A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas To Begin Shooting in the Summer


The long talked about third Harold and Kumar movie is now back on track, as it has been reported that New Line Cinema is eyeing a summer start date to begin production. Tentatively titled (at least every time I have heard about it) A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, it will obviously have a holiday theme, and there is talk that it could be shot in 3D, much like every other movie that seems to be announced lately.

This seems to conflict with Kal Penn’s current job with President Obama’s administration, so one would assume he is either leaving his post permanently to return to acting or is just taking a leave of absence to do this movie (a stoner movie is not exactly the kind of movie I would ask the President of the United States time off to do). New Line is aiming for the movie to be finished and released during the holidays in either 2011 or 2012 (provided the world doesn’t end).

The first Harold and Kumar is still a funny movie to this day, but the second film left a lot to be desired, feeling like everyone tried too hard to one up everything they did in the first film. Is a third installment even necessary at this point?

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  • Chris

    Ya, part 2 sucked. Especially making the Bush seem like a cool guy, when we all know he isn’t.

  • Yes I agree.. Bush is not cool Barack is the coolest one..

    //…heh.. I crack me up..//

  • warm gonorrhea

    maybe it will feature an Obama cameo…

  • OBama already did a Cameo in Flight of the conchords :)