Film Junk Podcast Episode #264: Clash of the Titans


0:00 – Intro / Film Junk Loves Roger Ebert
6:40 – Headlines: New Godzilla Movie, Will Smith Signs for 2 Independence Day Sequels?, Paul Greengrass to Direct Fantastic Voyage Remake, Look Who’s Talking Remake, Hard Core Logo 2, M. Night Shyamalan Loves Twilight, 20,000 BitTorrent Users Get Sued
26:18 – Review: Clash of the Titans
1:03:32 – Trailer Trash: The Expendables, Resident Evil: Afterlife, The A-Team
1:14:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Ten Commandments, Baby Mama, The Men Who Stare At Goats, Greenberg, ESPN 30 for 30, Red Dawn, Paycheck, This is Spinal Tap
1:48:50 – Junk Mail: Uma Thurman’s Motherhood Bombs, Beast Summoning, Body of Embarrassment, Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut, Tramp Stamps, Movie Endings and Third Acts, Most Embarrassing DVD You Own
2:08:58 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:12:15 – Outro

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  • tjg92



  • Calvin
  • Jonny Ashley

    sean, your voice sounds very different! I feel like there may be an imposter afoot

  • loved the foursome guys, nice show, Maybe you should try a foursome with our good friend REED next time? And review maybe ”the Square”? :)

  • JOHN

    Hey Guys Can’t seem to get This Episode to work EVEN when I go to Calvin’s Link! Please Help Havin Film Junk Withdrawls!

  • The link in the Show Notes was bad, the rest should work. This is the proper link:

    My voice probably sounds a bit different because I have a cold.

  • Henrik

    For people who don’t like ads:

    Go get greasemonkey, and then download a script called Mr. Doom’s Adblock or something like that. It succesfully blocks all obvious ads and makes the internet awesome once more.

  • why don’t you stop using the boards for posting ADS for ain’t ads products, huh, hmmm, eh?

  • Henrik

    Was just to help people out, if they were having issues with the ad that they pointed out as being annoying in the podcast rus.

    Where else would I put it?

  • Burgus

    I want to see a stoner comedy with Greg and Doug.

  • Henrik

    Yeah, that mall needs a movie.

    Mallrats 2: Absurdity Overload

  • Napalm

    Which episode of The Movie Blog podcast did Sean and Jay feature in? I wanna hear it!

  • We were on a couple of different episodes I think, but I don’t know which one the junk mail was in reference to. Either way I’m sure they’re not available online anymore.

  • pcch7

    Great burn on Ebert, Sean. That had me laughing out loud

  • Henrik

    Yo, doesn’t work!

  • Henrik

    No worries though, if you go to you can get a free trial membership including a cool shiny audiobook anyway…

  • Howard

    The episode of the Movie Blog Audio Edition featuring Sean and Jay was from April 2006 volume 128. Hosted by Doug with guests Sean and Jay, they describe their upcoming plans to attend Hot Docs and to see Werner Herzog in Toronto. They recall stories of the “Dark German Logical Angel” Herzog and talk of “Grizzly Man”. The trailer for the viking film “Pathfinder” is discussed next and arouses memories of the 80s genre of movie called “barbarian tit” movies. The remaining show covers rumors of the original Transformers voice actors reprising their roles for the movie, and Johnny Depp in talks for a project on Michael Hutchence.
    In volume 130 Doug famously Summons the Milk Elemental.
    These lost episodes are still stuck on my old busted-up iPod.


    you know whats better than any movie you guys talked about, a little movie called Colore Non Vedenti. you should check it out

  • damndirtyape

    Doug seemed very subdued… I was hoping for a long, energized, explicative-filled Barbarian Tit Movie rant.

    Who slipped the NyQuil into his drink?

  • Primal


    Are you still doing some stand-up comedy? You usually mentioned your shows back in the day.

  • Brian

    Yeah, I noticed that about Doug too! I don’t think there was one F-Bomb in there at all!

  • Sorry for the lack of vulgarity and unstable outbursts amigos! I have started Tai Chi recently, it may be directly responsible.

    @ Howard – that was an outstanding episode description!

    @ Primal – I do standup on occasion now; I will advertise sometimes. I am trying to focus on Kitty Rancher.

    P.S. I am wearing a silk robe with a dragon on it. A golden dragon.

  • Mark in Ottawa

    I finally saw “Clash of the Titans” and I gotta say the work on Medusa was about as positive as Greg’s weekly contribution.

    Sean – Great work, please keep it up.


  • Reed is comfortably ensconced in his abode awaiting the apocalypse. (Thx for the concern, Mark in Ottawa.)

    Maybe on my next appearance, I’ll start dropping f-bombs left and right. (You gotta give the people what they want!)