Cantankerous Episode #10: The Second Annual Holiday Episode

Space Age Santa Claus

So this one is a little late. Normally I would fall back on the ‘better late than never’ excuse but this could turn out to be one of the few instances where never may actually have been better. Either way, you asked for it! Welcome to the second annual Cantankerous holiday episode! This year myself and Reed attempted to document one of our shopping trips ‘over the river’ (in the United States) as we looked for the perfect X-Mas gifts for ourselves. (Star Trek Snuggie, Batman 1/18 scale die cast replica Bat Bike) Unfortunately some technical difficulties (and lack of interesting discussion) left us with very little material to work with, resulting in our shopping excursion being chopped down to a few clips. On top of that, we all sat down in our traditional podcast setting to discuss the joys of being jobless, consider the comfort of medieval knight helmets and watch as he Reed tries to hit on interactive website. Happy New Year everybody! It’s Cantankerous!!!

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  • Scott


    Jay and Sean are moving, hope its not too far to stop the podcasts.

    Also, ever thought of working in the film business? Theres a wide range of things to do + people involved. I thinks its an area where a bit of ocd can help (catalogung, editing, grading, production schedules, continuity, databases etc)

    Or brush up on html, css and javascript to add something new to the websites? Just a few suggestions.

  • @Scott

    I was just anticipating the day when Jay and Sean would no longer be around.

    Thx for your suggestions about working in the film business. I suppose I’ve become too weary of how things work in the real world. The film business doesn’t seem like fun to me.

  • lenball

    Can someone tell me the name of the outro music plz

  • Only got into Filmjunk at the start of 2011, so this is my first Cantankerous I’ve heard.

    Fun listen, Reed is a sweet sounding guy.

    But why the f is it called Cantankerous???

  • @lenball: According to Jay’s comment #29, the outro music would be “Even Think (Andrew W.K. Remix)” by Drink Up Buttercup.

    @Steven S: Sweet sounding? I’ll take that compliment! As for the podcast name, Jay originally thought the podcast would be our outlet for ranting about all the stuff that bugs us. But I don’t think we have much to complain about, and the podcast ended up as casual conversation. I guess we can’t think of another name, so we just left the name as Cantankerous.