Rambo V Moving Forward Without Stallone?

Despite the fact that Rambo V seemed to be in the early stages of development over the past year (with some potentially strange plot ideas being discussed), just a couple of weeks ago Sylvester Stallone came out and said that he was “99% sure” that another Rambo movie would not actually come to fruition. He told Empire Magazine that he thought another sequel might be “misinterpreted as a mercenary gesture” and that he didn’t want to cheapen the franchise. According to him, there will be a new extended cut of Rambo, and nothing else. Assuming that is the case, though, then why is Rambo V still being actively promoted at the Cannes Film Festival and looking for financing?

Coincidentally, Harry at Ain’t It Cool News recently got a phone call from Stallone (you know, just to chat), and he decided to ask him what was going on with Rambo V. Apparently he had no idea that Millennium Films were shopping it around at Cannes, but he is still adamant that he will not be involved in a fifth installment. However, here’s where it gets a bit sketchy: Stallone also says that he was told that if he didn’t agree to do another Rambo film, that someone else would. While that may have just been an empty threat, who knows… much crazier things have happened in Hollywood lately. Would a studio really greenlight a Rambo film with someone else in the lead role? A prequel or reboot with a younger John Rambo perhaps? It may sound foolish, but I think we all know it’s not that far-fetched. Do you think this might actually come to pass? And would you pay to see a Rambo movie that Stallone was not involved in?

  • kyriacos

    That is why there will be no more Cinemas till 2012.. *as Maya had predicted..

    ..Is Hollywood Running out of ideas? Wtf?

  • What a horrid idea. Stallone is Rambo, Stallone is Rocky. Period.

  • Big Hungry

    If this happens It will go straight to dvd.. I mean VHS and will be in the cheap bin.

  • Ian

    Here you go. Remakes are big right? AND 3D. You remake Rambo 3, (call it Rambo 3D). The setting of Afghanistan is apt and it would allow Rambo to be on the side of the U.S. versus the Taliban instead of the pre-taliban versus the Russians. There, pay me money Hollywood.

  • Raheem

    They’re actually idiots if they do it without him.

  • KeithTalent


  • Derek

    Making a sequel to the Rambo series (without Sly) would really be a dumb fuck move, and proly wouldn’t make Rambo fans very happy at all. The last Rambo movie seemed like the perfect ending. (He finally came back home to his country and found peace on his Dads farm land). Putting the character in more war like situations would just undo that whole idea of him finding happiness. However… if their just absolutely had to be another Rambo movie (without Sly), then I think making a prequel would be the smart move. Like maybe a story about how he became a Green beret. I could handle that; and the best and only actor for that role would have to be given to, Milo Ventimiglia; and Sly should direct. Does anyone agree with that?

  • Peter

    If only the internet had been around in 1988, Stallone could have made several more of these movies since Rambo 3. Stallone’s legend has risen in the ensuing years to mythic levels, thanks in part to a whole genertion of kids growing up with these movies on DVD. Now there’s a huge fanbse for Rambo. The problem is since the guy is getting old, he won’t be able to play this role forever. And let’s face it: with Hollywood’s remake/rebooth obsession showing no signs of ending, it’s inevitable that we will see another actor in this role at some point in the future. Better brace ourselves.

  • Angelus1753

    Stallone is Rambo. Period! I for one would never watch a Rambo or a Rocky if Sly ain’t playing him.