Previously on LOST: The Candidate


Previously on LOST is a weekly column recapping and analyzing each episode from the final season of Lost. (Warning: May contain spoilers!)

“The Candidate” was easily the most eventful episode this season. Unfortunately, it was a case of quantity over quality, with most of the emotional events failing to strike a chord, while others left me scratching my head.

The first half of the episode got all of the major characters to the dock on Hydra Island ready to board the submarine and “get the hell off that island.” All major players made it aboard except for Claire and Flocke. However, the tide quickly turned when the Losties found out that the Man In Black had pulled the old switcheroonie on Jack and managed to get some C4 in the sub. Jack made a pretty convincing argument that the bomb or Locke couldn’t kill them. Sawyer wouldn’t hear anything of it, and failed to disarm it, causing its detonation.

The fate of the Losties was sealed in an action many are calling Sayid’s “redemption”. Sacrificing himself to get his friends as far away from the explosion as possible. For me, this was a complete joke. Was he was faking his “sickness” to gain the trust of MiB all along? After watching this, I don’t even know who or what Sayid was supposed to be this season. I would have cared more if Sayid had never been revived, and made his decisions clearly based on his own will rather than adding the confusion of the sickness. It’s a long shot, but I hold out hope that the writers can still explain his erratic behaviour this season.

The death of Sun and Jin was another bust in my opinion. I think that the writers blew their load having them reunite the last episode. They had been together for all of five minutes’ screen time before they died, which gave the scene no weight whatsoever. It might be a personal bias, but Jin speaking English still doesn’t fit to me (poor post-production audio dubbing didn’t help). I thought the writers were going to deliver when he started speaking Korean, which immediately felt better to me and added to the moment. My satisfaction quickly evaporated when they returned to English for their final words and more so when the scene concluded with a series of shots, that played like a parody of Titanic. From the camera movement through the water filled cabins, to the shot of Sun and Jin’s hands drifting apart, this was just plain lame.

If that wasn’t enough, the four survivors: Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer, had a nice “let it all out” cry on the beach, just to remind the viewer that the submarine scene was supposed to be sad, in case you didn’t realize while you were watching it. I understand that the actions made sense for the characters having been through it, but it was acted very poorly. Personally, the only reason I was sad is that it looks like Lapidus might be gone for good.

For me, the flash sideways was the most entertaining part of the episode. Jack and Locke are the two most important characters in the show and it’s always interesting to see them interact. I thought the paralyzed Anthony Cooper device worked well, especially the idea that in the alternate reality Locke’s father got hurt before Locke could ever find out he was a con artist. The internet is abuzz with theories that the airplane crash device was introduced so that Alt-Locke can fly everybody back to the island. I was hoping that we would find out that Cooper’s paralysis was the result of a driving accident when he blanked out and crashed, which would have tied in to the appearance of Locke’s father on the island in Season 3, which is still a complete mystery (remember Ben’s magic box?).

A lot of people seem to like this episode just because a lot happened. While I can appreciate an action-packed episode, the scenes just didn’t deliver. Let’s put it this way: I will remember enjoying the episode where Sawyer needed glasses more than the episode where four of the main characters died.

The best and worst thing about LOST is that if the last three episodes are on par with the previous seasons, all will be forgotten.

Discussion Topics

  • Lapidus, Jin, Sayid… who’s dead, who’ll be back?
  • Will Locke fly back to the island?
  • What’s the consensus on Sayid’s “sickness”?

SCORE: 2.5 stars

  • bard

    I completely disagree with all of this. I understand your points clearly (I’m really enjoying these LOST recaps by the way), I just disagree.

    The whole Sun/Jin death scene could have been better, but I felt pretty sad about it. But then again, I’ve always loved their relationships and episodes, which seems to me that I’m in the minority in this.

    Sayid did redeem himself. I think you can just chalk it up to that every person has good and bad in them, and MIB was just able to force the good to leave Sayid for a while, and Desmond was able to talk some sense into him from the well.

    Lapidus dying is not a big deal at all. He’s not a major character whatsoever, and I really don’t understand how anyone is so upset about it.

    I really hope they don’t bring back any of these characters “from the dead”. It would be fine to see them in the Flash Sideways, but bringing them back on The Island would be pretty dumb.

    Also, I am still curious about the mystery box, and I hope they address it. It’s one of the biggest mysteries of the series that I hope gets wrapped up.

    One nitpick I have is: Why doesn’t MIB just get all Smokey, and fly over to the well and kill Desmond, instead of trusting that Sayid did it? I mean, it would make sense if Desmond is the final candidate because MIB can’t kill the candidates, but I hope they answer that.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  • Laivaren

    Seems like “Locke” has problems with water? He took his time getting out of it when Jack pushed him in, and if my memory serves me right, he has used boats to get between islands so far?

    The Sayid sacrifice confused me too.

    But hey, it made for a good quote: “There is no Sayid!”

  • Laivaren

    Agreeing with Bard when it comes to the Kwans. And what IS Desmond’s role?

