Paul W.S. Anderson Boards Buck Rogers Movie


Good ol’ Paul W.S. Anderson. He keeps on making movies, and we keep paying to see them… don’t ask me why. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on Resident Evil: Afterlife, but he also has a number of other projects in development including a Three Musketeers remake and an adaptation of the fantasy novel The Warded Man. Now he can add another movie to the list: a 3-D update of the classic sci-fi hero Buck Rogers.

According to Deadline New York, Anderson has signed on to direct the film for Paradox, the same folks behind the upcoming Conan movie and Simon West’s Mutant Chronicles. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man, Punisher: War Zone) will pen the script, but no studio has currently picked it up. Frank Miller was rumoured to be circling this project at one point, but after The Spirit, he seems to have lost all credibility. It’s still unclear whether they plan to retain the campy nature of Buck Rogers, but knowing Anderson I’d say there’s a very good chance the answer is no. Buck Rogers will join a whole host of other classic sci-fi properties also headed to the big screen including Battlestar Galactica, Forbidden Planet, Dan Dare, and Flash Gordon.

  • Art.k.Type

    Its not just classic sci-fi properties that are in development, it’s properties that our grandparents and great-grandparents grew up with: Doc Savage, The Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger and who knows what else?

    Frankly, I’m a little glad to see these characters given some fresh blood. I wouldn’t go out of my way to find the original pulp magazines, and radio shows but I do have an interest in their stories. And bring back the Rocketeer while they’re at it. What pulp-characters and tales would YOU want to see come back?

  • Duke Togo

    I guess Doc Savage, Conan is pulp too. FuManChu? Charlie Chan. Sinbad. Captain Nemo. Jim Carrey as Dagwood Bumpstead aka the Blondie movies)

    Ahh the ultimate comeback would be Ma+Pa Kettle.

    Ehh.. most of these would probably be executed poorly.

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