Alice Eve to Play Peggy Carter in Captain America?


Now that Captain America has found his sidekick, the next thing he needs is a love interest. In the comics, Cap’s main squeeze was Peggy Carter, an American agent serving with the French Resistance during World War II. Rumour has it that Marvel has apparently narrowed the casting choices for Peggy down to two young actresses, the most likely of which is Alice Eve (She’s Out of My League, Starter for 10).

According to E! Online, she is currently competing against fellow Brit Hayley Atwell (The Duchess, The Prisoner) for the role. I don’t know much about Atwell, but Eve’s career really seems to be taking off with She’s Out of My League and an upcoming role in Sex and the City 2. Is she right for Captain America? I have no idea. Something tells me the only thing that matters is that she’s about the same age as Chris Evans, and she has the ability to get fanboys all hot and bothered.

  • I hope the marvel heads will keep Joe Johnston in check, so he doesn’t screw this up

  • Evil Jay

    I want to see this movie as much as the next nerd, but it does have a odd message. When Steve Rogers was a skinny twerp, he as an asshole, but as soon as he becomes the embodiment of Hitler’s dream, he becomes an American hero. Seems kinda pro-nazi.

  • She’ll put asses in the seats. Definitely.

    I found Alice Eve’s naked scenes from Crossing Over (first link):