Film Junk Podcast Episode #270: Robin Hood

0:00 – Intro
4:05 – Headlines: Two 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Movies, Paul is Undead: Beatles Zombie Movie, NBC Cancels Heroes, Tim Burton to Direct Monsterpocalypse, FCC to Allow Theatrical Releases Via Secure TV
33:00 – Review: Robin Hood
1:25:45 – Trailer Trash: The Adjustment Bureau, Inception, Trek Nation
1:43:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Matinee, Cube, The Parking Lot Movie, Silly Little Game, Thirst, Shadow Play: The Making of Anton Corbijn, Secrets of the Tribe, The Story of Furious Pete, Regretters, The Karate Kid, Stagecoach, Walkabout
2:25:48 – Junk Mail: John Woo, Live Podcasts and John Carpenter’s Halloween, Cropsey, Reed Farrington T-shirts, Beastmaster 2, Picking a Remake, Reed Being Edited Out
2:39:05 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:42:15 – Outro

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  • kyriacos

    Welcome back Reed..
    you were a bit out of character today though..

  • It hasn’t been 5 months… Reed was on the show in March for the Alice in Wonderland show with Kurt and Frank.

  • Yet to see a good review for Robin Hood (certainly not here in the UK anyway), glad to see Reed back, always a pleasure.

  • Bram

    Good episode, but how hard is it to get an email read on the show? So frustrating.

  • Almost three hours!? I love you guys, can’t wait listening to it!

  • Hey Bram, we do our best to get to all the e-mails but it’s definitely easier if you ask a question that will spark discussion. We probably would have read more junk mail this week if the show hadn’t been so long already.

  • kyriacos

    I think the best Robin Hood movie I ‘ve ever watched is Fantastic Mr Fox, and what a pleasant movie that is to revisit.. :) I would love to hear your detailed thoughts on this one, exploring a bit further into the good stuff.. Will I be asking too much for a MovieClub podcast dissecting Fantastic Mr FOX among with Gods must be Crazy?

  • Crowe in the UK at the mo promoting, got the right hump on BBC Radio 4, swore and stomped off. Audio in the link too :)

  • I was out of character? Maybe that’s a good thing for all my detractors. By the end of the podcast, I was slurring my words as the medication was wearing off. :-)

    Oh, yeah, I was on the Alice podcast. Thx for letting us know, Drew, preeminent Film Junk historian.

    Ridley Scott is fond of visual themes and I ran out of time before we could get into a discussion of that.

    The theatre that Sean and I saw Robin Hood in seemed to have the dialogue mixed low into the sound mix with the music. Did anyone else experience this? I had a hard time understanding the medieval dialogue at times, too.

  • bard

    Umm…. I’m only 30 minutes into the show so far, but WTF was that weird monster sound at 25:00?

  • I’ll handle the bard’s question, Sean.

    That monster sound came from an ad on Film Junk’s home page which Sean was accessing. I imagine that Sean and Jay didn’t feel a need to explain it as most people would have been familiar with the sound if they had been browsing on the Film Junk site.

  • bard

    Oh, okay. No offense to Sean and the Film Junk site, but I use an Ad Blocker addon to avoid pop-ups and whatnot so I’m not familiar with that sound. I was perplexed, lol.

    Also, I really enjoy the Reed episodes. I’ve recently found and listened to the Cantankerous podcasts and hope that Reed is involved in more Film Junk episodes.

    I pretty much disagree with everything that Reed has to say, but he’s an entertaining/confusing guy to listen to.

  • Thx for the props, bard. I pretty much disagree with everything I say, too.

    While I was in bed last night, I realized that there was a flaw in my dream description on the podcast. I mean I was looking at a high angle view of a building, and then all of a sudden I’m in a bus driving away from the view while in the air! But I’ll have to blame the nonsensical nature of dreams for the confusion here.

    (I hope people don’t think I’m flooding the “Recent Comments” section with my effluent.)

  • florida trip yeeeeeesss, Reed, Jay and Sean on the road yeeeeesssss. PODCAST GOLD!!!!

  • KeithTalent

    Great show! Glad to hear Reed back, he always brings some interesting stuff. Robin Hood sounds like it will be a pass for me.

    All the talk of video on demand and snot on demand got me excited for the future of home entertainment.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Thanks for the great podcast.

    Reed – C’mon man, at least one podcast a month, dude – You can at least give your fans that – What say you ?

    Reed – Who are your Top 5 Hottest Asian actresses ?

    #14 – Amen !

    Can Greg discuss Loserpool, uh, Liverpool’s epic 7th place finish in the next podcast ?

  • btw: Toby Jones in Infamous >>>>>> Seymour Hoffman in Capote. No joke.

  • kyriacos

    Actually People outside US have no Monsters in their ads..

    We have Sean getting a speeding ticket AD!..

