Film Junk Podcast Episode #269: Iron Man 2


0:00 – Intro
5:22 – Headlines: Tom Tom Releases Star Wars GPS Voices, Matthew Vaughn to Direct X-Men: First Class, Daybreakers Directors to Helm Power of the Dark Crystal, Planet of the Apes Prequel Gets Release Date and CG Apes, Skip Woods to Write Die Hard 5, Bryan Bertino to Direct This Man
16:15 – Review: Iron Man 2
45:05 – Trailer Trash: Super 8, Machete, I Spit on Your Grave
54:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Ralph Bakshi’s The Lord of the Rings, Fire and Ice, Casino Jack and the United States of Money, Teenage Paparazzo, Into Eternity, Candyman: The David Klein Story, Best in Show
1:20:50 – Junk Mail: Name Reversals and Ass Backwards, Director Specials and Shooting War, Animal Documentaries, Phantasm, Best Films vs. Favourite Films, Great Movie Posters
1:38:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:40:55 – Outro

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  • Big Hungry

    I saw Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings before I saw Peter Jackson’s version and I did not like it that much. But after seeing Peter Jackson’s version I went back and liked it. So I think you (film junk) are right PJ’s version helps fill in spots mentally while you watch Bakshi’s version.

    Also one of the best planet of the apes is the cartoon. The apes are closer to the original story. They have jeeps, planes etc. I hope this new movie heads in that direction. But the cgi apes design will determine if cg was the way to go. I still prefer makeup. Hellboy II proved this to me. So prove me wrong POTA.

  • BigHungry

    Also as talked about on past podcasts. Sean might be right.


  • Which number is the Christopher Nolan podcast?

  • Henrik

    I think the Nolan podcast was like, episode 80 or something. You’d probably have to email Sean directly to get him to send it to you.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Thanks for the Darth Vader Tom Tom stuff. Always good to start Monday with a laugh – You guys are awesome.

    Sad to hear Iron Man 2.

    Jay – Have you ever seen the “Document of the Dead” doc ? Saw it this weekend. Good Savini stuff.

  • Alicia

    Sorry about all the noise in the background. I just find that the easiest way to renovate is with a chainsaw.

  • Kim

    I’m surprised you all disliked Robert Downie Jr’s performance so much. I felt that (Save for when Sam Rockwell was on screen) any scene without Robert Downie Jr. felt contrived and tedious. I’m not sure that less of him and more action would have made it better. If I wanted to pay to see a metal robot fighting metal robots, I would have gone to Transformers. I’m disappointed we didn’t get your guys’ input on the whole Avengers thing. Doesn’t it just seem like Marvel has rented out significant space in all their new movies to advertise upcoming projects? All that crap should have been cut out.

  • Boy, it’s a treat to actually agree with every point you make in a review. A very rare, but awesome occasion. *Thumbs up!*

    I’m assuming you guys never saw it, but Christopher Guest made a commercial for the Census Bureau:

    … so that’s something.

  • Fatbologna

    Being that you’re on a Bakshi kick, Jay, I’d highly recommend seeking out his blaxploitation film, COONSKIN aka Street Fight. It stars Barry White and Scatman Crothers! Amazing shit! I’d say it’s probably his best film in that it works well because of it’s low budget and rough edges. It’s a little tough to find but there’s avenues on the internet that will lead you to it.

  • Ben

    “Doesn’t it just seem like Marvel has rented out significant space in all their new movies to advertise upcoming projects? All that crap should have been cut out.”

    They’re incredibly open about the fact that they’re building a cohesive universe within their films. So, knowing that ahead of time, why the hell would you bitch about it after seeing it in action?

    I honestly don’t get people sometimes. Especially on the internet.

  • Kim

    Why are you angry with anyone who mentions the Avengers angle? Just because Marvel tells us it will happen doesn’t mean you can’t discuss it. Knowing this is what they plan to do for the next few years, there was a chance they’d make a concentrated effort to do it justice, but it feels as though most of it was thrown into Iron Man 2 after the script was written. Part of the over plotting issue stems from scenes where Avengers characters explain things just to give them more screen time. Nobody needed to capture Tony to explain to him that he should try to save his own life. Sometimes I think they had Nick Fury there to just for the eye-patch puns.

  • TM

    Fabio Frazetti??? (1:01) WTF! Ralph Bakshi’s Fire and Ice had characters made by the great genius artist – Frank Frazetta (1928 – 2010) best known for his Conan illustrations and the Death Dealer

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Saw Iron Man 2 yesterday.

    I think you guys were a little rough on it.

    The Stark “Centre-Piece” was necessary because they were expanding on the Avengers thing.

    Overall just a good popcorn flick.

    This is not “An Inconvenient Truth”.

  • I think our argument was that it *wasn’t* a good popcorn flick because there simply wasn’t enough action. But I know a lot of people feel the same way you do, Mark.