Paramount and Mattel Team Up for Magic 8 Ball: The Movie


Just when you thought Hollywood had decided to rein in some of these insanely idiotic toy and board game movie announcements, Paramount and Mattel have gone ahead and dreamed up another winner. According to Deadline New York, the two companies have worked out a deal to give the Magic 8 Ball toy its very own feature film. Jon Gunn and John Mann (Boo U.) will write the script, which is being described as a “live action adventure film.”

The first thing that comes to mind in thinking about this project is that it would actually make a perfect double bill with the upcoming Platinum Dunes Ouija Board movie (which, it was recently revealed, will be more action-adventure than horror). Obviously they are both playthings that involve mystical prognostications, although one communicates with spirits while the other simply offers one of 20 pre-defined predictions. I’ll spare you the jokes about the film’s outlook, and simply say this: the only way they could get me to see a Magic 8 Ball movie is if Patrick Warburton reprised his Seinfeld role as David Puddy. No Puddy, no deal!

  • Jesus, is it really so hard to come up with original story ideas that Hollywood has to resort to shit like this?

  • Huffy

    I predict this is the plot:

    Man buys 8-ball for son. Son discovers that the responses are oddly specific to the questions he asks. Then Hilarity ensues!

    I smell a winner!!!

  • Darksiders

    I’m still holding out for Connect 4 The Movie.

  • Slix

    “Outlook is unusually bleak”

  • HFD

    Are you f’ing kidding me? No wonder Hollywood writers are looked down upon if they are so bankrupt they can’t come up with something better than this sh*t. My 8-ball predicts the exec that green-lit this will be job-hunting soon.

  • Zoo

    I’m with you Sean. Patrick Warburton needs to be in it but to really spice it up, it needs to be as The Tick wearing the Magic 8 Ball jacket.