Green Lantern’s Suit Will Be CG


Late last week there were some rumours floating around that the concept art for Green Lantern’s suit in the upcoming movie had leaked online. While it may or may not be legit, /Film landed an interesting scoop on the nature of Green Lantern’s suit this week that indicates that we probably won’t be seeing any early set photos of Ryan Reynolds wearing the costume any time soon. The reason is that the suit will be nearly 100% computer generated, and will probably not be fully revealed until the film enters post-production. The only thing that Reynolds is wearing while he shoots the movie is a grey motion capture suit.

I guess the idea is that since the suit is created by the power of an alien ring, it should look like something completely different from all the other superhero spandex and tights we’ve seen over the years. I get that, but is it possible that they’re being a little too ambitious with this? I don’t know. It’s kind of expected at this point that any major comic book movie should be pushing the envelope in terms of special effects. If they can do fully CG characters, I don’t see why a suit would be a problem. On the other hand, I haven’t read many Green Lantern comics so I don’t know how the suit has been portrayed in the past and what it’s capable of. What do you think, is this a cool idea, or is it cause for concern?

  • BigHungry

    I say that is BS!

  • I think it is a cool idea and can be easily done. My only problem is that there really isn’t much to the suit, IMO, besides spandex. Not sure what they are planning but it has got to be flashy if they are going this far.

  • Mike

    wasn’t spiderman almost always cg as well? i have no problem with this…it could be because i think the green lantern is stupid though.

  • kyriacos

    Actually super hero Costumes is maybe the one place where cgi can do better than practical effects..\\\

    The Greenlantern costume is green either way so they can kinda shoot it both ways at the same time..

  • Justice

    To geek out for a moment…GL’s suit isn’t real, its a construct of his ring able to appear, disappear, or change at will. Its an extension of his rings powers, which I assume will all be cgi as well, so this could be really cool if they have good concepts and designs.

  • phil

    I think it will look awesome; look at that illustration, and how the lantern is floating there..

    there could also be a slight transluscence to the mask and gauntlets…the suit would react like a forcefield and absorb impact, shimmer and turn more solid when his concentration increases…

    Can’t wait to see this!

  • HFD

    Phil I’m fascinated by your avatar photo…what’s up with that? :D

  • Me

    Michel Gondry doing CG?

  • phil

    At HFD: I live in Canada’s arctic, in Inuvik, NWT…that’s my snowsuit, wearing a fur hat with my hood up!

    more details of my life are available on my blog

    so, unfortunately, we do not have a theatre here even though I still read and comment on Film Junk.

  • @phil, you have a fascinating and interesting web-site. I have very limited knowledge of Canada’s territories, and I’m sort of surprised that Inuvik doesn’t have a theatre. I’m glad that the Internet is able to connect all of us film lovers together.

  • Steve


    He’s wearing a spandex suit to capture the appearance of a spandex suit? Yes Hollywood, we get it. You love CGI, it’s mind-blowing, beautiful and gives a director great creative control if used properly, but a completely CGI’d sit for the sake of it? Why?