Lucasfilm Teaming Up with Seth Green for Animated Star Wars Comedy Series


The years following the release of Star Wars prequel films have not proven to be such a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Currently the only way to get your Star Wars fix is through the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, and although I’ve heard from some people that it’s actually pretty good, I couldn’t stand the train wreck that was The Clone Wars feature film. Still, not to worry, friends… our patience is about to be rewarded! Lucasfilm finally announced a new project on the horizon today. It’s not the live action TV series that has been rumoured for years, but rather… a brand new animated comedy series with Seth Green and the folks from Robot Chicken?! What the– BARF. Green had this to say about this exciting new project:

“The Star Wars universe is so dense and rich; it’s crazy to think that there aren’t normal, mundane everyday problems in a world so well-defined… And it’s even crazier to think of what those problems might be, since it’s all set in a galaxy far, far away. What do these characters do when they’re not overthrowing Empires?”

All I can do is shake my head. Clearly the Robot Chicken and Family Guy Star Wars specials have been quite popular, but do we really need Lucasfilm to start parodying itself in some sort of official capacity? Well… on the other hand, I suppose it’s too late to stop that anyway. Mel Brooks recently tried launching a new Spaceballs animated series and that didn’t seem to catch on. Is this really the best Lucas can do? It just reeks of a company that is out of touch with its fans, trying to grasp at straws. I’m sure plenty of Star Wars fans will still buy into it, but if you ask me they’re just getting farther and farther away from what makes Star Wars great. Is it any wonder that Star Trek is now officially cooler than Star Wars?

  • Matt

    Where the heck is my live action Star Wars series that I was promised years ago was going to start filming in 2009?

    “Is it any wonder that Star Trek is now officially cooler than Star Wars?”


  • how starwars always ment to be..
    i am sure
    its gonna suck though..

  • That is also why Piracy actually helped Films, music and Art in general to improve.

    Back in the old days the studios did’t bother about finding a new vision and do something that is actually innovating fresh and cool to make money. They just used to capitalize Untill death on one sucky product and people keep buying and buying until death since they had no other alternative.

    Back in the old days all the best selling artists..
    released an album about EVERY YEAR! artist just didn’t exist.

    The studios didn’t bother give a chance to anyone else as long as they had their ”product” that worked they just kept making money on it practically until death and they just didn’t bother to promote new things..

    Now thankfully people have many alternatives other than mr Lucas..

  • Slushie Man

    I highly suggest watching Clone Wars. The movie sucked, yes, but the TV series has been really good and it’s only gotten better as its progressed.

  • Duke Togo

    Star Wars is doing much better in 2010 than it was doing in 1988, both 5 years after the last film release. This is mostly due to Lucasfilm not letting the property stagnate, like they allowed after Return of the Jedi. Star Wars is all about the marketing, the films and other products serve the marketing machine. Look at Avatar, big box office, sucky toys and tie ins, a film success, but the typical half hearted tie in push. Anyway, Lucas now gets a cut of the money for a Star Wars animated show, Robot Chicken was probably making Lucas mad since they were using the parody laws to get out of paying Lucas any licensing fees to use his property.

  • Lol Star Trek cooler then Star Wars? You’re a fool, there’s NOTHING that Trek has on Wars.