Cantankerous Episode #10: The Second Annual Holiday Episode

Space Age Santa Claus

So this one is a little late. Normally I would fall back on the ‘better late than never’ excuse but this could turn out to be one of the few instances where never may actually have been better. Either way, you asked for it! Welcome to the second annual Cantankerous holiday episode! This year myself and Reed attempted to document one of our shopping trips ‘over the river’ (in the United States) as we looked for the perfect X-Mas gifts for ourselves. (Star Trek Snuggie, Batman 1/18 scale die cast replica Bat Bike) Unfortunately some technical difficulties (and lack of interesting discussion) left us with very little material to work with, resulting in our shopping excursion being chopped down to a few clips. On top of that, we all sat down in our traditional podcast setting to discuss the joys of being jobless, consider the comfort of medieval knight helmets and watch as he Reed tries to hit on interactive website. Happy New Year everybody! It’s Cantankerous!!!

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  • Nick D

    Glad to see another episode. It was a nice surprise coming to FilJunk for the weekly podcast and having it refresh with Cantankerous.

    Can’t wait to give it a listen!

  • AdamH

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so very much Jay!

  • warm diarrhea

    time to climb down from my balcony railing…

  • Falsk

    What better way to celebrate finding my long-lost iPod I discovered only hours ago!!

  • Awesome. Now if only the rest of the FJ/spacejunk episodes would make it online. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*.

  • Hannes


  • kyriacos

    oh.. the joys of life… driving your way to work listening to Cantankerous..

    upload it on iTuns as well Sean.. (please)

  • Henrik

    think this episode was sweet.

  • This Canadian Life: Mango Smoothies, Shakes, and Hitler.

  • projectgenesis

    Thanks Jay!!

  • For some people, getting this episode now must feel like finding an unopened Christmas gift that managed to get hidden in some dark crevice of their household. I hope this episode doesn’t turn out to be a tie or pair of socks to most people.

    Henrik, your early review makes me feel relieved. I was afraid that this was the episode in which Cantankerous would experience a negative backlash especially after such a long wait.

    I was hoping that Jay would call this “Cantankerous: The Lost Episode” so that fans of the TV series “Lost” would download this episode thinking that we would be talking about Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc.

  • After listening to this I think it’s clear what we need is a new podcast – “Dinner for Jay & Reed”, complete with offbeat discussions, fleetwood mac in the background and mango shakes.

  • oh my. that was horrific. blah.

  • kyriacos

    upload it on itunes sean.. how am i supposed to listen to the podcast while driving?

  • Paul Andrews

    What a great surprise ! Thanks guys.

  • Mrespony

    “your head is a bullet”

  • good episode, couple of things…

    Knights wore leather, wool under the metal armor…come on dudes you’ve seen all the sweaty guys in those type movies!

    Reed, all colleges and various programs offer free or reduce therapy rates. Make it a podcast it would be AWESOME!

  • Nice!
    Didn’t disappoint at all.
    I understand that Cantankerous takes time to edit and post. I’ll understand if this is the last one—go out on top.
    Only ask that, like the office, you reunite for a Cantankerous Christmas special, or at least a boxing day special. I live in the New Jersey and can’t believe I just mentioned boxing day.

  • Christopher Reed

    reed, did you get the star trek eggo waffles”s-s-solar system sleeping bag”

    reed pronounces his s’s like an old drag queen

    reed should become a cop, also does reed have any non-white friends?

  • Napalm

    About motherfucking time!!!


  • Matt

    Christmas episode premiering a week after Easter. Nice. Poor Reed. I think you would eventually get out and do something, if there was enough encouragement/ harassment from Jay and Sean. It just seems like a lack of motivation. Life’s random events happen to everybody, even you Reed. You became friends with Jay and Sean seemingly randomly even though you’re not very close age-wise. And you may get married someday too. I hope you talk to that AI program more and post the conversations. Very funny episode.

  • @Reed Christopher, I mean Christopher Reed

    Eggo waffles had a Star Trek ”s-s-solar system sleeping bag”? I hope you aren’t leading me on a fruitless search through the Internet.

    As for having any non-white friends, I don’t currently have any. But I think that’s because Film Junk is a primarily Caucasian enterprise. I think I’m the token non-white representative. (I kid. Even though Greg hates me, Film Junk is entirely non-racist.)

    @rus in chicago

    I don’t think I’ve seen a knight movie in which a knight dresses himself. You would think someone has done a “hero getting ready for battle scene” in which we get close-ups of each piece of armor being fitted into position.

  • Allen

    Little late, but who gives a damn, as long as it is there? Thanks for the episode and happy new year Jay and Reed!

  • Tom

    owwww yeahhhhhh

  • Pete

    everytime theres a new cantankerous .. an angel gets his wings .. that and some bell ringing deal ..

  • “hero getting ready for battle scene” here’s a little film with that type of scene: LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS!!
    I know its not the knights you are talking about. a little bit of fact because I’m know expert. armor weights a ton the knights didn’t go around all day in it – they took on other knights. they had assistants dress them. they had suits / boonets of leather and wool underneath. they had a little door with a knob to pee!

  • Jay, what were all the great tunes??

  • Henrik

    Yeah Lord of the Rings accuratly portray medieval warfare…

    Seriously Jay, what were the tunes? That William Tell cover was pretty sweet.

