Jonah Hex Trailer Starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox


At long last, we finally have proof that the Jonah Hex movie actually exists! Unfortunately, the first trailer for this comic book flick doesn’t really prove much else. It’s a bit hard to get a fair read on the film since the trailer seems to evoke a lot of other movies, such as Ghost Rider (not the worst thing in the world), Van Helsing (getting worse) and Wild Wild West (definitely not good for business). The main problem as I see it is that the movie does not seem to be embracing the western element at all, and with all the machine guns, hard rock music and slick action scenes, it feels too modern for its own good.

Then again, I know very little about the comic, so maybe I’m way off base here. Josh Brolin seems pretty bland in the lead role, but I like to think that he’ll bring something more to the table. Megan Fox is clearly being played up as one of the main selling points of the film, but I’m wondering if a lot of people will actually have an adverse reaction to her (for starters, her accent is horrible). The supporting cast includes John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender, Michael Shannon, and Will Arnett. Jonah Hex hit theatres on June 18th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Derek

    Hell yeah!!!

  • projectgenesis

    VERY pleased with the direction this film seems to be going in, almost a steampunk action movie

  • Wow!
    I’ve ignored everything about this movie, but it looks like it could be great.

  • Wow!
    I’ve ignored everything about this movie, but it looks like it could be great.

  • Looks decent and since I liked all the three movies you didn’t care much for Sean, with Wild Wild West being my favourite of the three, I think this’ll turn out just fine. I also don’t see the problem with Brolin.

  • Allen

    Megan Fox in stockings! Woooooooohoo!!

  • Napalm

    doesn’t look that bad. i don’t get the Ghost Rider reference you’re talking about Sean. hate the heavy rock riffs… could’ve gone with some acoustic western tunes. but whatever, i’ll probably check it out either ways.

  • Daemon

    Looks like it may be pretty cool. Napalm, the soundtrack is supposed to be composed by the Progressive band, “Mastodon” which is the main reason I wanted to see this film, however, the music in the trailer certainly doesn’t sound like Mastodon.

  • 1138

    God that looks really bad. Love Brolin, think he’s great, but hope he brings more to the table than the trailer indicates. Hate to agree with you Sean, but it looks like another Van Helsing…uggghhhhh.

    I never read the Jonah comics but this seems really far removed from what I know. It could be interesting but it looks like just another hell bent revenge guns a toting with hard rock music soundtrack movie. Seems like a dime a dozen spectacle.

    And what the Hell is Megan Fox doing? Is that supposed to be a accent or something? Just shut up and look hot please…don’t try to talk it’s painful!

  • Have to agree with you 1138.

    I had this on my most anticipated films list this year, and judging from that preview it looks like crap. I was hoping it would take more of an evil dead type approach and who knows it still might.

    This is another reason as to why I try and avoid all possible trailers for something that I’m already going to see. I wish I had my flux compacitor so I could go back in time and avoid this trailer completely.

  • 1138

    @ adam

    I hope I am wrong and that our opinions of the trailer prove to be false. As stated I do like Brolin and think his recent accolades are worthy of the roles he’s taken so far. Why he took this I don’t know.

    I wish I had a flux compacitor too :). Like you said the movie seemed so promising before this trailer.

  • Phil

    Josh BRAWLIN’

  • Ben

    Between this and the screening reviews posted on AICN my hopes are not set very high. I had held out hope that the “gatling guns on his horse” thing was not going to make it into the movie.

    I honestly don’t understand how some people keep fucking these movies up.

  • Brendan

    I kept waiting for Brolin to say “I like them french fried pertaters, mmm hmm.”

  • Tomoo

    I don’t know anything about the comic but this looks pretty bland. Looks more like Wild Wild West than anything else Sean listed.

  • while watching the trailer I got excited, I got excited for Tarantino’s rumored western! something about Hex’s face made me think of that…

  • Fatbologna

    God damn this is depressing. When I’d heard that they were casting Fox I was already REALLY apprehensive but with this trailer I’m downright FUMING! How the fuck is it so hard to make a western that feels like a goddamn western!? Just take everything you saw from 40s-70s and DO THAT! BUT WITH MORE MONEY!

