Paramount Passes on Anchorman 2


Well this is disappointing. Just a couple days ago, word came out that an Anchorman sequel might finally be coming together. Director Adam McKay told MTV Movies Blog that they had come up with a story idea and that all of the original cast members had not only found time in their schedule but also agreed to cut their prices substantially in order to make it happen. The only question was how much money Paramount would give them to make it. Well, now it looks like money is no longer the issue… Paramount is simply not interested in making Anchorman 2. Adam McKay sent out the following update on Twitter today:

“So bummed. Paramount basically passed on Anchorman 2. Even after we cut our budget down. We tried.”

He also followed this up by clarifying that they could not take Anchorman to another studio because Paramount owns the rights. So I guess that’s it. Unless someone starts up a crazy petition on the internet that manages to change the studio’s mind, Anchorman 2 will not be happening. It’s a bit hard to believe that they would turn down a movie with so many huge stars in it, but perhaps the proposed budget was still too much, even after they made cuts. The original Anchorman cost $26 million and made $90 million worldwide, which is not a huge amount, but certainly nothing to sneeze at either. McKay points out that the Austin Powers series didn’t really become a blockbuster until the sequel came out, but apparently Paramount does not see the same potential. Are they making a big mistake here?

  • I’m not normally the type of person who becomes so upset over entertainment matters that I start petitions or rail online. The companies own the properties and they can do whatever the fuck they want with them. But I’m also not the type of person that likes to reward stupidity. I’m voting with my wallet. We’re through, Paramount.

  • good! we’re spared it being on filmjunk’s best of 2000 TEENS list….thank God!

  • projectgenesis

    Eh, at first glance I was very disappointed but after thinking about it what classic comedies have even GOOD sequels. Certainly not Caddyshack, Dumb & Dumber or Fletch. On the other hand Animal House, Swingers, Old School, Wedding Crashers, Something About Mary, Kingpin, etc. were also successful originally and never had a sequel (not yet anyway). So I feel lucky to even have Ron Burgandy: The Lost Movie around. Given comedy sequels track record, I’ll live.

  • 1138

    I thought anchorman was funny, but does it really warrant a sequel? The movie seem to end on a completed storyline and I was left thinking, OK, that was it. It never occurred to me that a sequel was necessary.

  • Teo

    Anchorman has such a huge following now and has almost a cult status…they would make a killing off it! Paramount what are you thinking?

  • Drewsifer

    That petition is coming, we ll show you rus.