  • I always forget to add a track list. Listed in the order they appear:

    1. Guillaume Tell “ouverture”
    Artist: The Sound of Criss Cross
    Album: Classics Moog Indigo

    2. Brazilian Flower
    Artist: Jean Jacques Perrey
    Album: The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey

    3. Gag !
    Artist: Chumei Watanabe
    Album: Uchuu Keiji Gavan (aka ‘Space Sheriff Gavan’) Soundtrack

    4. When You Get Right Down To It
    Artist: The Delfonics
    Album: The Delfonics

    5. Even Think (Andrew W.K. Remix)
    Artist: Drink Up Buttercup

    I think that’s it.

  • Allen

    Can someone direct me to the site where i can listen to all the Cantankerous episodes, please?

  • @Allen, on the right hand side of Film Junk, there is a heading called Podcasts under which you will find Cantankerous. You can also search for Cantankerous in the podcasts on iTunes.

    Too bad we couldn’t license a Cantankerous Soundtrack for download. I love “The Delfonics.”

    As for The Two Towers, I may have fell asleep during that movie at the theater. I do have the special edition DVD, but I don’t have the motivation to watch it, yet. I’m one of the (few?) people who doesn’t find Lord of the Rings exciting, nor do I find the characters in it very interesting.

  • Henrik

    I’m with you on that Reed, those movies are garbage, and none of the characters are interesting. They’re not supposed to be I guess, but that doesn’t save it. I think most people like those movies because there is 10.000 million orcs in alot of the frames, and I’m into that stuff as well, but they never do anything interesting, and every battle scene is nerfed to the point where it’s ridiculous.

  • I have to say Jay, you think way to little of your work. I actually believed you when you said this episode was going to suck and i was nervous about listening to it for fear of boredom… but it’s really really good. Not only is it funny and interesting as usual but the structure of this praticular episode is awesome. The cutting back and forth between the trip stuff, it was the perfect way to handle that material. My only criticism is every episode really does seem like a Reed therapy session… give the guy a break! Yeah he’s got some problems, but don’t we all??? ;)

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Jay, Sean and Reed,


    That was really fun.

    Sean – If you ever wanted to recover some of the costs for the website etc. You should have an auction on EBay for a shopping trip to the States with all three of you. I think based on Reed’s fame you’d do OK.


  • Regus

    This was a nice surprise, I like how you did an audio commentary on the trip, rather than just letting it play.

  • Christopher Reed

    like the end of pineapple express

  • projectgenesis

    My favorite part was Reed talking to the robot.

    Jay: This sounds like the conversation you had with Melissa at the wedding last weekend.

    Who’s Melissa? What wedding? Who cares! God love Cantankerous

  • The Het

    I enjoyed the crap out of this. Thank you so much for putting this out.

  • Primal

    The cleverbot segment was freakin classic. Reed, of all the things that must NOT be defunct, it has to be Cantankerous.

  • When Jay and I were recently at the Ponderosa, the waitress asked me if she had brought me the right drink. I sort of got flustered and started stuttering like Elmer Fudd when I replied. I guess I’m not used to having a woman try to please me. Thankfully, only Jay was there to witness this.

  • @kyriacos

    Ok now that’s what pisses me off about Apple products. They’ve convinced you that you can’t listen to a podcast without an Ipod, and that you can’t put the podcast on a music player without Itunes. For fudge sake, it’s an MP3. You can put it on anything that will play an MP3. You can buy a 10 dollar player, attach a portable FM transmitter, and listen to it on your car radio.

    So get your tongue out of steve jobs’ butt, learn to use a real computer, and try to understand you do NOT need Apple products to accomplish simple tasks.

  • It’s going into my archives, just like every other Cantankerous. Fine editing Jay, top notch.

  • BTW, I was listening with an iPod app that fetches the track/podcast art if missing and oddly enough, guess who came up.

  • Another classic episode. Hopefully Cantankerous isn’t defunct after all.

  • @Felipe: I was guessing an image of Dr. McCoy, but it figures it would be an image of one of Jay’s heroes.

    I began listening to this episode to find out how Jay edited it. Jay did a good job. I was surprised at how measured and controlled my speaking was. I have to immodestly say that I found myself laughing out loud at times at the stupidest stuff. After Jay and Sean move away, I think I’ll be listening to these Cantankerouses as a reminder of the fun times.

    (BTW, when we were talking about “personalized” helmets, I think a better description would have been “customized” helmets.)

  • Matt

    Reed, have you ever thought of taking a social dance class? I took one in college, it is a great way to meet girls, and if you chat them up you can usually pull a phone number and make some friends/girlfriends. I don’t know its just another idea for you to get out of the house.

  • kyriacos

    @ Changwa Steve

    of course i know you can ..Right Click.. Save as.. connect an mp3 player with a Usb.. upload.. connect to fm tuner.. like its.. 1999

    Its just so much easier with iTunes man…

    I download tons of podcasts throughout the week.. It would had been extremely time consuming to do it all the old school way..

  • @Matt: Yeah, I did take a community dancing class with friends, some of whom were females. The other females in the class were either married or came with male partners. One time there was a shortage of females and I had to dance with the female instructor who was teaching the course with her husband. Thx for the suggestion.

    I’ve also taken a swimming course that had groups of single females, but I sort of felt like the creepy guy whenever I tried to chat with one of them. I became the female instructor’s pet, but that didn’t help me become more likable.

  • Claudette Wilson

    Fanbloodytastic you guys! I know Jay got a bit of flack for the delay (guilty!) bt it’s only because we’re junkies. The editing was really cleverly done Jay, & the banter seamlessly switched between random & laugh-out-loud funny one minute to soul searching & profound the next. Loved it! Oh, and Reed, re not having any non-white friends. . what do u mean Facebook friends dont count?? Crushed! Lol :-)

  • Changwa Steve


    Or you could use a podcatcher, waste no time with manual downloading, and stop depending on Itunes for everything.