Legendary Pictures Planning a New Godzilla Movie


Is America ready for another Godzilla movie? According to the Heat Vision Blog, Legendary Pictures have just finished negotiating the rights to a new movie based on Japan’s most famous monster, and Warner Brothers will co-produce, co-finance and distribute the film. Bloody Disgusting first reported on rumours that this deal was in the works last summer, and now it appears that their source was 100% on the money.

“Godzilla is one of the world’s most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise… Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop culturally relevant for as long as it has.”

It’s still early in the game, but they are hoping to have it ready for a 2012 release. Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes), Roy Lee (Quarantine, The Strangers) and Brian Rogers are producing, and although there is no word on a director as of yet, I have to think it won’t be long before Louis Leterrier’s name turns up as a possibility. His work on Clash of the Titans and The Incredible Hulk seem like a perfect match. On the other hand, could the success of Cloverfield inspire them to turn to J.J. Abrams? I know a lot of people continue to have doubts about another U.S. version of Godzilla, but I think that as long as Roland Emmerich is not involved, there are plenty of other people who could pull it off. Thoughts?

  • Jason

    steven speilberg!!!!!!!!!!! He is a Godzilla fan, look at the end of the lost world with the T-Rex in the City.

    Godzilla Rules, lets hope they use the real Godzilla an give godzilla justice.

  • phil

    I’ll bet you a hundred bucks this shit will be in 3D

  • swarez

    I wouldn’t mind a Godzilla film in 3D, I’m just surprised that the Japanese didn’t do that in the first boom.

  • Hellz Yeah.

    They should include Gamera, though. He is a friend to all children.

  • Ian

    DUh Dun DUN DUN Duh duh duh duhhhh. That one from like 12 years ago was pretty bad. And honestly most of the old ones are really boring with the titular critter isn’t on screen. I’m sure there is a way to do a good one so hopefully it’ll happen.

  • Steve

    I just hope this is a Chris Nolan-like reboot of a franchise, saving it from the crud that is the Schumacher Batmans.

    I actually liked the first American Godzilla (one of the few who did) but even I wonder who thought making Matthew Broderick the protagonist in an action movie was a good idea.

  • MJS

    The 1998 Godzilla was not very good… but on the other hand I don’t really know what they could have done better within the confines of an American Godzilla blockbuster… I mean, Godzilla isn’t exactly a three dimensional character and I don’t see much else they can do with him. The Japanese movies are good almost entirely on the level of camp. As a straightforward blockbuster… I don’t know what they can do.

  • richard kallao

    does he have to be a t rex,do we have to see the monster at all,cloverfield had the right idea let
    the camera be the main character in the film .it’d
    worked up tp the point until they showed the monster .
    I was actually scared too .

  • richard kallao

    do a new godzilla film
    like the way they’d did
    the 1954 film but do not
    an american reporter like
    Raymond Burr was ,you want
    to reboot,reboot then do it
    right for crying out loud..

  • MrGzilla

    This has the potential to be epic, as long as they make him look good,(i’m fine with a redesign that as long as it stays true to the original look)has a good story to it, and has nothing to do with the 98 piece of shit.

  • Gspida25

    I want him to fight another monster in this like hedorah or gigan:), IN 3D Lol.

  • Goadillaforresident

    A Godzilla the fans want, huh? Well, what we wand is a man in a rubber suit rampaging throughout a city firing its thermonucular beam and fighting a monster in 3-D. We also want it to LOOK like the Toho Godzilla.

  • AGuy

    Hey now, I don’t want any 3d in my godzilla movie. Just give me the man in the rubber suit.

  • Tys

    Ok TWO things are bugging the living hell outta me about some of these comments. 1) What is everyone’s obsession with hedorah?! Its one of the least known and least popular monsters! If he’s gonna fight anything let it be King Ghidorah or Gigan or HELL make an entirely new monster JUST for this movie! And 2) SCREW the man in the rubber suit! Yeah that’s all well and good for us Godzilla fans cuz we grew up wit it, but for the general population that absolutely will not fly. And as far as 3-D? Thats hit n miss. Could Avatar Amazing, or pure crap.



  • Roland F.

    Will the real Godzilla please stand up. Thats right, i want the real one if they are going to persue this new flick. Make it kick-ass and just for the record, godzilla vs king kong(a cool kong n org. zilla)remake would be as cool and successful as freddy vs jason. And thats the truth of it!!! As far as the rubber suit, if they can make it cool without it then do it, otherwise the suit works just fine.

  • john .Y

    i,ve been godzilla fan since i was 6 now over 40 what i would do for a new godzilla film is use from the original film and also have him fight another monster either Gamera,king kong or ghidorah or a new monster and make the monsters cgi and have godzilla fight his adversary one early 2nd about hour 20 mins finaly at the last 20 mins in a big climax…lets hope itll be better than g98 he should of fought another monster in it…

  • Gav

    They should just put a lot into making gonzilla look cool. no ones gonna like it if he doesnt have his cool spikes or an awesome new collored pwerfull beam. he should be standing up too not like the american gonzilla. the movie should have a few of the old monsters and a few new ones or just some old ones and one new one. it would need a good story line and good actors. and they should never! NEVERRR change his roar! keep that the same it sounds awsome! oh ya and his spikes should at least flash or light up whenever he uses his beam! ya thats what i think they should do!

  • Robur

    What in the hell is a “gonzilla”?? Don’t you even know the name of the monster that you’re posting about? Lord help us all, the US is turning into a nation of semi-illiterate morons who can’t even compose a simple sentence.

