New Planet of The Apes Film Will Star James Franco

The Planet of The Apes series is receiving a reboot in the form of Rise of The Apes. RIse of the Apes, being directed by Rupert Wyatt, is going to serve as a prequel to the series.

Some of you may know Rupert Wyatt from his 2008 film, The Escapist, starring Brian Cox. While I did enjoy The Escapist, it was just a mediocre film.

Aside from Wyatt, we now we have another name attached to Rise of The Apes.

It was announced today that James Franco is set to star in Rise of The Apes. He will play one of the scientists who will be a central character in the story. James Franco is the only actor attached to the project so far but hopefully we will receive more news in the near future.

James Franco, although he has made some duds, is an overall solid actor. I personally thought he was brilliant in Pineapple Express and Milk. I’m not sure if I can see him in this role, but hopefully it will work out.

The movie itself seems interesting, serving as an origin story, it will tell the story of man’s own experiments and how they result in the development of intelligent apes who will challenge humans for supremacy.

I’m a big fan of the Planet of the Apes series, I even enjoyed the Tim Burton/Mark Wahlberg remake, yes I know, I’m probably the only one. Nevertheless, with James Franco now attached to this project I’m hoping some other big actors will sign on.

What are your thoughts? Are you guys fans of Franco? Are you excited for this movie?

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  • Big Hungry

    There is only one person to take on this role.
    Kurt Russell

    I think this role needs to go to an older person and this is what made Chuck work well too. Part of this series is flipping someone’s world and it works best for some that has lived longer and is down the road a bit in life. The younger someone is the easier it is to adapt… at least that is how I see it…

    I know this story line is different but still someone older adapting or seeing what is changing is more interesting… especially if they do not want to adapt.

  • Mike


  • Steve

    The Burton remake sounded good too. Great director, good cast, big budget. But the second Mark Wahlberg kissed a chimp, or the bizarre Ape Lincoln statue… It was like Tim Burton just gave up. It didn’t even make sense.

  • arloinga