Andrew Niccol to Direct New Sci-Fi Movie I’m.mortal


As a big fan of Gattaca, The Truman Show and Lord of War, I’m always interested in hearing about any new projects that may be in development from writer/director Andrew Niccol. Last we heard, he was working on an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host (yes, Stephenie Meyer of Twilight fame), and he was also directing a mysterious movie called The Cross that is supposedly in production right now. This week, THR’s Heat Vision Blog brings us news of yet another Niccol project that just got picked up — one that seems to cover ground quite similar to Gattaca.

This movie once again deals with genes, specifically the gene that affects aging in humans. The story imagines a near future where the aging gene can be deactivated for those who can afford it, leading to a world where rich people live forever. A young man born into the lower class suddenly comes into money (the currency of the future is time), but as a result he finds himself being hunted by a corrupt police force known as “time keepers.” The movie is called I’m.mortal, and despite Niccol’s penchant for overly clever titles, this still sounds awfully intriguing to me. The project is set up at New Regency and will be produced by Strike Entertainment, the same folks behind The Thing prequel and Children of Men. Are you a fan of Niccol’s past films, and is this something you could get excited about?

  • Ingólfur Halldórsson

    God, I absolutely love Gattaca, and Lord of War and Truman Show are very good as well. I’m a big fan of sci-fi in general also, so a new sci-fi movie from Niccol? Count me in!

  • james

    lol hahah you’re right! this guy does have clever titles!

  • Ana

    I also love Niccol’s movies. He’s got the talent to make you love his movies, Gattaca is definitely in top ten all time movies, so yeah, I would definitely watch that new movie. Altough I think that The cross has been cancelled.