Christopher Nolan’s Inception Trailer #3


Well just as one mystery is being introduced, another is slowly being unravelled, one trailer at a time. The new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception was attached to Iron Man 2 over the weekend, and it is finally starting to reveal a few plot elements including the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio breaks into people’s minds to steal their darkest secrets. It sounds like a pretty cool premise, and of course, the visuals that go with this premise are nothing short of fantastic. Still, you might want to think twice about watching it if you’re hoping to completely preserve the mystery (then again, if you saw Iron Man 2 over the weekend you probably didn’t have a choice in seeing it anyway).

This is the same trailer that people have found hidden in the Inception online game Mind Crime a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t been released officially online, but you can watch a high quality version via this link. A slightly lower quality version is embedded after the jump. Inception co-stars Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Maron Cotillard, Ken Watanabe and Michael Caine, and it hits theatres on July 16th.

Update: It is now online in HD over at Yahoo!.

  • kyriacos

    I am not gonna see it..

  • Paul Andrews

    Not a fan of LdeC, and this looks way too CG.

  • This trailer has vanquished any interest I’ve had in seeing the movie. It looks like Dark City with Christopher Nolan’s typically vapid philosophizing. Too CG and effects heavy, and Christopher Nolan seems to think that overbearing music and constant conflicts make a good film.

    I’ll pass.

  • Alex

    Looks amazing.

  • Nick


    Are the people who thinks it looks way too CG-heavy being ironic? There’s not much CG in the trailer at all and how the fuck do you make a shot of, for instance, a building folding itself without CG? Nolan always uses CG very intelligently and in this day and age of your “Avatar” and films being shot primarily in front of green-screens it makes no sense to whine.

  • Hans Landa

    Looks awesome except the Day-After-Tomorrow-ish CGI city at the end. :/

  • Uh, it is supposed to be dreams, so any surreal CGI should not be too much of an issue. Personally, this (and Never Let Me Go, another adult sci-fi drama) are my most anticipated films of the year.

  • Theman

    This trailer was better than Iron man 2 (and I didn’t hate IronMan 2). Nolan looks to have another winner on his hands.

  • Big Hungry

    - Nick – I second your statements.

    Compare this with “Lovely Bones” and people are crazy if this looks very cg.
    This is how “Lovely Bones” should of been done.

  • Marc

    I simply can’t wait! It’s certainly shaping up to be one of the best films of the year.

    On a side note I can’t wait to get the full soundtrack as well.

  • alechs

    The Day after Tomorrow comparison is pretty apt but I think I will wait to see it before I make any judgments. It was a short shot from afar. Hopefully they take us in and we get see more decaying urban landscape.

    As for the trailer. It was pretty exciting to see. I personally love Han Zimmer’s music for this film thus far and I loved watching the previous trailers because of how they end with the drones. CG is a small issue if they use it right. I think this film will probably have more talking and characters – something I am looking slightly more forward to than special effects (though both really go hand in hand in this case)

  • Theman

    @Big Hungry

    The Lovely Bones biggest problem was being garbage. CG had very little to do with it.

  • BigHungry

    I agree with you on the Lovely Bones movie – I am not talking about the plot just visually comparing the two. Just the idea of possilbe dream states.

    Note: I did not see the Trailer for Inception in the theater just what is here.
    So maybe on the big screen it looks diffrent – But to me it looks like many other directors would of pumped more CG into this, than I see. Either way I am totaly ready for Inception.

  • Werner

    A great director – a great cast – an intriguing plot – great visuals.

    The trailer raised my expectations to a very high level – I hope not too high….

  • brian

    My understanding is CGI is little used. The film reminds me of the anime Paprika and Dreamscape. AND it should be a fantastic film…for not many films venture into the world of dreams.

  • brian

    The music in the trailer is not Zimmer’s..most trailers dont use the films music: AVATARs trailers didnt…

  • I’m honestly not the biggest Christopher Nolan fan… (although i’m not entirely familiar with his filmography and i’m really just going by what i’ve seen being the batman films :P ) but this looks awesome and the idea of this movie really intrigues me. I’m down for any movie that goes inside the head and dreams, its just an idea im really into. And the more I see of him, Wally Pfister is quickly becoming one of my favorite cinematographers.