    Watch some Leone! Watch some Corbucci! Watch some Eastwood! Peckinpah! Wayne! Castellari! Ford!

    Take those influences, read some of the comics, mix em’ together. DONE!

    Imagine if they got John Hillcoat or Andrew Dominik to do this. It would be a pitch-perfect western. Hell, this could have been a quickie-job for Tarantino and it would have been amazing. Throw him 30-40 million and give him 3-4 months to bang it out and it would have been a classic.

    This thing looks like a miserable travesty, pissing all over the grave of one of the most-loved, most-missed genres in the history of film(hyperbole, I know). In a day and age when westerns are pretty much completely gone, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. NEEDS TO MATTER! This movie is likely to fail miserably which will make studios assume that people don’t want westerns…but this isn’t a western!


    I want whoever’s responsible for this mess IN MY OFFICE! I am going to piss SO HARD into their stupid ugly eyes that they’ll never direct another film again!!!!!

    …whew… Really upset here….

  • projectgenesis

    @Fatbologna I share some of your sentiment but since Apalooosa didn’t exactly burn up the box office I’m glad ANY film with Western elements is getting made. There will always be the classics and the “deep cuts” of the genre like Corbucci or Budd Boetticher’s work that are always out there waiting to be discovered.

  • Fatbologna

    Yeah, Appaloosa wasn’t exactly a shining example of the genre, even if it was a valiant effort to preserve said genre’s tropes. It was pretty tedious stuff. It seemed like Harris was trying to channel some of Eastwood’s directorial western stuff but didn’t really pull it off. I just feel like there’s a certain grit that a western needs.

    I need dirt, misery, and lawlessness to seep from every clogged pore. I need there to be a sense of reality and with that reality, danger. Making Jonah Hex into a superhero takes away the reality and danger and makes it a superhero film in a western setting. While that might seem like an interesting premise, this looks to be dull, cliched, and overall kind of embarrassing.

    I totally see Sean’s reference to Ghost Rider. This looks like a director wanting to show off that he can get a slick-looking, AAA film from a low budget. That’s not the right approach in my opinion. Just because it’s based on a comic doesn’t mean it needs to be a slam-bang action-fest. I’d much prefer a dark, violent, realistic revenge tale with a little bit of style over something so obvious as this. Something like “The Great Silence” or even “Four of the Apocalypse” (which is pretty comic-booky). Even if it weren’t dark and maybe embraced some of the more rollicking westerns like “The Professionals” or “The Badlanders”.

    I like 3:10 to Yuma and that film did a pretty good job of feeling modern while holding onto it’s classic roots. The Assassination of Jesse James was a great example of what a modern western can be.

    I guess I’m just a stickler for the old stuff and this film doesn’t really seem like it understands what it’s supposed to be beyond a Superhero movie in western duds. Hell, There Will be Blood felt more like a western than this trailer does…

  • Nick Robertson

    Looks ok, I’ll check it out.

    After seeing Iron Man 2 last night, I’ve realized I need more fun movies in my life, this could be one.

  • This trailer has some cheese toward the end. Megan Fox is eye catching though:

  • swarez

    Looks fucking terrible. I was hoping for the grimy and gritty horror Jonah Hex of Ride the Worm, which was fantastic. Not this Van Helsing wannabe bullshit. And who in their right mind want’s to be like Van Helsing?

  • Kamen Liew

    Looks pretty bad so far.

    I agree with Sean, it does remind me a little bit of Ghost Rider, especially the bird eye view camera angle and Hex on a horse walking past the sign — that shot feels like its been lifted straight out of that goddamned awful Nic Cage movie.

    For some reason, I’m getting some Shanghai Noon vibes?

    Film looks pretty B-grade as well. Hex’s scarred face looks like it was made from recycled make-up off Aaron Eckhart’s Two-Face from the Dark Knight.

  • RaphNL

    Looks really generic tbh.

  • pcch7

    Megan Fox looks fuckin horrible. Not phsically but acting wise I mean. I do like Brolin though..

  • pcch7


  • pcch7

    this is why we need edit buttons

  • swarez

    And why is Malkovich holding a dragonball in the poster?