Napoleon Dynamite to Get Animated

Are you sick of Napoleon Dynamite yet? Well, love it or hate it, the cult appeal continues to live on, and although there are no sequels on the horizon (yet), Fox is now reportedly working on an animated series based on the 2004 comedy. According to FishbowlLA, a pilot for the project is currently in development, with director Jared Hess and co-writer Jerusha Hess being closely involved. Many of the original cast members will also provide voices including Jon Heder, Efran Ramirez, Aaron Ruell and Jon Gries.

It’s unclear if the cartoon would be aimed at kids or adults, but the article speculates that it might be a good fit for Fox’s Sunday night animation line-up alongside The Simpsons and Family Guy. Personally, I kinda think that Hess’ follow-up film Nacho Libre would make more sense as a cartoon, especially since it was co-produced by Nickelodeon, but I’m still open to the possibilities here. I’ll be curious to see if they maintain the fairly plotless format of the movie, and if they go for more broad comedy. Either way, if Napoleon Dynamite can support a video game, it can definitely support a cartoon. Plus it’s not like Jon Heder’s got anything better to do, right?

  • rob

    so far ricky gervais and smodcast have been brought to animation and they sucked
    trying to bring niche comedy to a broad audience doesn’t work!!
    also with napolean dynamite you either, love it, hate it, or havent heard of it. Watching an animated version will only appeal to its already limited audience and potentially disapoint them.

    the only way i can see this working is having a special simpsons, family guy or even american dad episode spoofing on napolean dynamite