  • thehammer

    A modern CGI Godzilla can work if they put a big enough budget behind it and do a good job with the effects, something on par with the work done on Avatar. Or the 1998 American Godzilla (referring to the quality of SFX, NOT the story, the characters, or the way the monster looked.What were they thinking?)
    As to the “suitmation”, it may be finally time to move to a more state-of-the-art approach to bringing Gojira to the silver screen, but this fan can’t help mourn the passing of the second golden age of kaiju. The combination of really well textured costumes and miniatures with excellent articulation, and the use of CGI to smooth out the rough edges (masking wires and handhold’s etc..) and add realism to composition really worked well in some of the ’90’s films, and more recent ones like Godzilla GMK. This combination of the old and new breathed new life into a film making approach that some dismiss as obsolete, but which has become something of an art form in Japan. I look forward to the new film with anticipation and hope they will not disappoint us. The biggest mistake they can make is to take the viewpoint of many modern American studios that they need to make a film for “everyone, not just the fans”. This is a stupid idea. Who would watch a Star Wars film, or Star Trek movie, but fans? Stop trying to please everyone and make genre films to please the people who WATCH them. The people who don’t won’t be impressed and won’t change their minds no matter what you do. Does it ever work when rock bands decide that instead of concentrating of the fan-base that loves them, they’ll make artsy crap that will impress everyone, get great reviews and receive accolades from the elite? People that sit in empty theaters watching dark ambiguous artsy independent films that don’t make sense will never proclaim ANY Godzilla film to be cinematic art. Forget them and make a Godzilla for the people who don’t need convincing. Forget the hype and deliver. And make it the film we deserve.

  • Sheridan

    After that last American Godzilla disaster…..I really hope that they don’t screw it UP YET AGAIN!!!
    I don’t want to see Jurasic park on steroids again!

  • heybumbum

    Just make it Godzilla vs King Kong 2!

  • wilbur

    I dont know if any of you guys have seen Godzilla final wars, but you actually get to see the big guy kick the crap outta tri stars overgrown monitor (in final wars they refer to him as just zilla). I would love to see them go with a huge toho tri star throwdown.


    I want to see a movie where godzilla is godzilla not some raptor running around pregnant. Make him indestructible n not vulnerable to missles. Or scared of tanks. I want one whos badass and is not scared of shit. Keep the roar jus’ modify it a lil bit. I dont care how he stands jus dont make it like a raptors …make it with his head HUNG HIGH not hung low. Give him good fins not dull spikes like the 1998 versions GOOD, like his old japanese fins. Have him destroy stuff like tear down skyscrapers. His Thermonuclear ray should be a new color not blue or red or orange OR his see threw ones in the 60’s….give him a new color like yellow,purple something new. A monster hell yes. Not an old monster A NEW ONE. something he has to actually fight not jus throw it or push it. Swim yeah. make him a faster n swifter swimmer. Tail i want it long n OUT THERE. Feet NOT TINY n weird like 1998s. Ill watch it if A.the trailer makes it look good B.the acting looks good. n C.if the monster looks good. YES GOOD ACTING U LAZY BASTARDS. I DO NOT WANNA SEE A GODZILLA THAT CAN BURROW UNDERGROUND EITHER SO DONT GET ANY IDEAS … ok heres my comment

  • Ian

    I find it funy how everyone says “the old Japanese godzilla” there were movies after the american disaster known as “Godzilla”. Back to the point, it would be awesome to have another new Godzilla, but personally i like the suit. Idk if anyone knowns but the reason for the suit was because the original director for Gojira wanted to be different. And different he was, it was genius! But sadly the real reason for Godzilla was not achieved :(

  • Ian

    Also,i forgot to add, The beam, or as i like to say “R-Ray” As soon as i saw it as red-orange in 2000 I’ve loved it. I didnt like the blue so much, but red, yes, keep it. and @KAIJUFAN010 A purple R-Ray? really? the would look retarded, and if yellow a deep yellow. but still red-orange ftw. As for monsters, yes new ones! or even bring obsidius or krystalak in a movie. But King Kong vs Godzilla 2? No. All im going to say. The first one was actually bad imo and its actually a King Kong movie that one, not a Godzilla flick, argue if you want, its not a Godzilla film.

  • kibertman

    I agree with the following points:
    1) Godzilla should be invulnerable to almost everything. part of the fear of the first HORROR film was that he was this unstoppable thing! He should generate the same kind of fear that jurassic parks trex did when he first appeared and just like the first gojira movie

    2) he should breath fire, induced by his radioactivity his breath should come to life and royally roast most everything but use it sparingly.

    3) well, that’s the main thing and don’t kill him or make him a her or other such dumb stuff.

  • Matt Fickel

    I think if they should be another Godzilla movie,there should be no reboot just make another movie but better and not so cheesey. Make it look more real like then dressing people up in costumes.the movie should have more action and different monsters,like adding Gamera,Gaos,or even show Godzilla son growing up and fighting right along with Godzilla.

  • IkHJ

    I don’t have high hopes for this. The best Godzilla movies I’ve seen are King Kong vs. Godzilla, and The Return of Godzilla. The 1998 movie was horrible.

  • CrimsonAvatar

    I know this is old but some of these comments just get on my damn nerves i really liked the 1998 Godzilla he was more realistic and no he wasn’t a girl people he was Asexual i mean it says so in the movie geez where did you go to school? Another thing i really hated the way they made the American Godzilla, yes thats right i said GODzilla not Zilla assholes i anyway i really hated the way the japanese made the American Godzilla look like a little Bitch. It actually stunned at first because their from two different canons in other words two different universes and now their establishing a third?