Film Junk Podcast Episode #263: Hot Tub Time Machine


0:00 – Intro
2:55 – Headlines: At The Movies Gets Canceled, Brad Bird to Direct M:I4, Tod “Kip” Williams to Direct Paranormal Activity 2, Paul W.S. Anderson to Direct Buck Rogers, 3-D Ticket Prices Going Up 20%, Kevin Smith’s Red State Gets Funding, Kevin Smith vs. Film Critics
19:50 – Review: Hot Tub Time Machine
56:25 – Trailer Trash: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
1:07:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks, Requiem for a Dream, The Wire, Toy Story 2, Whip It, Pawn Stars, The Cosby Show, The Late Shift, Dog Soldiers, The Life & Times of Tim, Lost
1:33:20 – Junk Mail: Wes Craven, Heavy Rain and Video Games as Art, The Quiet Earth and The Lathe Of Heaven, What Would You Do if You Were Blind, Podcast Recommendations, Movies that Disturbed or Upset You, High-Concept Movies
2:18:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:20:20 – Outro

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  • projectgenesis

    Respect to the Sunday night release guys! As a life long Pacers fan, it was great to hear Frank and Sean talk Winning Time.

  • How many times are you going to re discus the topic ”Video Games as art…”

  • Alicia

    Podcast Recommendations (not Film related):
    Radio Lab
    Planet Money
    This American Life
    The Moth
    Stuff You Missed in History Class
    Stuff You Should Know
    Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
    TED Talks
    Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave
    The Nerdist
    Today In The Past

  • mitch

    frank is the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  • fatbologna

    My favourite podcasts are:

    Red Bar Radio(favourite show, but needs a few episodes to get started…There’s a best of episode that’s a great start here:

    Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnight Cinema
    Sick and Wrong podcast
    and of course Filmjunk!

  • SirPrize

    Very intereseting episode. Loved your rather lively discussion of video games!!! And Frank, as always, is a nice change to Greg!

  • Henrik

    Saying that video games aren’t art is bullshit. Chrono Trigger > Star Wars in my opinion. If we were to judge all artforms on all the shit that gets produced within each of them, we would quickly declare art dead.

  • Mrespony

    I miss 80’s comedies as much as balls out Schwarzenegger action flicks but leave the past in the past, people should recognize the future of comedy lies with Tim and Eric and other video anarchists like Liam Lynch. Move forward people, we can always rent Better off Dead or Spies Like Us, give us something new for the theaters.

    I miss Greg when he’s out but Frank is a great guest. I think I actually heard a hint that Frank drinks alcohol. Nice! Good to know someone in the FJ universe isn’t a pantywaist. Thanks Frank!

  • Henrik

    +1 on that, I support more alcohol in Filmjunk. Frank always seems the happiest of all the hosts!

  • Jay snorts coke before every show, isn’t that good enough for you guys?

  • Mrespony

    I can’t even being to imagine the rant that would ensue were that true Sean. It would be glorious!

  • Falsk

    LOL. Didn’t that “trailer trash” theme come about from mixing alcohol and Film Junk together? Just think of what other glorious creations could be brought about…

  • I love listening to the “Stop Podcasting Yourself” podcast.

    The show is done by 2 comedians from Vancouver(Dave Shumka and Graham Clark) + a guest every week.
    It’s hilarious.

  • BigHungry

    I saw the movie last night and I have to agree with your score for “Hot Tub Time Machine”. This might be a strech but I think the blue truck at the end of the flick was a nod to the blue truck from the begining of Red Dawn. Also the game on the tv… I will never forget.. It still stings to this day.

    Oh and speaking of great podcasts.. FilmJunk is hands down the best.

  • Thanks buddy.

  • Hey, I drink alcohol, but I only do so because of peer pressure.

  • the other time travel movie that Sean refers to is this ‘FAQ about Time Travel’, tis a low budget brit flick about three guys in the pub who experience time travel, it explores lots of creative ideas for sure, and Jay may prefer this. Personally I actually enjoyed it a lot, and Chris O’Dowd* is great in the movie.

    *he stars in UK comedy series, ‘The IT Crowd’, not sure if that is on in canada or the US, but if you work in IT, it’s a must see.

  • Heh, my cousin is on Red Bar Radio.

  • the video game discussion was AWESOME! As a struggling screewriter, want-to-be I tried getting back in to gaming since it appears all new concept ideas need to be multi-platformed, or, at the very least you need to think about content for all media outlets moving forward. Needless to say, my PS3 games do not get played very much. I’m in that limbo area were my gaming skills are not up to par with games like Modern Warfare II so I’m more frustrated than anything with the “game environment”. I’m also embarrassing bad to the point of not even trying online play. All that said, I learned a lot from you guys in this podcast.

    What do others think of the future of gaming entertainment as it relates to “story”?