Previously on LOST: The Last Recruit


Previously on LOST is a weekly column recapping and analyzing each episode from the final season of Lost. (Warning: May contain spoilers!)

The latest episode of LOST was a bringing together of characters. It was also the first episode this season that did not have one character as its focus. To me this might have been its biggest misstep. The episode lacked identity and was uncommitted to the moments with the most potential.

“Underwhelming” is a word that popped into my mind a lot while watching “The Last Recruit”. The moments that should have had strong emotional resonance seemed to be more about characters reacting as a matter of circumstance rather than interacting. I thought that most of these scenes felt rushed and weren’t given time to develop. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Jack finding out that he and Claire are brother and sister
  • Kate telling Claire that she came back to the island to get her back to Aaron
  • Jack finding out he and Claire are brother and sister… again!
  • Sun and Jin reuniting

None of these were scenes that I will remember as the highlights they could have been. The Sun and Jin reunion, in particular, seemed to go completely wrong, to the point of being laughable. The first problem was Sun regaining her ability to speak English. All I was thinking about was that if this was the payoff for the speech loss device, how completely distracting and unnecessary it was. I would have been happier if the sole purpose of the language loss was created so that the reunion could have played out in Korean. Finally, Lapidus capped it off with the line “Looks like someone got her voice back,” which just pushed it over the edge.

Aside from how I feel about the quality of the episode there were some noteworthy happenings. Flocke revealed to Jack that he was the vision of Jack’s father upon their arrival to the island, stating that he could only take the form of someone who is dead. The jury is out on whether he can be trusted on this, but I think he is telling the truth. However, he seemed to imply that the body needed to be on the island. I’m still not sure if this is the case, as the appearances of Walt and Richard’s wife tend to refute this (pending a different explanation).

Sayid was sent by Flocke to kill Desmond, but the audience was left to wonder if he carried out his mission. I think most viewers are skeptical that Des is dead, and would be upset if such a pivotal moment was omitted. However, the possibility exists that the writers will include a No Country for Old Men homage in a future episode.

In my opinion, the most crucial reveal of the episode came at the beginning. Sun seemed scared when she saw John Locke beside her on a hospital gurney, declaring with terror, “It’s him!” Most speculate that Sun’s near-death experience caused her to witness her “flash” of the island. And her fright probably insinuated that Flocke is about to do something terrible on the island that we have yet to see, as I couldn’t think of anything from the island timeline that would have warranted this response.

“The Last Recruit” felt like it was about nothing. The sole focus of this episode was getting people where they needed to be. With most episodes of LOST I can remember a moment or a theme to describe the episode. This rings true from the best episodes (“The flashbacks were actually flash forwards”) to the worst (“The one where Locke ends up on a dope farm”). I think I will remember this episode as “The one where Sun got her voice back,” and that isn’t a good thing.

Note: LOST is a repeat next week (Ab Aeterno).

Discussion Topics

  • Is Locke telling the truth about being Jack’s father?
  • Is Desmond dead?
  • Who was “The Last Recruit”?

SCORE: 1.5 stars

  • cappies


  • 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Jack

    Great episode, I thought.

  • Matt

    Season 6 has been killing this show for me. Every episode is divided between a pointless cameo filled flash sideways (Maybe it will pay off.. Im not keeping my fingers crossed), and an on island plot that usually consists of characters sitting around having the same irrelevant conversation they have had before.

    I agree this episode was about nothing at all. So Jack and Hurley decide to go talk to the smoke monster this episode? The same entity that jacob explicitly told hurley to stay away from in that light house episode? The same thing that a dead spanish women told hurley was going to send them all to hell if it wasn’t destroyed? To accomplish what? Jack sat down and talked to the the thing that had been trying to kill him for five seasons and could not ask a single pertinent question?

    Why didn’t the smoke monster just bash desmond into the ground to kill him? Are there rules that prevent him from doing this? I wouldn’t know as these rules haven’t been adequatley explained to us three episodes from the finale, and are even routinely violated. Remember when we thought ash kept the smoke monster out of the temple? No it turns out it was dogen.

    Widmore, who apparently seems to know about the island and the smoke monster thinks that threatening it with a mortar round will be successful? Or maybe he wants to kill the candidates? But wait, didn’t the smoke monster say in ab aeterno that he was going to kill all the candidates to escape the island? Oh, that was 140 years ago and know he needs all the candidates to leave with him. Why? No one knows.

    Sorry for the rant. This is the final season of my favorite show and I just feel like the ball has been majorly dropped so far. 1/2 a star.

  • Goon

    you guys are nuts, this season is fantastic.

  • Ben

    Ummm… On island Jack already knew Claire was his sister. That was not a big reveal for him.

  • Fatbologna

    I feel like the last three seasons have all started off less than stellar and have picked up the pace towards the last 8-9 episodes. Regardless of how they spend their time setting up the end I’m confident it’ll be interesting at the very least and one of the very best endings in TV at the best!

    I also feel like Lost is best watched in full season chunks rather than week to week. The time taken to set up payoffs can be a little tedious. I only recently started the series last month and have watched up to the most recent season and am definitely feeling impatient with the show after being able to freely watch the story unfold at my own pace(breakneck!).

  • Slix

    Yep, this episode just felt like moving the plot forward. Nothing major. Given the set up from the previous 5 seasons, I’m ok with them taking the time to put things in place for the hugely rewarding finale (oh please, oh please).

  • Lost IsTerrible

    So Jack says, “Smoke monster…”

    “Yes Jack?”, the Smoke Monster Man replies.

    “Were you my dad?”

    “Yes Jack… I was your dad.”

    “Kewl, that’s what I thought”

    And with that I finally lost the last bit of hope I had for LOST… maybe that’s why they called it Lost.

  • David

    Other examples of bodies not being on the island are Ben’s mother, Echo’s brother and Kate’s black horse. So Flocke is definitely lying.
    As for the season in general, while at times it’s seemed a bit unsatisfying, the exciting thing is the knowledge that this is the last season and they have no choice now but to tell us all we’ve been wondering about. There’s a great sense of anticipation, knowing, eg, that the two timelines are going to merge, and wondering what the effects of that will be.
    It’s standard for Lost to feel like it’s a bit on the slow side throughout a season, only to suddenly go into turbo-speed for the last 3/4 episodes. I can’t wait!