Previously on LOST: Happily Ever After


Previously on LOST is a weekly column recapping and analyzing each episode from the final season of Lost. (Warning: May contain spoilers!)

We’re back in action again this week after a brief hiatus. I won’t spend too much time catching up on last week’s episode “The Package”, which was pretty average.

It featured a yet to be married Sun and Jin and their crazy trip to LA. Some of the highlights were the return of Mikhail a.k.a Patchy (sans patch) and a look at the series of events that led up to Jin being tied up in a freezer in the previous episode “Sundown”. There was also a nice scene that featured Jin seeing the photos of his child for the first time. It was standard fare for this season, but there was some redemption in the final scene which confirmed that Desmond was indeed the precious cargo on Widmore’s boat, leading into this week’s Hume-centric “Happily Ever After”.

SCORE: 2 stars

This week’s episode began with Desmond being treated to an intense electro-magnetic experiment. Shortly after, we were back in the alternate timeline for almost the entire episode. It began in typical fashion featuring Desmond working as a right hand man for none other than (duhn duhn duhn) Charles Widmore. Desmond was bestowed the responsibility of ensuring that Drive Shaft member Charlie Pace make it to a concert alongside Widmore’s son (ie. Get Him To The Geek). The episode took an abrupt turn when Charlie drove their car into the water, which sparked Desmond to see a flurry of images from his island timeline (specifically relating to Penny). Prior to this, Charlie had revealed that he had a similar experience with Claire while on Oceanic 815.

“Happily Ever After” also marked the return of two more key characters, Eloise Hawking and her son Daniel Faraday, the former of which is now married to Charles Widmore in 2004. Faraday shared an experience similar to Desmond and Charlie, describing a redhead who can be none other than Charlotte. With these occurrences came great reassurance that the two timelines are destined for some kind of meaningful interaction. In fact, the ‘awakening’ that Desmond experienced in this episode made me start to suspect that it isn’t a different timeline at all.

The flashes of another life or destiny witnessed by Desmond and Charlie in particular (with no previous time travel history) made me start thinking along the lines of The Matrix. The Losties could be being forced to perceive this other reality only to be saved by ‘the one’ and only Desmond Hume. I’ve come across others with this theory, many putting Eloise in the Oracle role. Personally, I see her more in the Mr. Smith role, protecting the facade at all costs. Regardless of the true nature of things, it’s clear that Eloise is very aware of what’s going on and will most likely play a large part in the interaction (or lack thereof) between the two realities.

The episode concluded poignantly, with Desmond finally managing to track down Penny, in spite of the interference of Eloise but with the help of Daniel. Before the couple could share their first cup of coffee, Des blacked out, and we were taken back to the island, thus confirming that the alternate timeline events were a transfer of consciousness for Desmond, similar to the episodes “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and “The Constant”. Widmore told Desmond he is the key to his plans on the island, but they seem to depend more on the fact that Desmond can withstand powerful magnetic fields. It’s not clear whether he knows about Desmond’s temporal powers.

There haven’t been too many subtle Easter eggs in LOST this season, but I did read about one that caught my eye in this episode. It referred to the broach that Eloise Hawking was wearing. It featured two parallel straight lines each with explosions in the middle of them. These have obvious symbolic connotations but the other interesting tidbit involving these was that they closely resembled the brand that Juliet was given in Season 3.

Does this bear any significance at all? Who knows? If anything, it made me realize how many things I had completely forgotten about in the show’s previous seasons. I don’t think any show can ever match the urge LOST will create to revisit the series immediately after its conclusion.

“Happily Ever After” is a very strong episode that I think will be looked upon as the spark that started the fire in the final season. It is bringing together so many separate threads of ideas throughout the series, and is the first step of weaving them into what should be an amazing series conclusion.

Discussion Questions

  • What role does Eloise play in the timelines?
  • What are Widmore’s intentions for Desmond on the island?
  • Could Penny be the mother of Jack’s child (hence her running in the same stadium)?

SCORE: 3.5 stars

  • Paul Andrews

    I enjoyed this episode too; last week’s didn’t do anything for me. Sun and Jin are the weakest characters in the show I think.
    Looking good for the rest of the season !

  • Niklas

    I thought this episode was very boring

  • I think this might be my favourite ever episode of Lost.

  • IchigoNL


  • mike rowe

    a good if not brilliant episode.some nice plot revelations plus the addition of a couple of characters…..3/5.

  • Aztek

    Why on earth would you suppose that Penny is the mother of Jack’s child? Back in the episode where Jack runs into Desmond in the hatch, it is revealed that they were also running in the same stadium. Does it then follow they are gay lovers? Come on. Penny and Jack? Too much of a stretch.

  • Bryan

    @ Aztec

    Yes, Jack and Desmond are in fact gay lovers. I heard about this rumor on a Lost Podcast. Their love is going to be strong enough to defeat the smoke monster, merge the timelines and even cure Rose and bring Locke back to life. Love conquers ALL.

  • bryan

    Jack and Locke are going to become MiB and Jacob. Jack will be of faith, and Locke will be science (rolls switched) and trying to get off the island.

  • Tom

    Another good recap.

    Desmond is by far the best character in the show.

    I noticed the broach being similar to Juliet’s as well.

    Looking forward to the next post to discuss more re: Desmond’s Jacob-like role in the alternate timeline.