    Take a look:

  • France invaded England, and ruled for two hundred years, Reed. The Norman conquests. The legends of Robin Hood were partly born out of this situation – a Briton folk hero battles against the Norman yoke.

  • @DavidM: I noticed that the historical inaccuracies section was removed from the Wikipedia entry for the new Robin Hood movie. I think someone thought it didn’t belong in the Wikipedia entry rather than for factual problems. I guess people will have to research this and make up their own minds. Regardless of the truth, thx for the comment.

    @Mark in Ottawa: Regarding my “Top 5 Hottest Asian Actresses,” here’s my Top 3 List (I’d need some time to work out who would be in the next two slots; maybe I’ll announce my next two during my next appearance) starting with my favorite:

    1. Ziyi Zhang
    2. Kitty Zhang
    3. Cecilia Cheung

    Note: This list is purely based on appearance rather than acting ability.

    As for appearing more than once a month, I think we need to give the listening audience time to get used to me before I take over Jay’s spot when he leaves for Hollywood.

  • Paul Andrews

    Reed – I suggest Ling Bai. Once again, based on appearance.

  • Will

    Reed – I don’t know why you are bothered with historical inaccuracies, I have no doubt that a historian could point out hundreds of flaws in the film.

    Also, I’m surpried with all the Ridley Scott talk and comparisons to Gladiator that Kingdom of Heaven wasn’t brought up at all. The problems with the theatrical cut are well documented, but did none of you guys thoroughly enjoy the extended director’s cut? I like it more than Gladiator and it would be my favourite Ridley Scott film since Blade Runner.

    Reed if you wish to pursue your interest in reading about historical inaccuracies, then the wiki page for Kingdom of Heaven has a section dedicated to it.

  • Greg

    @Mark in Ottawa

    “Can Greg discuss Loserpool, uh, Liverpool’s epic 7th place finish in the next podcast ?”

    Okay, that was pretty funny. Well done. Yeah, the Reds blarted out the season. I thought for sure they’d be better. Yet, I also thought the Habs would miss the playoffs and yet they’re in the conference finals. Sure, they’ll lose to Philly, but everything after Washington was pretty much gravy for me.

    Ummm…go Lakers?

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Hey Greg,

    Just kiddin’ around, Man – I’m a Milan guy and they blew this season.

    Lakers should take it this year. Kobe is a beast.

  • CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS YEAR!!! end the drought now…still hoping for Chicago vs. Montreal final

  • @Paul Andrews: I don’t find Ling Bai attractive, nor Gong Li, who some others might choose. Maybe I’m setting my standards too high as some have stated for the reason why I’m still single and considering that I’m no Chow Yun-Fat, myself (although a date of mine thought my dad was as handsome as Chow Yun-Fat).

    @Will: I haven’t seen Kingdom of Heaven. As I said, Ridley sure is prolific. I’m surprised no one is upset that he hasn’t won a best directing Oscar, yet. As for historical inaccuracies, they won’t ruin the enjoyment of a film for me. I just find them interesting. I’m always trying to improve my historical knowledge because I like to broaden my intellect in all aspects. And I’m aware that history is constantly being rewritten as is the future.

  • Henrik

    Hey Greg,

    Liverpool is a joke! I still remember Dan Eggen’s header at Anfield when Brøndby kicked their asses. And what has it been, like 20 years or so since they won the league? JOKE.


  • cheering for United, way to go out on a limb…we got a term in America for that “frontrunner”… grow some balls and cheer for an underdog! LIVERPOOL!

  • Henrik

    I’ve been a United fan since I was a kid, since my all-time favorite player is Peter Schmeichel (I used to be a goalie too). So don’t give me that shit.

  • Mark in Ottawa

    “And what has it been, like 20 years or so since they won the league? JOKE.”

    That’s cruel – Totally true – But cruel.

    I would never mention that or the fact that they haven’t won a major trophy in the last 4 years.

    That would be cruel as well.

    HOWEVER, any team’s fans that can be heard on a Pink Floyd track (In this case “Fearless”) are pretty OK in my book.

  • Moonman

    Bay of Pigs = The Cuban Missile Crisis

    I weep for mankind…

  • @Moonman: OK, I admit I’m an idiot with regards to political history and many other things. Thx for the humiliation. So I looked up the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. (I just lost a bit more respect for the United States.) You can stop crying now, you crybaby. :-)

  • Yesterday, I was watching an episode of Eli Stone and James Avery appeared as a guest star. Weird.

  • Niklas

    I thought Robin Hood was a good movie BUT, they shouldn’t have called it Robin Hood. If the movie was just about a guy who takes someone elses identity and helps fight the french it would be just as fine without the whole Robin Hood mythos..

    Now, just like Jay said, the ending feels like the movie should be starting. I still enjoyed it a lot though.