Anton Yelchin Lands Lead Role in Fright Night Remake


I have to admit, I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to the upcoming remake of the ’80s horror comedy Fright Night up until now, mainly because I didn’t really expect it to pull itself out of development hell and actually get made. But now, with the recent hiring of director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) it appears that this thing is finally going to become a reality. As further proof, today we also have our first official casting announcement for the film. DreamWorks has managed to reel in a young actor with some name recognition to headline the film: Star Trek and Terminator Salvation star Anton Yelchin.

Yelchin will play Charley Brewster, the teenager who discovers that his next door neighbour is a vampire (portrayed in the original 1985 film by William Ragsdale). Yelchin actually seems like an inspired choice for the role, and with his resume of recent blockbusters, it seems clear that DreamWorks is trying to reach a fairly wide audience with this one. Considering the vampire factor, I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise, but as the Heat Vision Blog points out, they seem to be modeling it after Disturbia, the highly successful 2007 Shia LaBeouf thriller that also borrowed ideas from Rear Window. Are you a fan of Anton Yelchin? Do you think he can carry this film and help it reach more than just the horror crowd?

  • francis dolarhyde

    Anton Yelchin needs to land a lead role in my ass

  • projectgenesis

    The original Fright Night is without a doubt one of my favorite films. Logline simple: Rear Window with Vampires. Sensuality and gore are crucial parts of Fright Night but this has PG-13 all over it.

  • I like Yelchin, he was good in Salvation and decent in Trek. I also really like his other film Charlie Bartlett, so good for him landing this. It makes it that much more interesting.

  • Slushie Man

    I’m liking him more and more with every movie I see him in.

  • Ian

    I wonder who is playing his buddy Evil? And Pete Vincent? Could be a fun one.

  • Rollo Tomasi

    I’d prefer “Fright Night” NOT be remade. But being it is anyway…

    nuChekov as Charlie’s already in the bag. Bad or good casting? I don’t know.

    WHO to cast as Evil Ed? The kid from “The 6th Sense” maybe.

    As Peter Vincent? James Cromell. Or Doug Bradley.

    As Amy? One of the girls from “Reaper”. Either Missy Peregrym or the one who went nu90210.

    As Jerry Dandridge? Michael Imperioli

    As Billy Cole? The actor who plays Marcus on nuV.