Joss Whedon in Talks for The Avengers Movie


Alright fanboys and girls, prepare to have your genitals melted off. After much speculation and anticipation over the announcement of a possible director for The Avengers movie, it has been confirmed this week that one of the many rumours is actually true: Joss Whedon is in final talks to direct the ultimate Marvel superhero team-up flick. The movie will bring together Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Nick Fury along with a handful of other lesser known heroes in order to create the comic book blockbuster to end all blockbusters. The release date has already been set for the first week in May 2012.

So let the debate begin… is Joss Whedon a good choice? I have to admit, I was a fan of his run on Astonishing X-Men and I do like Firefly although I never got into Buffy or Dollhouse. The only feature film he has directed to date is Serenity, which was decent but potentially limited by its budget. Clearly he would be a good choice to write the script, but I still don’t know if he has what it takes to direct a special effects-driven action movie of this size. No doubt Whedon’s involvement will inspire goodwill with geeks everywhere, but this is a far cry from directing TV episodes. Is he in over his head? I suppose we will find out soon enough. Is Joss Whedon your #1 choice? If not, who would you choose to direct The Avengers?

  • He wasn’t my top choice but I’m willing to give it a shot. You said yourself that Serenity was limited by it’s budget so let’s see what he can do with a big budget. At the very least we know he is good at handling plot threads involving multiple characters as all of his shows have been ensemble driven. I would say he can do the job but let’s just see what he’s given to work with after the next couple of super hero movies come out.

  • Mike

    Serenity was great! I am all for this! He is good with an ensemble cast, and has the nerd chops to make this awesome.

  • Henrik

    At least it would be a director with some sort of personality, no more of these Joe Johnston/Jon Favreau types who make movies that have no distinguishing features.

  • The ownly guy that. Could handle all these characters and huge budget is Steven Speilberg, period.

  • pcch7

    This is blowing my mind. Whedon is awesome and definitely knows his comic books.. And he proved with Serenity, which is awesome, that he can handle many characters and give them enough screentime. And this is obviously gonna please the fanboys so a great choice in every way. Throw in som Summer Glau and it´s fucking perfect.

  • Fatbologna

    “The Avengers”, written by Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams, Directed by J.J. Abrams. Make THAT happen, please!

    Just tryin’ to keep to with the old Filmjunk VS tradition.

    Also, that WOULD be better.

  • Teo

    Does anyone know who would part of the avengers? I guess captain america, thor, hulk, ironman, spiderman? who else? and if spiderman is in it would it be tobey maguire or whoever new they pick out…?also is whedon going to be able to cope with all these big hollywood stars and their egos all wanting to get screen time and “having something to work with” blah blah…feel like a more experienced director would be needed to pull this off well. hope it doesnt turn into a roll call kinnda thing where its ok -thor got his 20 mins did his thing ok great ironman yeah ok done that, spidey time for you to add your 5 cents ok tick tick tick…done – fanboy appettite satiated and rest of average movie-going crowd pleased with big names on screen and lots of big ol’explosions (in 3D but of course). i would like it to be a good movie…it could really be a good movie…dont fuck it up. jj abrams sounds right/better…but i guess he was unavailable.

  • Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Nick Fury. There has been talk of Hawkeye as well.

    Spider-Man will not be involved since Sony owns the movie rights, not Marvel.

  • Teo

    there’s a bit of spidey in that pic you put up so just made me wonder but thanks for clearing that up sean…and hawkeye would be cool

  • Nate

    According to Variety, Joss is also reworking the script, which is his real strength. But really, his involvement more or less guarantees I’ll enjoy it as I’ve enjoyed everything the man’s name has been on the last thirteen years. I’m now excited for this.

  • Drewsifer

    Whedon has dick all to do with this movie besides name association only. Josh whedon made a deal with the devil, it was writte. As such:
    ” I Josh Whedon do here by renounce my soul and intellectual properties to Marvel, Satan, Walt Disney. And shall forth with only appear to be directing the Avengers movie but am actually being controlled by the studio and directors of all the previous movies while I receive the god like touch of success and instant career bost.”

  • Laivaren

    Could be good, probably even better if he gets to be the writer as well. I love his handling of many characters, both in Firefly and Dollhouse, and the little I’ve seen of Buffy and Angel.

  • pcch7

    Don´t see why Abrams would be better.. MI 3 was ok, Star Trek was good. Serenity is better than both and on a lower budget. Firefly, Buffy and Angel are way better shows than Lost, Alias and Felicity.. Only Lost out of those is actually good but fading.. I´m pretty sure that Whedon knows just as much about the comics as Abrams if not more and he´s a genius writer. And if the studio is gonna get involved and mess around with it, they probably would with whatever director the chose anyway.

  • phil

    Nathan Filion should be Hawkeye!

  • Matt

    Maybe this is what the Mayans were refering to. Consider my genitals melted.

  • Fatbologna


    I humbly disagree with the points you make. Thank you.

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