Megan Fox Won’t Return for Transformers 3

Well this news story definitely comes as a bit of shock. According to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood, Megan Fox will not be returning for Transformers 3. What’s more, it wasn’t even her choice: Paramount and Michael Bay simply decided not to pick up the option for her to appear in a third film. While I’m sure most people will chalk this up to Michael Bay getting back at her for statements she made about his fascist directorial style, I have to wonder, would he really be that petty?

If I remember correctly, he laughed off those statements on his own blog, but perhaps Michael Bay’s ego does factor into his decision making process. I suspect the bigger reason may be the massive Megan Fox backlash that seems to be happening right now. After the box office failure of Jennifer’s Body, people have definitely been questioning her appeal as a leading lady. Still, whether or not you think she can act, you have to admit that Megan Fox contributed significantly to the hype and success of Transformers (well, the second film, at least). Is this a smart move by Paramount? Is Megan Fox an important component to the Transformers formula, or could her absence actually improve the third film? I am betting that people will applaud Bay’s choice, but secretly harbour disappointment that they won’t get to see her seductively tinkering with any more car or motorcycle engines. Thoughts?

  • We’ll looks like Transformers 3 won’t make any money. Although maybe somebody will buy the wrong ticket and accidently go.

  • Slushie Man

    The interesting thing…She’s already been on set and filmed scenes. There’s cellphone pics and such taken of her on-set, so something MUST have happened other then ‘Bay just decided the script didn’t call for her’.

    UNLESS, and this is a giant leap but one worth mentioning anyway, what if her character is only in a few scenes and then gets killed by a Decepticon in an emotionally-charged twist death scene, that Bay wants to keep a secret until the movie hits so this is all a cover to hide that and keep it a secret.

  • Bas

    It will pretty difficult to find another “hot babe” with average acting skills to don daisy dukes and shake her money maker. Poor Michael Bay, having to audition all that talent… Ah well, time for Megan Fox to prove she actually CAN act!

  • I think this is more in line with saving money on cast by getting younger and cheaper, i.e., the Spiderman reboot. You know there will be an announcement of some hot “on the cusp” model getting her chance on T3. Anyone hot could do what Megan did in T2, I watched it for the first time this last weekend and there are scenes were you can tell she is just standing there bored out of her mind.

  • Primal

    I don’t think it has anything to do with saving money. They spent a lot more on the sequel, so they’ll spend at least 150mil again for the 3rd film. Can’t you tell that most of the money is going towards the visual effects and explosions? Or am I off on this? So strip a few minutes of transformers screen-time, then it’ll be about saving some cash. Maybe they’ll recycle some more aircraft carrier/helicopter shots too.

    Anyway, I’ll guess that the next hot babe they’ll pick will be blonde and is able to do a lot of situps, hehe.

  • KeithTalent

    Good. Fuck her and her toe-thumbs.

  • ShenEvil44

    I really don’t care if she got axed. Then again, I never really cared for Transformers anyway. Although, I will agree that it was always about the robots. They can axe Shia LeBeef too and then just focus their budget on the effects/production costs. Get any cheap actors to play the human leads, Bay. You’ll be spending your money wisely.

  • Maopheus

    Looks like the beginning of the end of her run, such as it was. She’s only 24 so it’s not like they can get all that much younger. I don’t think that’s the reason why she is no longer there, it’s that they realize that she is not going to make much difference in how much money the movie makes. The humans are an afterthought in the Transformers movie. Who really cares. Guess we’ll see how well Jonah Hex does but then again I don’t think she’ll be all that big of a draw.

  • Mark in Ottawa

    RE: Posted Picture

    I thought Jay was the only ass on Film Junk …..

  • Mike

    he made her wash his car as her audition…yes he would be that petty

  • Andrew

    This actually may be good for her career. Transformers 2 was one of the worst movies ever made. I sat in the theater trying to slit my wrists on the dull plastic edges of the armrests just to make the suffering end. And Michael bay hasn’t made a decent film since, well… ever, that’s not to say his movies haven’t made money, but then again so did Spiderman 3. I don’t think she is a great actress at all, but getting away from this franchise and perhaps losing blockbuster celebrity status may help her in the end.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Like #3 pretty much said, she’s the piece of ass in a movie about giant robots blowing shit up that doesn’t really need a piece of ass in it to still make the kind of money those movies have been making. Anyone that thinks her absence is going to have any impact at all needs to look no further than “Jennifer’s Body” and whatever that one Simon Pegg movie was that she was in, both of which were movies that no one really paid to see.

  • D. R.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but just about any young hot actress should do for Shia’s girlfriend. I only hope that T3 resists the sequel siren call of “BIGGER!!! LOUDER!!! FASTER!!!” that stripped out T1’s humor and character, and made T2 into a pile of junk. How about “smaller sneakier cleverer” instead?

  • Jack

    Hey quit calling it T2 and T3 those names are taken by much better movies (well T2 anyway)

    I sense a great missed opportunity here. I think Michael Bay should have paid her what ever it would have taken to have her squashed flat underfoot (Godzilla Style) by one of the Transformers. Or perhaps they could have done an Homage to “War of the Gargantuas” and have one of the badies stuff her in his mouth and spit out her clothes…I would have paid to see that!

  • Jaime Murphy

    Couldn’t give a f**k. She’s not the bad actor people label her. Jennifer’s Body wasn’t the disaster everyone claimed, it was just average.

  • Ben

    @Jack… no, you were right T3 is better than both Transformer films. Not because T3 was great or anything, just because both Transformer films suck sooooo bad.

  • Now that Megan Fox isn’t in the picture, it would be nice if the money that would have gone towards her inflated salary would go to the VFX artists for Transformers 3. These people are the true stars of the film, since the whole success of the Transformers franchise is based on the VFX. Unfortunately, VFX artists are not adequately recompensed for their hard work. It is a real problem in the industry.. I work for a mid-size VFX studio in Canada, called Boogie VFX, and we are all about keeping our artists from being exploited, as the industry seems to be doing these days.

    We try to maintain our prices, rather than systematically lower them to keep up with competition. We’re not looking to expand, so we can keep our prices and stay true to our high quality standards. Putting more Transformers’ money into the VFX would be a step in the right direction for the VFX industry. I have more thoughts about this on my blog at Boogie Studio, so feel free to check it out!

  • Vanessa

    Whether we admit it or not, most teenage boys and well some girls too don’t care if she’s a good or bad actor. They go to see her cause she’s hot. That’s why they make those seductive scenes with her fixing motorcycles and other vehicles. I think taking her out of Transformers 3 will impact many of the views on the movie.