Film Junk Podcast Episode #267: The Losers


0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
4:30 – Headlines: Ricky Gervais Plans New Comedy Series, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Next Comedy, Marvel Making Cheaper Movies for Lesser Known Characters, Breck Eisner to Direct Escape from New York Remake, Bond 23 Put on Hold, The Green Hornet and The Last Airbender in 3-D
25:00 – Stuff We Watched: The Losers, Breaking Bad: Season 1, No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson, Minority Report, Space Tourists, Life With Murder, Private Parts, Vivre sa vie, Battlestar Galactica: Season 3
1:07:15 – Hot Docs Preview
1:17:50 – Junk Mail: Caramel and Carmel, Temporomandibular Disorder, Richard Linklater, Michael Richards, Roger Ebert and Video Games, Tarantino Thievery, The House of the Devil, iPhone App, Constantine, Stop Motion Animation, Canadian Indie Band Recommendations
1:51:00 – Outro / This Week’s DVD Releases

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  • kyriacos

    A nice indie German band i’ve discovered lately is called.. FAUST.

    They’ve been around since 1970 and their debut album (named also “Faust”) its something beyond just good music.

    It’s a must-listen to.

  • hey guys, just finished listening to the podcast. Another great show despite Gregg not being there. As far as Stop motion not being used in big movies; you should check out Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. I caught it two years back at Another Hole In The Head Film Festival in San Francisco. It has Robert Englund in it and for a low budget horror film it’s pretty damn good! In fact IMDB says it has a sequel in the works. I really think you guys would enjoy it. Check out the preview when you get a chance or better yet ignore the preview and just see it, you won’t regret it.

  • Oops, my bad. Jack Brooks doesn’t have stop animation but it does use puppets instead instead of CGI and is still pretty awesome

  • Greg

    Good to know that when the show gets postponed to a day that I’m unavailable it’s just recorded anyway.

    Who’s got two thumbs and is the least important part of the podcast? This guy.

  • Damn Greg I had a good question for you too. It is a lot less entertaining when its not all three of you guys.

  • I caught The Losers last night, and I’m convinced it’s going to come out above The Expendables and The A-Team in this year’s macho action movie royal rumble.

  • Henrik

    “Good to know that when the show gets postponed to a day that I’m unavailable it’s just recorded anyway.

    Who’s got two thumbs and is the least important part of the podcast? This guy.”

    :O! Calm down Greg, please don’t make a fuss, nobody wants tension between the FilmJunk hosts, we want things to run smoothly! We want Greg for sure, don’t we people?

  • Sometimes running a podcast is like trying to keep a band together.

    It’s not about who’s more important, it’s just that the equipment happens to be at my house and I was the only one who saw The Losers.

  • Wintle: So you’re saying that The Losers will come out on top because it was that good, or because you have low expectations for The A-Team and The Expendables? I thought it was pretty dull, especially from an action point of view.

  • Greg

    You want tension? Try recording a show when the other guys never wear pants. That’s tension. Some people are too comfortable in their own home.

  • KeithTalent

    Missed Greg, I sent in a very thought-provoking question for him too. Oh well, maybe next week.

    Great show and I got to see House of the Devil last week and it was freaking awesome. I went out and bought it after watching it the first time, so completely up my alley. Has anyone been able to see the VHS version? I have it on Blu, but was wondering how the VHS copy looks.

  • Joe

    Eh… I think he could easily be replaced my Seth Rogen.

  • Regus

    I recently rewatched minority report as well, it was the first time I had seen it since I originally saw it in theaters. I remembered the movie being very good, but I was dissapointed when I rewatched it.

    The only thing this movie has going for it are the special effects and its vision of the future, what drags this movie down are all the supporting actors.

    Almost all of them are terrible. Cruise does a good job, but everyone else is garbage, the film is filled with all these cheesy cartoon characters that are very annoying to watch.

    Cruise’s dead kid, The wacky doctor and foreign assistant, the old perverted female scientist, the goofball guy that takes care of the precogs, the southern fried wheelchair guy that runs the prison, colin farrel. They’re all terrible.

  • Mason

    If you ever want to see a non-Speilberg movie shot by Janusz Kaminski, check out “Cool as Ice” starring Vanilla Ice. It’s corny as shit, but the cinematography is excellent.

  • you go Greg, get ur bitch on! I want to see a filmjunk sex scandal, aggressive corporate take-over or at less a messy sleep-over!

  • @Greg: Don’t feel too bad. I was available and 4 blocks away from Sean’s house, and I wasn’t even invited to participate. I guess I need to practice my guitar playing more. :-) (@Sean: I don’t really care that I wasn’t invited. I was just trying to make Greg feel better.)

  • Joe

    @reed: When are you starring in your own film podcast?

  • Greg

    I don’t actually feel bad.

  • denial just ain’t a river in Africa – Greg you do feel bad and this is just an extension of your year long frustration over jay always ignoring your comments by choosing to go to the bathroom…its time to make a stand and put those retards in their place, oh, and please tape the confrontation, thanks.

  • Greg

    Meh, I’d prefer to just have a sandwich.

  • Falsk

    No love for Gasland. Sheesh.

  • kyriacos

    Sean: Greg is not coming..
    Jay: Anyone else available?
    Sean: No, I ‘ve called everyone..
    Jay: so, its just the two of us then.
    Sean: We could call Reed.
    Jay: ….
    Sean: nah

  • On the 3D thing: I hear what you’re saying Jay about getting sick of the bashing. I have to admit it’s starting to feel a little obvious on this end too. But I will continue my crusade.

    I was hoping Titans and Alice would be enough to shoot 3D in its own proverbial foot, but when somebody like Scorsese comes out and says “Precious” should’ve been in 3D, I’m scared people are actually going to listen and believe it. Whether he was kidding or not, he’s prolific enough that people will take notice.

    You’re right. So far only the comic book and animated movies are in 3D, but as soon as the “quality” films start going to 3D, that is essentially the end of me going to the theater. I don’t want that to happen so I will continue to rail against the technique.

  • Henrik

    Whats with Denmark being mentioned in the stinger??

  • That was for you Henrik.

    It’s not very interesting in context though.

  • @Andrew James

    I agree with you in that I’m in no way interested in ALL films to take a 3D direction. Luckily, I truly don’t believe it will happen. Having said that, I’m also not about to completely write off 3D as an option that might be worth exploring by creative filmmakers. We’ve seen it applied half-heartedly to a lot of sub-standard material and even though it has technically been around for decades, this form of 3D is still in its infancy. I’m not about to completely write it off in such early stages. It’s like Roger Ebert suggesting that video games will NEVER be art. I don’t believe we’ve seen the best of 3D and I’m not about to stubbornly ignore it as a technique simply because a few people think it will become the norm. I’m just not convinced it will happen.

  • projectgenesis

    Now that the Habs won game 7, look for Greg to be absent for the podcast at least two more weeks in order to not Jinx his team.

  • @Joe: I don’t think film has matured enough as an art form to warrant discussion on a podcast. Ha ha. Jay made fun of me the other day because I said I like to do research about a film before I discuss it rather than just express an opinion. So to do a film podcast takes too much effort with not enough adulation.

    Hey, I’m a Habs fan, too. They won game 7? I should read Film Junk more often for my sporting news.

    Regarding this whole 3D controversy, I’d really like to see a 3D black-and-white film. (Hey, I think I’ll twitter this!)

  • drake totem

    you guys should review some of the movies from Not Quite Hollywood in a special podcast. including Stone (1974) & The Howling III: The Marsupials (1987).

    also you guys SUCK for not reviewing ghost writer. suck