Paul is Undead: The Beatles Get Turned Into Zombies


Don’t look now, but apparently there’s even more zombie-themed fan fiction headed to the big screen. It’s a feeding frenzy in Hollywood right now, and if you want to cash in on the craze all you have to do is take well-known stories and characters and mash them up with an undead twist. We’ve already seen Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter land movie deals, and now this week Double Feature Films have optioned Paul is Undead, an illustrated novel from Alan Goldsher that re-imagines The Beatles as zombies!

The story revolves around an undead guitarist named Lennon who kills and then reanimates three local musicians in order to form a band with them and take over the world. Things seem to be going well until they run afoul of England’s greatest zombie hunter, Mick Jagger. I have to admit, part of me thinks this is kind of clever and creative, but on the other hand, it just seems so… I don’t know, easy. With the right sense of humour it could be fun, but it could also easily run out of steam after the first five minutes. And can they get away with this without licensing any Beatles rights or songs? I’m not too sure how much crossover there is between zombie fans and Beatles fans anyway, but I guess we’re about to find out. What do you think, could this be a unique and twisted take on British music history, or are you all zombied out?

  • Phil

    terrible idea

    just, uuuugh

    so terrible

  • Scott

    I can’t possibly imagine Yoko signing off on this.

  • Susanne B

    This is insulting to the Beatles, their fans. Idiotic – since when can zombies sing?

  • SmurfinLennon

    I don’t think it’s insulting at all, personally.
    I’m a huge (HUGE) Beatles fan, and to me it just seems like an amusing story.
    I don’t know how well the book is written (yet), but I’m excited to see something other than just a Beatles biography.
    I’m just hoping to see The Beatles’ real personalities come out in their zombie counterparts.


  • Pamela

    I agree with SmurfinLennon. As a long time Beatle’s fan, I don’t find this offensive or terrible at all.

    Zombie flicks are always in need for innovation and I think this is a great way to bring in fans from both sides. If done right, this could be an absolutely hilarious film/book!

  • Heather

    Yep, I agree – I actually find this idea quite funny! I’m also a massive Beatles fan, and while I do have my doubts, I think it sounds pretty interesting. It’s the sort of plot that could either win an audience over with its hilarity or just turn into an utter train wreck.

    However, I don’t think Yoko would approve at all :S