like to be Tony with his recurring anxiety and panic attacks. I ended up buying all the seasons on DVD.

    And Reed, as always, is a Lost mystery unto himself.

  • Alicia

    Thanks KeithTalent! Maybe Sean will add me to the Film Junk crew as Reed wrangler.

  • froggiegirl0

    Thanks guys and gal for the extra podcast. Great panel and loved the addition of Alicia. I’m a fan of the insanity that is Reed but Alicia countering Reed’s opinion of what women like was golden. When she said, “What because women are only supposed to watch Gray’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, wait that’s what you watch,” I yelled BURN!
    Anyway hope everyone can get back together once Frank get’s back from vaca for a post finale podcast.

    Ps. Still love you Reed. But I can totally remember the difference between the Inception and The Adjustment Bureau trailer. ;)

  • Nate

    Reed’s complaints about time travel on LOST are not valid and I’m surprised no one called him on it. There were/are less than ten episodes in the entire show’s run that had time travel. LOST isn’t Heroes. The time traveling on that show was a joke because Hiro COULD go back and change things whenever he felt like it, which did in fact kill the drama. LOST has no character like that. No character can jump through time whenever they feel like it, the time traveling just happened and served no master. The time traveling on LOST postulated that whatever happened happened and you couldn’t change that, the exception of course being the sideways world being created this season. But the show never used it to resurrect anyone or change romantic relationships in the island timeline. Of course, we’ll see how the sideways timeline relates to the island timeline on Sunday so some judgment is reserved until then, but time traveling didn’t hurt LOST one bit.

  • Falsk

    “Ps. Still love you Reed. But I can totally remember the difference between the Inception and The Adjustment Bureau trailer.”

    Hahahaha. I forgot he said that. Yeah, ditto.

  • @Bryan (Drunken Zombie): In fact, Greg has called me stupid and threatened to slap me.

    @Werner: I thought you were making a Star Trek reference with the valerian tea comment, but I just discovered that valerian tea is an actual Earth drink used as a sedative.

    @KeithTalent: If the Lost creators really had a plan for their story, they should have shot scenes when the actor who played Walt was young and inserted these scenes into various seasons and/or the series finale.

    @RaphNL: Oh, I got the irony.

    @The12thMonkey: I loved the movie that you’re (whoa, almost misspelled this word) named after.

    @Nate: I think I understand your point that Lost has not used or shown time-travel in any way that has undercut any of the dramatic situations we have seen. I am confused about the “rules” of time-travel that Lost is following, and I guess you’re saying that the finale could explain that there is only one “true” reality. But I still maintain that not knowing the “rules” in advance undercuts the consequences of any dramatic outcomes that are shown.

    @froggiegirl0 and @Falsk: Whenever I refer to women, I am generalizing, and not including you two exceptional examples.

  • Glendon

    About how Lost has affected other shows in terms of serial storytelling (and the simple title card being copied by most other shows), that can be traced back three years earlier to 24, which at the time really struggled to keep viewers watching a show that you couldn’t just “jump in” at any moment because each episode depended on the developments of the previous one. Fox aired 24 twice a week just to make sure it could survive because that concept was so unusual at the time for a prime time drama. The show only became a success once it won major awards halfway through its first year. Without comparing the two in terms of quality (I love both), I will say without the success of 24 there would be no Lost (or Heroes, Prison Break, etc).

  • This was one of the better discussions on LOST. I like a few of the LOST podcasts (particularly Jay & Jack) but many of them seem biased to love almost every episode, without a lot of criticism that feel this season should’ve gotten. Season 6 is just runner-up to a good portion of Season 3, where things got bogged down to where what I loved about the characters was ‘lost’ or misplaced. When they were captured, and thrown in cages, I became disinterested. And with this season, I knew right from the pilot, that it wasn’t until the series finale, that I’d fully comprehend the “flash sideways” choice of storytelling. I didn’t really enjoy this season until the “Dr Linus” episode, and then finally turned around a bit with “Ab Aterno.” It’s important to be highly critical of the show, because deep down, I know this season should’ve been stronger.

    Reed’s criticisms of the ‘time travel’ were not especially insightful, and I’ve grown to enjoy some of his contributions overall. I do agree with him that they mucked it up a bit with the latest “Star Trek” endeavor, but I think the time travel component in “Lost” is more of a consciousness-travel, rather than a physical time-travel. Obviously, they did physically go back in time last season, but they really couldn’t change anything in ways that they did in something like “Back to the Future.” I think Desmond’s episodes might be key to the whole show; in which people can travel to alternate points in time, through their consciousness. But I could be way off.

    When I re-watched the episode “Cause & Effect” from Star Trek: TNG, I was beginning to wonder if the Lost clan were trapped in a causality loop because despite different characters, they were going through the same events, and now it seems Jack is replacing Jacob and maybe Ben will replace MIB? I’ve been a huge fan of LOST throughout it all, and it’s been one of the highlights of my pop-culture-obsessed experiences of the past decade. Great job on this bonus cast, all-around.

  • Antonio

    Whatever happens in the lost finale , it matter’s only for a little while , what will be important is the office discussions about the show, hour long discussions about stuff that dosnet really matter , dilemma’s about drive in’s , loosing countless hours at work because of forums to read and all the shit around this show… Anyway , nice podcast !

  • anton

    Good discussion, thanks. Also loved Alicia and Reed on it. Although Jays or Gregs voice is necessary to counterbalance Reed:) Its funny that half of the comments are about Reed, I guess its a good thing:) Anyway, thanks for the podcast it was fun listen.

  • kyriacos

    I love how Filmjunk podcast universe keeps expanding and accelerating..

    Good Job guys.

  • Primal

    Sean, I think a TV podcast could work. I remember you teasing on facebook of having one. Now, where is the videogame show? Work your way into being the Ryan Seacrest of podcasts ;)

  • On the podcast, I forgot to predict that in the finale, Jack will cry or at least get teary eyes. This has got to be a sure bet. I’ll even bet my life on it! (Don’t worry, fans of mine. I’ve already lost my life more times than I can remember.)

  • Slix

    Cheater Reed. That’s about as sure as betting that the finale will take place on an island. Or that Kate will be annoying.

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict that someone will die. haha

  • so i don’t watch the show, but decided to watch the final…which I’m doing now…so basically with the flashbacks it’s all about the people we love are always present in our hearts?! is that it? great, thanks Lost, one more reminder that I’m single and a loser!

  • so I don’t watch the what i got is that “we all” as people, make our own “heaven” through the most important aspect of life – personal connections and giving to others…it is what allows us closure and a bond that some put a label on – faith. this is all communicated in a time travel like story???

    huh, help?

  • @Slix: Hey, you were right, too! Only goes to show how predictable Lost was.

    Lost would have been groundbreaking if we got to see Kate naked in the finale. (Yeah, I know that was sexist and prurient.)

  • Bert belgium

    But the best thing i took from this podcast: angry birds! Thanks for the great tip alicia!!!

  • adfergie

    A great show as always although Reed seems always determined to get everything arsed backwards. We still love him, tho’