  • Goon

    I’m disagreeing with Frank like every week on these :P

  • Werner

    –Lapidus might be still alive because: since the submarine is out of the picture – who will pilot the airplane? It has to be Lapidus. Unless the flash sideways somehow merge with the island timeline and then Locke might be the pilot since we now know he can more or less fly small aircrafts…

    –Jin might be still alive because: they only showed us how he let go of the clearly dead Sun. Why he should be still around I don’t know though…

    –As soon as they show us the entire scene with Sayid and Desmond (at the well) we might understand the relevance of Sayid’s sacrifice

    I LOVE this show.
    Still so many mysteries and so little time :(

  • RaphNL

    I agree with you on the English speaking, that took me out of it a bit too. But still thought their death was effective. And the Losties on the beach was a great scene, especially the Jack at the water moment.
    The sideways were EXCELLENT, the best since LA X.

  • Bert belgium

    No way that Lapedis is dead, or they would have shown it more explicitly! I did have trouble with jin and sun speaking their last words in english though! But overall i loved it!

    “there is no sayid!”

  • Frank

    I see that point every person has a good and bad in them and would have been fine with Flocke bringing out certain sides of him. But I think that could have played out just as effectively without the death-resurrection-infection mechanic. It was that part of Sayid’s character this season that I didn’t like and found confusing.

    I liked the end of the beach scene with Jack, it was more Kate and Hurley that ruined it for me.

    I’m still on board with LOST, these are just my personal reactions to each episode. It’s not like I don’t understand how people can like it. Just like any other show, everyone has their faves and ones they could do without.

    Finally, Terry O’Quinn is the man. I can’t say that enough this season.

  • bard brings up a good point about Sayid… we still haven’t seen what happened with him and Desmond. Perhaps Desmond did somehow cure the “infection”. Hopefully we find out next episode.

  • Ben

    I agree a bit with this review. I do think that they made the wrong decision with cutting down the length of these final seasons because it does feel a bit rushed now.

    The only problem I had with Jin and Sun’s deaths is that there was not even a mention by Sun that Jin needed to survive for their daughter.

    I think Lapidus is alive. It was too vague to be a death scene. Especially with the plane being their only way off the island as has been mentioned.

    Sayid’s true redemption came when he let Desmond live. Hopefully that will be filled in.

    I honestly feel that the payoffs have been missing a bit but I’m going to chalk that up to us not knowing how the flash sideways ties in. At this point, I see Jack and Locke staying on the island, Sawyer and Kate escaping with at least Miles and Desmond and Ben and Richard dying glorious deaths to save the day. I’d be surprised if all of the above don’t happen. the real mystery for me at this point is how the sideways will tie into that and if that will allow for a bit more payoff for certain characters (Sayid, Jin and Sun, especially)

  • bard

    We still don’t know if the plane is the only way off the island. I mean, it is LOST. I bet they’ll pull out some weird way to get them off without the plane.

  • Drewsifer

    Fuck it. I liked the deaths of Jin and Sun, totally agree with the sayid statement but I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about the horribly written dialog this season. The plot lined aren’t bad but if I hear the phrase “widmores people” again I’m gonna hurl.

  • Niklas

    am I the only one who was annoyed that all of em gave up on the plane so quickly? I mean, we’ve been hearing about this plane all season long and when they finally get to it all MiB has to say is that he found C4 on it and they are all like “oh ok.. better head to the sub then!”

  • Ben


    I wasn’t annoyed by that. I assumed that they figured they were short on time and didn’t have any to spare looking for more explosives.

  • Antonio

    I agree with this review. I don’t get the whole buzz about this episode at it was just one long action scene with no real emotional pay off at the end.

    Another problem is that the death of Sun and Jin dosen’t carry that much weight as they are still alive in flash sideways .

    On the good side , I did like the dilemma that the writers introduced with Jack and Sawyer debating about the bomb which I thought was quite smart knowing what we know from previous episode with Richard and the dynamite.

    The whole set up makes me think that Widmore and Locke are working together as Widmore was strangely absent from this episode and everything ran mostly well for Locke in getting them all in the sub.

    Good show but the pressure is building up for the last few episodes to serve some real juicy meat.

  • I thought too that Jin and Sun speaking english at that momment was a lame fake thing to do. i’m brazilian, my girl is from uruguay and she speaks ONLY in spanish with her relatives. Jin and Sun were alone, on a crucial momment of their lives… ruined a little bit the momment for me.

    in general, an ok episode, but i liked the suffering from the characters at the end.

  • I love your blog, but you have been negative about Lost all season. Why are you still watching? I admit, this season has had it’s ups and downs, but I think you’re off the mark on this episode. I think the problem lies that you have a certain idea how Lost should play out. I have a huge imagination, so I do, too. The version in my head and in your head may be better, but it’s not our show.

  • Shellpath

    Am I the only one who noticed that Sayid’s sacrifice was completely unnecessary? You’ll notice that Sayid ran the bomb for a total of about 10 feet before blowing up a distance that could have be surpassed by a fast hurl of the device down the hallway. I’m a big fan of using the whole “jump on the grenade” scenario to illustrate a character’s redemption (assuming it makes sense), but not when there is a strategic alternative. Am I supposed to believe that a character built on military training and combat experience would needlessly blow himself up? Remember that Sayid is not just an average joe acting in the moment.

  • bard


    “Why are you still watching?”

    What kind of question is this? lol


    Good point, didn’t even think of that.