Paramount Picks Up Sacha Baron Cohen’s Next Comedy


Sacha Baron Cohen is back in business! Despite the mixed reviews and the slightly disappointing box office performance of Bruno, the British comedian apparently still holds a lot of clout in Hollywood, and he now has picked up a greenlight for his next original comedy. After shopping it around to a number of studios this week, he received an offer from Paramount that he just couldn’t refuse: they sent him a pair of live goats wearing Paramount t-shirts. Plus they also agreed to give him $20 million against 20% first-dollar gross, all based on a pitch! Clearly they are confident that has another potential hit on his hands here.

This will be his first movie that is not based on a character from Da Ali G Show with a pre-existing fan base, which potentially makes it a bit more risky. It does sound a little bit similar to his previous movies, however. Cohen plays two characters in the film: a goat herder and a “deposed foreign dictator who gets lost in the United States” (so basically, Borat?). It’s being described as “Coming To America meets Trading Places.” Larry Charles is not involved this time around, but he has recruited three other Curb Your Enthusiasm writers to pen the script with him: Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and David Mandel (who also collaborated on Eurotrip). No word on whether or not it will involve any of his patented real world stunts, but it sounds like this will be a much more straightforward comedy than Borat or Bruno. Are you looking forward to a new comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen, or are you already tired of his brand of humour?

  • I loved both Borat and Bruno, so if this is just half as good as those, I’m game.

  • Yes it sounds similar to Borat, but I have to say, when I read the words “Goat Herder” I was immediately in.

  • JTchicago

    I actually think Cohen has real talent OUTSIDE of his Borat, Ali, or Bruno silliness fair.

    IMHO if Sacha up’d his game to serious acting/comedy, he could do some excellent work in coming movies.

  • jake

    sacha baron cohen is the funniest guy ever , he should defenetly do another movie no matter what charecter , I am shour the gout herder idei will be great.